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When To Talk To Your Child About College
2023-01-10 16:34
While it’s hard for many parents to imagine their children growing up and leaving the nest, there will come a day when they walk across that high school graduation stage and move forwa… Read More
How To Get A Student Loan Online
2023-01-09 18:19
Many families can’t afford to pay for college entirely out of pocket — this is where student loans can really come in handy. Applying for student loans is easier today than it&rs&hell…Read More
Switching Car Insurance After An Accident
2023-01-09 14:56
Car insurance comes in handy after a covered loss, like a car accident or theft. But if your rates increased, you’ve received bad customer service, or you haven’t compared rates… Read More
How To Defer Private Student Loans
2023-01-06 21:28
If you need a break from making payments on your private student loans, consider getting a loan deferment. But can you defer private student loans? The answer depends on your lender, as some… Read More
Does Car Insurance Cover A Rental?
2023-01-05 19:37
Rental cars are a convenient way for drivers to access a vehicle for short amounts of time. You may need a rental car when you’re out of town or while your own vehicle is in the shop… Read More
What Are Nonstandard Insurance Companies?
2023-01-05 14:56
Most drivers are aware of different forms of vehicle insurance, like temporary car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and RV insurance. However, you should also know about nonstandard vehicle… Read More
How Much Is Car Insurance?
2022-12-30 22:20
Car insurance is required in almost every state. It’s important to have insurance because while no one wants or expects to get into an auto accident, they happen all the time. Car insu… Read More
Can I Get An Interest-Free Student Loan?
2022-12-06 16:15
When you’re counting up the costs of attending college, don’t forget about interest. If you have to borrow to pay for your tuition or living expenses, you’ll need to eventu… Read More
Cash-Out Refinancing On Paid-Off Home
2022-11-23 14:05
A cash-out refinance usually refers to a new, bigger mortgage that pays off your existing mortgage and gives you the difference in cash to spend or save as you please. By comparison, the mor… Read More
Filing For Student Loan Bankruptcy
2022-11-04 20:03
If you’re struggling with student loan payments and other debts and are considering bankruptcy, you may have read that student loans are usually not forgiven once you file. While that… Read More
What Is Property Insurance?
2022-10-31 23:15
When you own a home, rent an apartment, or own a business, it’s important to buy property insurance to protect your most valuable assets. Property insurance can provide property protec… Read More
What Is Short-Term Rental Insurance?
2022-10-28 14:16
Short-term rentals are a popular way for homeowners to earn passive income from investment properties or vacation homes they only use part-time. While owners generally maintain active home i… Read More
What Are Perils In Homeowners Insurance?
2022-10-28 00:19
Odds are you’ve worked hard to be able to afford and maintain valuable assets like your car, your home, and the belongings you keep in each one. Unfortunately, though, a number of peri… Read More
Is Earthquake Insurance Worth The Cost?
2022-10-27 20:15
California homeowners aren’t the only Americans who need earthquake insurance. Large swaths of the United States face serious earthquake risks, and standard homeowners and renters insu… Read More
How Does Homeowners Insurance Work?
2022-10-18 15:20
Homeowners insurance protects your investment in your property by helping pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your home if it’s damaged by a covered event, such as a windstorm o… Read More
What Is Force-Placed Insurance?
2022-10-14 20:58
Force-placed insurance, also called credit-placed insurance or lender-placed insurance, is homeowners insurance that’s put into place by your lender that you didn’t choose, but s… Read More
Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?
2022-10-11 18:06
Your car insurance rate can fluctuate, even if you haven’t been in an accident recently. While some reasons for this may be in your control, some aren’t — such as an increa… Read More
What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?
2022-10-04 20:15
Even if you don’t have your own car, you may still spend plenty of time in one if you borrow a car from friends or family. In this situation, it’s important to make sure you&rsqu&hell…Read More
What To Do When Someone Hits Your Car
2022-10-04 16:30
For most people, a car is more than just a chunk of moving metal. It’s where you spend hours each day, trekking from place to place. It might be how you transport your kids, where you… Read More
How To Get Homeowners Insurance Discounts
2022-10-03 15:17
Although it’s a necessary part of owning a home, property insurance can be expensive. The average homeowners insurance premium for a standard policy costs $1,272 per year, according to… Read More
How To Consolidate Credit Card Debt
2022-09-30 20:17
If you’re juggling multiple credit card balances, you may want to consider consolidating your debt. Fortunately, you have several options to choose from, including a personal loan, bal… Read More
How Much Dwelling Coverage Do I Need?
2022-09-30 17:46
Dwelling coverage is the part of your home insurance policy that covers damage or loss to the structure of your home. It won’t cover the people in your home, the personal belongings in… Read More
Understanding Hurricane Deductibles
2022-09-30 14:33
Standard home insurance typically covers hurricane damage to your home. But if you live in a high-risk hurricane area, your home insurance policy might include a separate, higher deductible… Read More
A Guide To High-Risk Loans
2022-09-29 15:00
When applying for a new loan, your credit score is one of the most important factors that a potential lender will consider. Your loan approval can hinge largely on this three-digit number, w… Read More
Paying For College Without Financial Aid
2022-09-27 20:33
Student loans can make college accessible by helping you pay for education costs. But after college, you’ll still have the debt waiting for you. The average student loan balance is $29… Read More
How To Compare Car Insurance Rates
2022-09-27 16:46
The same car insurance coverage can vary widely in cost, depending on the insurance carrier you choose and other factors. That’s why it’s so important to compare car insurance ra… Read More
Best Student Loans For PhD Students
2022-09-16 20:53
A doctoral degree is an impressive credential, but it comes with a hefty price tag. PhD students graduate with an average of about $100,000 in debt, according to the National Center for Educ… Read More
What Is A Home Insurance Adjuster?
2022-09-16 15:24
A home insurance adjuster is the professional you’ll work with if you file a claim under your homeowners policy. After you submit your claim online, by phone, or through your agent, yo… Read More
Does Home Insurance Cover Vandalism?
2022-09-15 15:06
Most vandalism occurs in public spaces, according to a report by the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center. But private properties can also be targets, especially at night and if the… Read More
Comprehensive Car Insurance: What It Covers
2022-09-14 17:38
If you drive a car, having the right auto insurance coverage is imperative. You can choose from several different types of auto insurance coverage, including comprehensive coverage. While s… Read More
Types Of Car Insurance Fraud
2022-09-14 14:54
Insurance fraud happens when someone deceives their insurance provider for financial gain, whether it’s to get a cheaper premium or receive a higher payout for a claim. No matter how s… Read More
Does Home Insurance Cover Appliances?
2022-09-13 20:09
Repairing or replacing a damaged appliance can often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Homeowners insurance typically covers personal property in your home, including home appliances, b… Read More
How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?
2022-09-09 17:33
The amount you’ll pay for car insurance depends on your driving history, type of car, and location, among other factors. In 2019, the national average car insurance premium was $1,070… Read More
Chase Bank Personal Loan Alternatives
2022-09-07 20:30
JP Morgan Chase Bank doesn’t offer personal loans, which may be disappointing if you’re already a customer and want to keep your financial products with one institution. But if y… Read More
How To Write A Financial Aid Appeal Letter
2022-09-07 18:30
Financial aid, including student loans, can help students pay for higher education. But sometimes the financial aid award letter from a school doesn’t match the amount that a student n… Read More
Does Home Insurance Cover Dog Bites?
2022-09-07 16:30
No matter their size or temperament, any dog has the potential to bite. Most states hold pet owners liable for any harm their animal causes, but homeowners insurance may pay for the legal an… Read More
Grants To Pay Off Student Loans For 2022
2022-09-07 14:30
While you may know that grants are available to help fund your college education, you may not realize that you can also use certain grants specifically to pay off student loan debt. Grants… Read More
What Is California FAIR Plan Insurance?
2022-09-06 20:45
The California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan can help you obtain basic property insurance if you’re trying to buy a home in the state and no traditional carrier wil… Read More
6 Types Of Auto Loans
2022-09-06 16:30
You can use auto loans to buy new cars, used cars, buy out a lease, and refinance existing auto loans. Every lender has its own requirements for auto loans, and individual interest rates wil… Read More
Does Home Insurance Cover Water Heaters?
2022-09-02 13:00
Although water heaters typically have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years, they can burst before that point. If this happens, you may file a homeowners insurance claim and discover your polic… Read More

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