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Kazuo-on-a-roll Blog
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Kazuo On A Roll (The Story So Far)
2017-08-02 05:03
Hello people! Thanks for following my vlog (video blog) for a year. It's been such a cool journey: me travelling with my parents and making videos about it. This here is a collection of… Read More
I Loved To 'Get Etched' By Meghna Deka
2017-07-18 12:10
I'm sooooooo happy. Artist Meghna Deka made a fantastic charcoal sketch of me. It looks exactly like me. Just like me. Just the same! It was also great fun to find the letters of my name hid… Read More
GST, Monsoon And Music
2017-07-10 10:21
Hello's the start of the monsoons and I'm in the hills. It's also the start of the GST which my folks keep talking about. The trip ends with Dooba Dooba...I love Mohit ChauhanLoc… Read More
The Coconut Tree Is A Miracle (Kumbalangi)
2017-05-15 06:12
I love drinking Coconut water. When I went to Kumbalangi (a suburb of Kochi), I saw that the Coconut Tree is a fisherman's favourite tree. It's a miracle tree which provides water, food and… Read More
My First Ad Shoot (Day1 - Jaipur Farms)
2017-04-24 17:37
I had fun shooting with the crew who were making an advertisement on a farm house with animals and fields. I am used to the shoot instructions of "take-re-take, action, camera, cut" because… Read More
Sailing On A Thoni (River Nila)
2017-04-24 17:08
Do you know what a THONI is? It's a slim, traditional, handmade boat of Kerala. I'm on a Thoni in the river Nila...watching birds, fishermen and the sunset. Splendid...! Read More
Drums Of The Temple (Kokkur)
2017-04-07 08:32
Located in a village in Kokkur in Kerala, this music school attempts to revive the ancient music art of temples. I loved these percussion sounds. Very noisy but very special :-) Read More
I Love Pottery (Malappuram)
2017-04-05 14:13
Pottery takes time. Whether it's made on a wheel or hand beaten. Please watch this patiently. I went to Malappuram in Kerala on a very hot afternoon and felt cool standing with the wet mud a… Read More
New Year With Jim Corbett
2017-02-20 18:40
I took another road trip, this time to Jim Corbett National Park to bring in the New Year. It was such great fun at Jim's Jungle Retreat Read More
My Race Course Day (Lucknow)
2017-02-19 04:23
The derby in Lucknow is an old tradition which celebrates not just the horses racing up for the coveted trophy. Spend an afternoon of leisure with me an my family, watching the best display… Read More
I Love Wresting...
2017-01-14 12:47
A day after watching the movie Dangal, Kazuo goes to see the Pro Wrestling League - the real stuff !  Read More
My First Radio Interview
2017-01-10 16:36
I give my first radio interview with Moma on Mother's Day. I only spoke for a few minutes while Moma did most of the chatting. This is a video edit of that interview on Radio… Read More
Living With Art At Tijara Fort (Rajasthan)
2016-12-17 17:54
I am at the Tijara Fort in Rajasthan which is now a functional hotel. I stayed in a grand suite painted by master artist Anjolie Ela Menon. Each room is painted by a different artist which I… Read More
Diwali At Neemrana Fort Palace
2016-11-13 08:56
I decided to spend Diwali night at the spectacular Neemrana Fort Palace. It was a fairy tale experience when all the 100s of lights lit up in the fort Read More
At The Beatles Ashram (Rishikesh)
2016-10-15 11:13
                Kazuo visits the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh where the band along with friends and wives wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation in… Read More
Orchha Is Crammed With History....!!
2016-09-25 14:41
This small town is crammed with was too much for me to handle but I still had fun. I'm sure you will not just enjoy watching this but will surely learn something new about this… Read More
Shooting With Giggles
2016-09-13 10:42
Yes, it was a fun and laughable experience indeed. Full of giggles with Ankit Chawla. He takes pictures of cute kids like me and I had a splendid day. Catch his work at www.gigglesphotograph… Read More
My First Handloom (Chanderi)
2016-08-30 18:30
I met a family in Chanderi who make beautiful cloth. They are weavers and make cloth which takes many months to be ready. When I saw the whole process with the handloom, I realized how diffi… Read More
My First Living Palace (Gwalior)
2016-08-29 03:27
See the jewels of the Gwalior city best through my eyes. The Jai Vilas Palace and the Siddhachal Rock Cut Jain Temple. And the best heritage home to stay - Neemrana Deo Bagh Read More
My First Paper Factory (Orchha)
2016-08-26 18:28
Do you know that paper can be made out of cloth? I'm not kidding. Watch this video if you don't believe me. I'm at a paper factory called Tara-gram in Orchha (Madhya Pradesh). It will take y… Read More
My First Fish Farm (Naggar)
2016-07-25 10:14
Do you know what a fish farm is? You  don't?Well it's just like any other farm where things are grown. Here, fish are grown.This is the river which flows next to my table and carries a… Read More
My First ATV Ride (Manali)
2016-07-24 18:07
I'm Hulk....and I'm ready for the most exciting ride of my life.But before that I have to decide the route I take. The Alternate Terrain will help me with my route, safety gear… Read More
Pitching My First Tent (Kullu)
2016-07-24 17:47
Kobi and I wanted to do something outdoors. So Moma said, "Let's pitch a tent for you in the hills."We worked very hard to find me a friendly place to pitch tent. DC(Daddy Cool) drove over t… Read More
My First ATV Ride (Manali Valley)
2016-07-24 09:04
I'm Hulk....and I'm ready for the most exciting ride of my life.But before that I have to decide the route I take. The Alternate Terrain will help me with my route, safety gear… Read More
Pitching My First Tent (Kullu Valley)
2016-07-24 08:03
Kobi and I wanted to do something outdoors. So Moma said, "Let's pitch a tent for you in the hills."We worked very hard to find me a friendly place to pitch tent. DC(Daddy Cool) drove over t… Read More
My First Forest Safari (Tadoba)
2016-05-23 12:36
I'm all set to take off for my first forest safari to see a lot of animals and THE tiger! I stayed at a place called The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge ( ), which… Read More
My First Forest Safari
2016-04-13 18:17
I'm all set to take off for my first forest safari to see a lot of animal and THE tiger! I stayed at a place called The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge ( ), which… Read More
2016-02-24 10:08
 BA-NA-NA...BA-NA-NA.....It's a place where I went bananas with huuuuuuuge paintings This is where big containers are parked. It's called a shipping container terminal.  &nbsp&hell…Read More
2016-02-04 15:08
I go to the India Art Fair every year with my folks. There's so much art to see but I didn't expect to see my favourite car, the BMW here! The art fair shows all kinds of work. There ar… Read More
2016-02-02 15:27
I'm rushing into this Heritage haveli (mansion) because I'm excited about playing with colours and wooden blocksBecause I love art, my folks wanted to show me the Anokhi Museum My… Read More
2016-02-01 16:34
I'm at a colourful place that celebrates all good things in life through the use of mundane words in glorious books Intelligent people talk about ordinary things in life in an interesti… Read More
2016-01-29 16:17
I'm going to tell you about my first beach town also famous as cartoonist Mario's landI took a plane to swim in the Arabian catch all the fresh fish n chips! see very many… Read More
2016-01-29 14:44
Since Lucknow is the native place of both my folks, they decided to take me on a 'heritage walk' which is like a morning walk where you see things you've never seen before. We began the walk… Read More
2015-10-24 18:10
This time Moma and DC took me to a Treehouse. I've seen 'em on TV but when I saw one for real I just couldn't believe my eyes   Moma was also pretty pleased to be there. I am guess… Read More
2015-09-23 05:30
Hello there...I'm at a very special place's full of rocks and there's lots of place to play...It's called the Rock Garden of Chandigarh. The walls and the floors are full of broke… Read More
2015-08-19 06:27
Howdy folks, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!! Today I’m going to tell you about my first lake trip.It's in a place called Naukuchiatal which literally means 'lake of nine corners.' It's a… Read More
2015-08-19 06:26
It might seem that I am lost in the woods but hey, it is WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, 5th June. And it has to be different.So, I decided to head out in the wild. I lunched at the  Deodar… Read More
2015-08-19 06:25
Guess where I was on World Picnic Day, 18th June?Floating on a 'shikara'Moma says that shikara is a boat which is most popular in Srinagar on the Dal LakeBut how do you thi… Read More
2015-08-19 06:25
I'm at a place which has a lot of ice like my fridge at home's called snow. It's like ice and it's very coldThis place is called Gulmarg, which is two hours away fr… Read More
2015-08-19 06:22
Where do you think I am, wearing a 'phiran' and surrounded by pine trees?A phiran is a traditional Kashmiri garment worn in winters. Loose from the top and sometimes embroidered.I am in Srin… Read More
2015-07-03 16:38
Nomination submitted for this prestigious travel blog award!! Keeping my fingers crossed.....An award will surely encourage me to travel more on my little feet andblog more with my little ha… Read More
2015-06-27 08:44
Kaddukhal was my first hill station trip, 40 kms from Mussoorie .  And that was the house I stayed in, far from the madding crowd!This is what I woke up to every morningMoma told me the… Read More
2015-06-27 08:44
I finally get my first Passport. And you know what that means? Yea, yea, I'm gonna go places for sure.  Watch this space! Read More
2015-06-27 08:41
I went to Jaipur 8 months after my first trip because DC (Daddy  Cool)  is  currently having his first solo art show there . What you see behind is a set of 3 red screens in w… Read More
2015-06-27 08:41
DC (Daddy Cool) took a picture of me inside my cot and made an  invitation  out  of  it .....I think I look pretty grown-up in the invitation cardI love my toys very much… Read More
2015-06-27 08:39
My Moma told me to keep this book with a lot of care coz it has the sign of a great writer,William Dalrymple... she said I will realize it when I am old enough... I dunno when that will be t… Read More
2015-06-27 08:38
I arrived in Pune with style. My folks were here to give some lectures in journalism at the MIT University. But I had better things to do.We stayed in a guest house at Rajbaug which used to… Read More
2015-06-27 08:38
Moma's latest endeavor,  the Chamak Patti brand ,  had a grand moment at the ID2013, the first of it's kind home design fair in India. I fell in love with this big tree with b… Read More
2015-06-27 08:36
The trip to my first transport museum also happens to be India's first transport museum  which houses all sorts of vehicles. DC (Daddy Cool) made me stand at the runway next to the plan… Read More
2015-06-27 08:36
The song that I first sang in my babble is "O'ya'ya, O'ya'ya" from Rockstar. So Moma got it autographed for me from the singer Mohit Chauhan.Ain't that cool? Mohit uncle says, "Dear Kazuo, p… Read More
2015-06-27 08:34
My first Auto Expo started on a red note. Stop says the red i just stopped. I was in this hall full of 'gaadi' (cars).I was struck by these big wheels. It's Renault's concept ca… Read More
2015-06-27 08:33
Moma and DC took me to the private screening of a film called Punjab 1984 which was about some sad times. I didn't watch much of the film because Moma said there is a lot of 'bhishum-bhishum… Read More

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