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Michael Hallett Blog
Seeing beyond this emotionally, environmentally and economically unsustainable world to the deeper patterns beneath.
Surviving Christmas
2017-01-02 11:44
Photo: Wolfsavard / Creative Commons“‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la la la...” Or not. For a lot of people, Christmas is not the time of greatest joy but… Read More
7 Steps To Calm Anxiety
2016-11-18 15:57
Photo: Porsche Brosseau / Creative CommonsThe first time I had a full-blown anxiety attack I was in seat 17A of a United Airlines Boeing 767 at 30,000 feet somewhere over Colorado. I had no… Read More
5 Tools For Solving Personal Crises
2016-11-12 16:19
We all have personal crises. Those crises where our chest tightens, our brain fogs and our world seems like it’s swirling down the plughole. At the time, it feels like we are the only… Read More
Shame-based Issues I – Self-harm
2016-09-11 12:16
In other blogs I have written about how anxiety, doubt, panic, low self-esteem, low confidence, failure and futility are a family of related feelings, and how these feelings in turn give ris… Read More
Shame-based Issues VI – Radicalisation
2016-09-11 11:40
Radicalisation may seem a strange thing to lump in with shame-based issues, but every single extremist who ever lived has or had an unconscious but profound sense of shame. It is from this s… Read More
Shame-based Issues III – Porn Addiction
2016-09-09 16:29
First of all, let’s dispense with the argument about whether porn addiction actually exists. From a clinical perspective, porn addicts do not exhibit the same physiological symptoms as… Read More
What Are Shame-based Issues?
2016-09-07 09:17
In September 2014, 15-year-old Josie Herniman was found hanged in the woods near her home. She had friends and a loving family. A Facebook photo shows a smiling teenager snapping a selfie. T… Read More
2016-09-07 08:21
Those staring eyes... That bushy moustache... That accusatory finger... It’s one of the most iconic posters in history. With the caption Your Country Needs You, this poster encouraged… Read More
Pioneers Of Unconscious Shame
2016-09-04 15:54
“Let’s laugh in the face of modern disease”—Elizabeth Cook, Exodus of Venus“The word Disease is applicable to our social as wellas to our physical condition&rdq&hell…Read More
2016-09-04 12:48
Pre-historyOur prehistoric ancestors lived in a world without shame. They formed foraging societies and moved in tune with the seasons. They didn’t stockpile food, suggesting that they… Read More
What Is Unconscious Shame?
2016-09-04 11:19
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. At his peak – around 1982’s Thrilleralbum – he quite literally had the world at his feet. Jackson was mercurial, but there was always s… Read More
Thigh Gap Or Self-love Gap?
2016-09-01 19:19
As you walk down a busy Soho street you feel their eyes furtively peeking between your legs. You imagine the waves of ridiculing laughter rippling in your wake. That's right; you don't have… Read More
Deconstructing Vincent Tabak
2016-09-01 19:12
On Friday, 28 October 2011, 33-year-old Dutch engineer Vincent Tabak was convicted of murdering his neighbour, Joanna Yeates, in her Bristol apartment. The prosecution’s evidence showe… Read More
The Real Crime Of Jennifer Thompson
2016-09-01 19:12
On 5 September 2010, as the England football team prepared to face Switzerland in Basle for a vital 2012 European Championship qualifier, revelations emerged in the Sunday press regarding an… Read More
Lynndie England – Private Shame
2016-09-01 19:11
As a child, Lynndie England was once hit so hard with a table-tennis bat by her mother that the bat snapped. “I was brought up right,” she told Emma Brockes in an interview for t… Read More
2016-03-13 16:31
© Al Jazeera English (CC-BY-SA 2.0)Some years ago, when the Arab Spring was in its infancy, I wrote a blog entitled The Muslim Wars are upon us about this latest outbreak of Middle East… Read More
2016-03-13 16:27
© LucasFilm Ltd.Ca-ching! Multiplex cash registers around the world are still sizzling hot from the record-breaking box office performance of The Force Awakens, episode seven of the lon… Read More
2016-03-13 15:52
'A village choir' by Thomas Webster (1847)Many years ago, I used to sell parts at a motorcycle dealer in New Zealand. Aside from the Japanese brands that were the mainstay of the business, w… Read More
2016-03-02 15:45
Image: Wikimedia CommonsAh-choo! In Europe at least, the unmistakeable sound of a human sneeze is almost immediately—and almost always—followed by utterings of “bless you&r&hell…Read More
2016-03-02 14:45
Photo: Michael H HallettIn the second half of the 19th century Paris saw the confluence of two major streams of change. The first was to the French capital itself, with the cramped old arron… Read More
2016-03-02 14:19
Radicalisation. This single, scary word has rapidly shot to prominence in British current affairs. Everyday the news carries stories of people who want to go to Syria, who have gone to Syria… Read More
2016-03-02 14:07
WikiLeaks. Chelsea Manning. Edward Snowden. Extraordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances and acted in extraordinary ways. Their lives seem remote from ours, their… Read More
2016-03-02 13:57
Image: YouTube“You’re looking at a woman who was publicly silent for a decade.” So begins a brave and inspiring TED talk from Monica Lewinsky. For those of you who wer… Read More
2016-03-02 13:54
Image: TwitterBritain holds its collective breath as it awaits the outcome of the BBC inquiry into the fracas between its highest-paid star, Jeremy Clarkson, and producer Oisin Tymon in a Ne… Read More
2016-01-28 11:59
Image: © Mica FilmsFigures obtained by the Guardiannewspaper under the Freedom of Information act reveal a 33% rise in the number of police incidents involving people with mental health… Read More
2016-01-14 17:39
Lakshmana temple, Khajuraho, India.Photo: Sankara SubramanianAgence France-Presse—who can be trusted on such matters—advise that two American sisters were arrested at the Angkor… Read More

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