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Game Dev Digest: Edition II
G2 Crowd Blog · 21:03 21 Sep 2017
Last week I talked about the new multiplayer powerhouses, and this week we have even more records being broken. “Playerunknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)” has officially brok… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 20:46 21 Sep 2017
Last month, The SaaS Report released a list of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs. Of the 50 CEOS included, only one female CEO, Julia Hartz of Eventbrite, made the list. Let’s give The Sa… Read More
Live: HR Tech 2017 Gridscape
G2 Crowd Blog · 21:51 18 Sep 2017
In its 20th year, the HR Tech Conference is returning to Las Vegas to bring HR professionals together from all over the world. The conference, which focuses on leveraging technology to excee… Read More
Not So Chatty Now, Are Ya?
G2 Crowd Blog · 14:31 18 Sep 2017
Live chat customer service solutions allow clients to engage in conversation with knowledgeable humans on a multitude of product websites. Whether it’s your favorite shoe brand, your c… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 18:37 15 Sep 2017
This week new AgTech startup The Bee Corp raised a Series A round. The Bee Corp provides a software solution for professional beekeepers (and is the first B2B beekeeping software o… Read More
Philanthropy Digest: Edition I
G2 Crowd Blog · 17:02 14 Sep 2017
Hurricane, tropical storm and tropical depression news has inundated the American media cycle for weeks with what seems to be unending surges of destruction. Fortunately, the sun has risen o… Read More
Lost Love Spell Free
Kala Jadu For Love M… · 08:53 10 Sep 2017
Hello everyone i am here giving you good lost love spells free tips through you can get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife back free without any cost. Here are many tips and… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 19:22 07 Sep 2017
Zeninjor Enwemeka, a digital reporter at WBUR in Boston, discussed a new programaimed at increasing diversity in the tech industry. Hack.Diversity is increasing the number of… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 01:47 07 Sep 2017
What happens when conventional, climate-friendly solutions become too minimal to make an impact on climate change? Radical, Earth-saving climate solutions, that’s what. We’ve rec… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 20:18 05 Sep 2017
Google’s introduction of ARCore feels like it’s worthy of an entire digest, so I’m going to focus on that. Not only does it immediately put Google in the AR platf… Read More
Crowd Views III: Buckle Up
G2 Crowd Blog · 17:50 31 Aug 2017
Small businesses (500 employees or fewer) make up 99 percent of businesses in the United States (Crowd Views fig 1). This may sound unlikely when you first hear it, but the fact of the matte… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 14:41 31 Aug 2017
With the world’s population growing and an exponential increase in technologies, designing cities is going through a reinvention. New concepts have already been put into place, such as… Read More
Love Problem Solution
Kala Jadu For Love M… · 09:43 31 Aug 2017
Love affairs problem solution. When we dont have the love we go through the state of great anexiety but if we find our love after some time the major problem starts.We get the love on one… Read More
LIVE: SaaStock ’17 Gridscape
G2 Crowd Blog · 20:19 28 Aug 2017
Get your passports ready because G2 Crowd is heading to Dublin, Ireland for SaaStock 2017!  SaaStock is the biggest conference in Europe for Software as a Service companies from all ove… Read More
The Unstoppable Steam Engine
G2 Crowd Blog · 15:08 28 Aug 2017
In the internet age, a lot of money is spent on intangibles. An entire library’s worth of books can exist inside your handheld reading device. Your album collection likely lives on you… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 16:53 24 Aug 2017
Elon Musk is back at it again, warning the world about the dangers of AI, but this time he is trying to get it banned from weapons. Musk is not alone, according to the LA Time… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 16:15 24 Aug 2017
With HoloLens 2.0 put on the back burner until sometime in 2019, Microsoft has devoted a solid block of time for its developers to fully explore the limits of its initial AR platform. It app… Read More
Roku Streaming Device
Ok Let Me Review It · 11:00 21 Aug 2017
The Roku has been around since May 2008, and has quickly given standard televisions and non-smart HDTV's access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and more.So why blog about t… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 19:37 18 Aug 2017
It is a recurring theme in these digests, but it’s important to continuously highlight how enterprise companies are adopting AI, and it isn’t just the Amazons and Googles that ar… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 19:04 18 Aug 2017
According to Soluis, “The Augmented Worker System will provide the construction industry with augmented and virtual reality to improve the construction process at every stage… Read More