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This blog site covers the latest strategies in business planning and business modeling including best practices and tips from business planning experts.
2022-11-30 09:14
Gerade jetzt, wo die deutschen Benzin- und Dieselpreise gerade „explodiert“ sind, lohnt es sich unbedingt, in Polen zu tanken. Wenn Sie also auf dem Weg nach Hohenwutzen sind und… Read More
2022-08-02 08:02
We are happy and as delighted as one tends to get to know about the results that we are about to tell you with, we as suggested here would say to you that we have all techniques to acquire t… Read More
2022-08-01 19:01
We are advancing and as the opportunity struck here to be at, best fencing 36614 if you can get the job done then the things is what is stopping you from going ahead of us. We seam to have a… Read More
2021-10-02 09:31
With billions of users, Facebook is a tremendously popular platform. This platform is a gift to marketers because it is a storehouse of people and their preferences. Facebook has changed the… Read More
2021-06-16 07:25
Terminating a rental agreement can be difficult, as it means an early termination of the agreement. Know what you should consider. The termination of a rental agreement deserves special atte… Read More
2021-06-16 07:25
Do you know what your guarantees and obligations are when you rent your property under the Tenancy Law? In this post we will highlight the main questions about the rights and duties of the o… Read More
2021-06-12 23:07
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Read More
2017-08-04 00:10
Business expenses can be categorized as either fixed expenses or variable expenses. Fixed expenses are expenses that your business must pay regardless of any sales it makes. For example, fix… Read More
2017-07-16 16:36
People buy from a person, not a company How many times have you purchased a product from the second salesperson that came to your door or office…selling the exact same product at the… Read More
2017-03-14 20:12
Earlier today, I was reading a post about a young man ready to graduate college this summer who was desperately looking to start his own business. He didn’t have a business… Read More
2017-03-04 17:02
Probably the hardest thing to do at a business is to change its culture. How did Genghis Khan and other medieval rulers change the culture of their acquisitions? Eliminate every male over a… Read More
2017-02-05 00:19
There are several factors that can positively and negatively affect a business valuation from the point of view of the buyer. Some common factors that add value to a business valuation inclu… Read More
2017-01-09 14:08
In 1904, King Gillette, the founder of Gillette Razors, not only invented, through patents, the razor, the blade and the combination of the two but King Gillette invented a new business mode… Read More
Mastering The Three Engines Of Growth
2016-12-28 18:35
When it comes to growing your business, there are three essential engines of growth: 1. Paid Engine of Growth: Most entrepreneurs consider this the only engine of growth. Often this takes th… Read More
2016-12-09 17:40
When counseling clients or judging startup completions, one of the biggest swag figures I see is related to the size of the market they expect to hit. These numbers are often extremely large… Read More
2016-08-25 16:54
According to professor Everett Rodgers in his book Diffusion of Innovation, there are five categories of adopters: 1. Innovators (Technology Enthusiasts) – These individuals represent… Read More
12 Quick  Sales And Marketing Fixes
2016-08-12 16:21
I write a lot about curing the chronic conditions of sales and marketing, but today will address the acute condition — when you need leads and revenue quickly. Here are 12 tactics to g… Read More
Are You A Clone Business?
2016-08-03 16:49
Every day, entrepreneurs invest huge amounts of time and money to build what they think is a better mousetrap. However, all too often entrepreneurs struggle to articulate how their value pro… Read More
The “YOU Differential”
2016-07-26 17:43
There are so many things  that could be considered a competitive edge, but unfortunately, they can also be duplicated. We’ve seen this with technology, chains of stores that… Read More
2016-06-22 19:38
Media loves covering stories of startups that utilized unique hacks to grow their users and business rapidly. It’s become part of the “Facebook” dream (as opposed to the &l&hell…Read More
2016-06-15 18:04
Having been involved as a founder, investor or early-stage employee at over a dozen startup ventures, I have a few entrepreneurial chops to draw upon. One of the companies I helped start was… Read More
2016-05-10 15:15
Problems are often opportunities in disguise and entrepreneurs are the problem solvers who have the ability to identify problems and find solutions. With funding provided by the Kauffman Fou… Read More
2016-05-02 20:27
As an entrepreneur who has been both the recipient and provider of angel investment funds, I really enjoyed a recent article titled The Rise of Angel Investing. There are lots of… Read More
2016-03-06 17:44
When it comes to the buyer of a business, buyers fall into one of two basic categories: financial buyers and strategic buyers. Financial Buyers Financial buyers value a business based on its… Read More
2016-02-15 18:19
Now is the time to send the influencers on your list an email and asked them for advice about your campaign. Be sure to mention that you read their post/article/book. If you mention that you… Read More
2016-02-01 20:34
Daniel Heimlich posted the following photo on his LinkedIn page. Not sure who the conference speaker was, but the five statistics represented on this slide — from well-respected organi… Read More
2016-01-12 20:09
There are a wide array of crowdfunding platforms, each with its own unique spin on raising funds. Some platforms support charitable or creative campaigns, others reward-based campaigns, whil… Read More
2015-12-28 18:22
At the end of each year, my team and I publish a report on the major B2B sales and marketing trends. The idea is not to show how smart we are but rather to provide ideas you can start using… Read More

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