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It's like a mom blog but geekier! Covering mom life, geek stuff, cosplay, lifestyle, beauty, video games, movies, product reviews, a little of everything.
Starting A New Business In Your 40s
2023-02-06 14:08
I am 46 and starting a new business. I did this before in my late 20s and I recall it being much more exciting and less scary. Possibly because I didn’t really know what I was getting… Read More
My Favorite Amazon Finds For January
2023-01-23 16:50
As a busy mom who works from home, I shop on Amazon a ridiculous amount. I often share the best stuff I find on my Amazon Influencer page through shoppable photos tagged with each item. I fi… Read More
Play Time Is Quality Time
2023-01-18 19:47
I’ve been gaming since I first learned to turn the little knobs on the Pong game and play what amounted to virtual tennis. I moved up in gaming systems through the years with Atari and… Read More
We Got Slimed At The Library
2023-01-12 13:29
I was recently at our local library and excited to see it was finally bouncing back from Covid and doing classes and activities again! I signed up for the first available kid-friendly drop-i… Read More
1-800-Flowers Hung Up On Me
2023-01-06 13:25
All I wanted to do was get birthday flowers for my mom. What I got was the worst customer service experience I’ve had in a long time as the representative from 1-800-Flowers rudely hun… Read More
Here’s Why That Recipe Post Is SO Long
2023-01-05 13:27
Ever wonder why bloggers can’t just get to the darn point when sharing a recipe? We get to hear about the inspiration for the dish, where the food was grown, how their grandma made it… Read More
Hello 2023! Feeling Optimistic
2023-01-03 20:05
Well 2022 is done and I’m still trying to figure out what I did all last year and then figure out what I plan to do this year. I feel the stirrings of wanting to DO something, and then… Read More
3 Tips To Decorate A Small Apartment
2022-12-21 19:04
I once lived in a 1000 sq. ft. studio in San Francisco, but we managed to decorate and make it feel homey and not claustrophobic. Our Guest Geek post today is about three good tips on decora… Read More
Taking A Social Media Break
2022-12-20 14:21
I’m pondering taking a break from social media for the rest of the year. Mostly Instagram and my public accounts. I don’t think I could go cold turkey and cut it all out. I have… Read More
Good Morning Blog Readers
2022-12-16 13:34
Good morning (or whatever time of day it is where you are)! I’m just typing out a little something before taking the kiddo to school. No agenda here besides just a personal post. I&rsq&hell…Read More
What Children Gain From Puzzle Play
2022-12-15 13:03
If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know Geek Mamas is a big fan of using games as a learning tool. Our Guest Geek post today looks into the benefits of puzzle play for chi… Read More
5 Sleep Wrecking Foods To Avoid Before Bed
2022-12-12 17:22
There are lots of things we can do to get better sleep, and one has to do with things we eat and drink in the hours leading up to bedtime. Our Guest Geek today is sleep expert Jennifer Hardy… Read More
Trying To Stay Body Positive At 40 Plus
2022-12-06 14:48
I used to be a bikini model. I spent most of my teens, 20s and early 30s running around in a tiny bikini for various swimwear companies. Now I’m nearing 50 and usually opt for some mod… Read More
10 Best Video Games For Younger Kids
2022-12-04 19:43
If you have a younger child and a new gaming system, you may be wondering what video games to get. We’ve been reviewing games since my son was 3, so our expertise lies in games for kid… Read More
Geek Mamas Holiday Gift Ideas 2022
2022-11-28 18:50
It’s almost December and the holiday season is in full force. As usual I like to start the Geek Mamas holiday gift idea list early and update as things pop up. I try to put a little so… Read More
This Is What A Size 8 Looks Like
2022-11-13 14:14
For most of my life, I was a skinny stick who couldn’t gain weight. All that changed when I had a baby, and now I’ve been everything from a size 0 to a size 14. I currently sit a… Read More
What Does A Digital Content Creator Do?
2022-11-11 17:30
Being a digital content creator sounds pretty self-explanatory- they create digital content. But what exactly does that mean? Content for what? It’s become an umbrella term that covers… Read More
Bokksu’s Autumn Box Review, Plus Save $15
2022-11-07 21:39
Bokksu Japanese snack boxes are always a favorite treat! They are packed with savory and sweet snacks, and each month is a new theme that relates to Japan. This month it is Autumn, and our b… Read More
Slave Leia At The Dollar Store
2022-11-04 15:24
One day you’re a hot cosplay chick on the cover of a Star Wars documentary popping up on everyone’s Netflix, and the next you’re a 40+ mom popping up on an obscure movie at… Read More
2022-10-06 21:07
Rush Order Tees recently sent me a Geek Mamas logo shirt and I was impressed with the shirt and the logo print. I chose the Gildan Women’s Softstyle T-shirt, style G640L. Rush Order Te… Read More
Ten Reasons Why I Love October
2022-10-05 12:17
October has always been my favorite month of the year. I love Fall and all things Halloween, so this is the time of year when I feel like the rest of the world is more in tune with me. Read… Read More
Most Useful Products For Dogs
2022-10-04 14:01
After getting your first dog, you might think you have everything you need to take care of them, and you might be wrong – aside from bowls, leashes, and toys, there are a few other pro… Read More
Just Waiting On A Hurricane
2022-09-28 21:22
We’re located in Atlantic Beach, FL, so we won’t be getting the worst of Hurricane Ian until tomorrow, but my mom is getting hammered with wind and rain in Sarasota. They’v… Read More
Thor: Love And Thunder Movie Review
2022-09-21 12:30
Thor: Love and Thunder, is now available on Digital and roars on to 4K, Blu-ray and DVD September 27. The movie is pack full of love, laughter and a blazing Guns ‘N Roses soundtra… Read More
How To Make Your Home Look Spotless
2022-09-01 17:22
My own home is far from spotless. I think that just may be impossible when you have kids and pets. But that doesn’t mean it I wouldn’t mind having it just a bit cleaner! Our Gues… Read More
Visit Your Local Little Free Library
2022-08-31 18:08
Last week my son and I did a tour of all the Little Free Libraries in our neighborhood. We dropped off several books in each one, along with signed copies of my own book, “I’m Go… Read More
2022-08-28 12:53
Comic Con season is in full swing, and with it comes cosplay and opportunities for cosplay photography. Our Guest Geek post this week is by @albutler01, who is a fan of both cosplay and phot… Read More
5 Most Creative Games For Kids
2022-08-17 14:55
One of the best ways I’ve found to teach my son new things is to involve a game. Our Guest Geek post this week goes over five of the best games to inspire creativity in children, plus… Read More
My Days Of Mosh Pits And Crowd Surfing
2022-08-07 13:56
My first time in the pit was in 1992, when I went to see House of Pain and Cypress Hill at The Ritz in Ybor City. This band I’d never heard of called Rage Against the Machine was the o… Read More
How Do You Get Over Being Annoyed?
2022-08-03 14:48
I’m currently annoyed about being annoyed. I want so badly just to not be annoyed by everything. I’m wondering how do I get past it? I do I get over being annoyed? I hate the way… Read More
Your Future Starts Now
2022-08-02 16:04
If there’s one thing that the whole pandemic experienced really impressed on me, it’s that you need to live for NOW. You need to be who you want to be NOW. We grew up in a world… Read More
2022-07-18 18:51
I’ve been blogging for a long time and often help out other blogging friends. Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing some sort of coaching or blogging course but k… Read More
Geek Of The Week: Cosplay Counselor Irene
2022-07-01 12:12
Our Geek of the Week this week is Cosplay Counselor Irene. When she’s not dressing up as her favorite characters, she’s counseling high school kids and also sharing her adventure… Read More
How Does Your Nightwear Affect Your Sleep?
2022-06-29 18:23
Our quality of sleep has a huge impact on our overall health. With one of the top blog posts on Geek Mamas being about a cure for insomnia, it’s obvious a lot of people are having trou… Read More
How To Repair A Tear In A Stuffed Animal
2022-06-11 20:47
A couple years ago I made a YouTube video about how to sew up a hole in a stuffed animal. I had no idea it was going to be the most popular video on my channel! I recently did a follow up th… Read More
I Finally Caught Covid, And It Sucked
2022-06-03 12:50
The first Covid symptom I noticed was a little tickle in my throat. Like a feather making me want to cough. My husband had come down with Covid about five days earlier, followed by my son, a… Read More
How To Put On A Lace Front Wig
2022-05-21 12:28
Curious about trying a lace front wig? Whether it’s for cosplay or regular wear, choosing a lace front wig will give you the most realistic looking hair with a natural hairline. In thi… Read More
What Summer Camps Are You Doing?
2022-05-17 16:51
This is the big question from all the moms this time of year. Every time I talk to someone, they ask, “What summer camps are you doing this year?” That’s camps, as in plura… Read More
The Fearless Lizard Hunters
2022-05-11 15:56
I grew up in Florida, where lizards are just a part of everyday life. They are literally everywhere outside and often make their way inside as well. I spent a lot of my time catching lizards… Read More
Trying To Find The Time For Everything
2022-05-01 10:58
It’s 5AM, it’s dark, everyone in the house is asleep. But not me. I’m here typing away because it’s probably the only quiet moment I’ll get today. Why? Because… Read More
Geek Of The Week: Erica Of Red-E Cosplay
2022-04-29 13:32
Please welcome Geek of the Week Erica, also known as Red-E Cosplay. This geek mama and mental health advocate embraced her geekiness later in life and now enjoys finding any excuse to dress… Read More
The Spring Blog Update
2022-04-23 23:44
It’s been a quiet week on the blog, as I’ve been focusing a bit more on life offline. It’s spring so I’ve been enjoying working on the yard and planting new things. I… Read More

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