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Big Daddy's Fishing Blog
Fishing information and articles, product reviews, unique videos of us fishing and giving information, general information for beginners and women
2018-05-12 08:26
An extended Easter fishing trip in 2018 was just what I needed: The post Easter Fishing 2018 appeared first on Cuzzy Bro's Fishing Read More
2018-04-10 10:00
Up until Easter, I only had about two weekends completely off work, so work stops fishing trips from happening! Even the Australia Day long weekend, I had to work for the start of it. Here&r&hell…Read More
2018-02-02 22:23
It was a bit early in the season for marlin, but we made the trek to Bermagui in the middle of December 2017, for 10 days of fishing. It was a major birthday celebration, too, and so we had… Read More
Cuzzy Bro’s Fishing In 2018
2018-01-14 09:32
In 2018, we have a lot of goals that we want to achieve. We now have a drone to add to our ability to take great shots of the boat and our fishing trips! Our goals for 2018 are: catch a bar… Read More
2017-09-24 00:24
The bluefin tuna season 2017 is as good as over, and we didn’t get to make the most of it. Between working more weekends, having higher boat loan repayments so our fuel budget is tight… Read More
2017-08-14 09:17
When I was at the Sydney Boat Show with the Sailfish guys, one of the biggest questions I was asked was if I could get the boat on and off the trailer by myself. Well, I can, and mostly beca… Read More
2017-07-08 02:52
What got me into fishing in the first place? Why is it such a big part of my life? My father. He makes Predator Lures, and here’s a tour from him of his workshop and the lure making pr… Read More
2017-05-27 08:41
After fishing the Canberra Yellowfin Competition in May 2017 from Bermagui, we then retired to The Moorings at Tomikin for the rest of the week. We had previously fished out of Bateman&rsquo&hell…Read More
2017-04-22 03:38
We have now had out Sailfish S8 for four months, and we have done over 100 hours on the engines, so we have had time to work out a few things. We have made a couple of alterations to the Sai… Read More
2017-03-25 02:31
After fishing at Bermagui for about 20 years, mainly for Yellow Fin Tuna, Rod came out on our Sailfish S8 and caught his first Marlin! The post Rod’s First Marlin appeared first on Bi… Read More
2017-02-18 23:01
Here’s a good summary of how we set up our spread when we’re trolling lures for tuna. The post Spread for Trolling Lures appeared first on Big Daddy's Fishing Blog Read More
2017-01-14 05:20
There hasn’t been much fishing for a coupe of months until recently. This is because I sold the Quintrex Trident 610, and commission a Sailfish S8 catamaran. I picked it up in the midd… Read More
Whales, Dolphins And Seals
2016-10-01 01:43
Our last trip to Portland, at the end of the bluefin tuna season, was not profitable. But of all the boats that were out, I think only two boats caught anything. So it’s clearly starti… Read More
Apollo Bay
2016-07-31 01:56
We are trying a lot of new spots this season, particularly chasing blue fin tuna. A couple of weeks ago, we tried Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road for the first time. It was a bit difficul… Read More
Large Murray Cod
2016-07-23 02:18
Two weeks ago, my old man caught a 106cm Murray Cod. In years past, a fish this size would not have been uncommon, and they were usually kept to eat. Now, it is rare to get a fish this size… Read More
Why Fishing?
2016-07-04 10:24
So a lot of people who know me well always ask me: “Bro, why do you go fishing? You jump out of planes, you whitewater kayak, you’re into your motorbike racing and then you go fi… Read More
2016-07-02 05:56
Three weeks ago, I went to Port Fairy with my wife and the dog. We did pretty well, and came home with a lot of bluefin tuna for the freezer. On 29 June, I went back to Port Fairy with my ma… Read More
Port Fairy
2016-06-17 23:57
With the long weekend, we wanted to make sure we got back on the water and got some Southern Blue Fin tuna. We’d had a shot at Portland for the first time a few weeks ago, but we were… Read More
2016-05-14 05:03
When we started saltwater fishing again, one of our trips had to be to catch a whole lot of squid in Port Phillip Bay. But when it came time to clean them, because it has been a few years, i… Read More
2016-05-07 07:56
We finally got a chance to get to Portland. It’s a 5 hour drive, so it’s not one that we will do regularly, but we were very impressed by the boat ramp facilities and what was ge… Read More
Introducing Lil’ Mumma
2016-04-16 10:43
Time to introduce myself. My name is Jacqui. I am the wife of Daniel (aka Big Daddy, aka Cuzzy Bro) and I’m calling myself Lil’ Mumma! I really enjoy fishing. I am not great at t… Read More
Kangaroo Island
2016-04-03 08:42
For a week, we went to Kangaroo Island to explore and check out the fishing. As usual, the weather wasn’t our best friend, but we were able to get out for a good fish most days. When I… Read More
2016-02-20 23:23
We had our first experience at Western Port recently. Beautiful place, but unfortunately everyone on the boat got very seasick! We went in our boat through the Eastern entrance around Philip… Read More
2016-02-13 05:59
Water depth Many beginner anglers throw their bates and lures well past many fish that are waiting in shallow waters – deep water is not necessarily required for catching good fish. Ge… Read More
2016-01-23 10:26
Being seasick is absolutely miserable, and there is no way to stop the motion until you’re back on land. Until the motion stops, there is very little that can make you feel 100% better… Read More
2016-01-15 01:40
For fishing, Bermagui has always been my ideal location. I grew up with my father bringing me there to fish, and now I go when I can. It’s one of the places where the continental shelf… Read More
2015-12-28 07:22
Supposin’ fish don’t bite at first, What are you goin’ to do? Throw down your pole, chuck out your bait, An’ say your fishin’s through? You bet you ain’t;… Read More
2015-12-26 22:49
I recently read an article for Dr James Ibrahim in the BlueWater Magazine entitled “Do Fish Feel Pain?”. Whether fish feel pain or not often stirs a lot of debate, because we don… Read More
2015-12-19 02:39
Lake Eildon is one of the closest lakes to where we live, and definitely the biggest lake – it has a capacity of 3,300,000 mega litres of fresh water. It is a lake that was created wh… Read More
2015-11-29 04:33
Sounders Depth sounder technology has come a long way in recent years, and this will continue. There are dozens of models to choose from, and they are cheaper and more user friendly than eve… Read More
2015-11-03 01:06
I was a bit surprised when I caught a baby sevengill shark in Port Phillip Bay. The Bay is known for gummy shark, so at first that’s what I assumed this was. But after reviewing the ph… Read More
2015-05-10 00:18
Reading the Beach The most important element in beach fishing is being able to “read” the beach and understand the undersea formations that make fish gather in search of food. Wa… Read More
2015-05-08 11:12
Using Berley Offshore While you cannot change the water temperature or the weather, much less control the moon, you can time your trips to take advantage of them. Similarly, even though seas… Read More
2015-05-06 09:18
Fishing Safely The weather Weather has a lot of bearing on water safety, so whether you are fishing from a boat or from land, be aware of the weather forecast and watch for changes. Wind is… Read More
2015-05-05 10:20
Tailing Trout When trout show their backs or tails as they feed, you can “tail” them, or they are said to be “tailing”. The chance to target fish that you can see cru… Read More
2015-05-02 23:46
All About Bait Fish will response best to bait that is presented as naturally and attractively as possible. It should be a bait that offers no reason for the fish to become suspicious or ala… Read More
2015-05-02 01:21
Cooking Methods Fish fall into several categories, each suiting particular cooking methods. The light white-fleshed fish, such as bream, flounder, whiting, john dory, mulloway and ling are a… Read More
2015-04-29 09:00
Limit Your Catch A welcome trend has appeared over the last decade or two: anglers are starting to release fish, even where no limits apply or bag limits have not been met. Many anglers now… Read More
2015-04-28 10:06
Fishing the Tides Estuary anglers must allow for the reversal every six hours of tidal flow, and alter their fishing spots accordingly. The most productive ends of reefs, structures, channel… Read More
2015-04-27 10:36
Handling Fish If you plan to return your catch to the water, handle it as little as possible because the slime coating of the fish protects it from disease. If you are intending to eat your… Read More

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