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Nurture the creativity in kids. Expose them to new art styles, paint media, and art techniques. Draw inspirations from artists all over the world.
Let’s Try Mexican Folk Art
2020-07-27 11:23
How about doing a Mexican Folk art project today? Why do we choose Mexican folk art? stage 1 & 2Mexican Art is colourful and they are wonderful to create with acrylic paints. An… Read More
2020-07-13 14:25
Glitter and metallic pens! Haven’t your children asked for them? These pens make paintings look flashy and appealing. They make the painting sparkle. Children love them. They us… Read More
2020-06-24 13:28
The post holida appeared first on LilCreativeKids Read More
2020-06-12 02:10
Any pigment that uses water as its base and is soluble in water, is watercolor. Watercolor is transparent and it gives your art a soft and natural look. Children will enjoy painting with br… Read More
Andy Warhol Pop Art For Kids
2020-05-25 03:50
I see children have fun painting pop art.  The art is colorful and we can choose any topic. We have plenty of artists to choose from. Each has their own style. Andy Warhol is one of the… Read More
Best Kids Art Material Online In India
2020-04-04 02:22
I am sure as parents, we are confused about what art material to buy online for children. There are so many options available. And then we think, are these art supplies right for my child? W… Read More
2020-03-21 07:14
Buying coloring pens and markers for kids is not easy when you have so many options available online. Buy sketch pens that are washable for toddlers and colored pens that are permanent for… Read More
2020-02-21 06:31
Children love to paint on canvases, especially with acrylics. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that Acrylic paint is thick and works well on canvas, and is easy for ki… Read More
2019-03-19 06:46
Do you love creating textures on paper? Acrylic paints are a great medium to create textures can be created using a number of tools. The textures are stunning and whats even better – c… Read More
How To Draw With Letters And Numbers
2018-12-30 15:50
How do we write Happy New Year 2019? Last year we did pop art inspired by the pop artist Burton Morris. How about we draw with the alphabets and numbers itself? Letters and number… Read More
9 Cool Ways To Acrylic Painting Textures
2018-11-16 07:12
Here are some cool tricks to get beautiful acrylic painting textures on paper. Do you know what fascinates children in art? To get effects on the paper that they never have expected. An… Read More
2018-10-11 05:57
Let’s try an easy Aipan design today. Aipan is a floor art from Uttarakhand. Though mainly a floor art, this art is also done on walls, doorstep and in the puja room. During the f… Read More
Stippling Brush Painting
2018-09-25 09:09
Stippling brush painting is a pattern of painting created with small dots. Many artists like Georges Seurat has used this technique to create entire paintings. Trees and shrubs and othe… Read More
2018-09-04 06:11
We buy a lot of art materials for our children every now and then. And once we buy them we need to think about storing them properly so that we can use it for a long time. Here are some idea… Read More
Drawing Pictures Using Circles
2018-08-24 09:52
Drawing circles can be challenging. In fact, drawing any geometrical shapes needs a bit more patience practice. How do we make children practice drawing circles? Let’s draw pictures wi… Read More
Fernando LLort Folk Art
2018-08-01 03:07
While looking for colorful art in acrylic, I found the famous El Salvadoran artist, Fernando LLort. Lively and picturesque, his paintings today represent El Salvador folk art. Talking littl… Read More
Children’s Drawing Competitions In India
2018-07-25 15:09
There are many drawing competitions that are held for school children in India every year. These can be participated individually or through schools. It happens all the year round and offer… Read More
2018-07-14 01:05
How do we draw emotions and facial expressions? Are there some important features in the face that makes someone look sad or happy, angry or pensive. Yes, there are and probably eyes are one… Read More
How To Draw Cute Animals In Action
2018-07-06 01:01
A mouse, a bunny or even a hedgehog. Have you tried to draw cute animals with children in the art class? It is easy to draw a fluffy small animal and it always makes the picture mo… Read More
Children’s Books About Famous Artists
2018-06-25 01:05
There are many children’s books about famous artists that kids will love to read. These books give a glimpse of the famous art and their lives through short stories. Children&rsqu&hell…Read More
How To Paint Ikat Designs
2018-06-15 09:45
Ikat is one of the most fascinating ways to create patterns on fabric. It is a resist-dyeing technique, where the craftsmen dye the yarn first instead of dyeing the fabric. Today we paint ik… Read More
Youtube Channels Of Watercolor Artists
2018-06-07 09:16
One of the best ways to learn a technique is to see others do it. And in this age of the internet, children can get exposed to artists around the world. Watercolor paintings have the transpa… Read More
Play With Warm And Cool Colors
2018-05-25 04:10
By now, we know what are warm and cool colors. Colors like yellow, orange and red are warm as these colors remind us of the sun. The cool colors like purple, green and blue give a cool feeli… Read More
Painting The Dokra Art
2018-05-15 06:05
Have you tried painting the Dokra figurines that are beautifully handcrafted by artisans in India? Children love metallic colors and I was looking for an art project in gold, silver or… Read More
Art Lesson On Monochromatic Painting
2018-05-04 05:05
What is monochromatic painting? Well, it is when we paint a picture using only one color but make its variation by adding black or white to it. So if we want to paint a painting in blue, we… Read More
5 Simple Pencil Shading Projects For Kids
2018-04-26 06:49
Many children love to sketch and shade with pencils. It is a beautiful technique that gives dimension to a drawing. All children, especially above the age of 10, should definitely try pencil… Read More
Yayoi Kusama Art Lesson
2018-04-17 08:53
Have you seen the paintings and sculptures of Yayoi Kusama? Yayoi creates an endless feeling in her art with polka dots. And there is a lot to learn from polka dots. So today we will have Ya… Read More
8 Stencil Art Projects Children Love
2018-04-06 13:28
Stencils can be used in a lot of creative ways and children who are scared of putting something on paper can be encouraged using tools like stencils. Not only the different shapes and images… Read More
Kurumbas Tribe Painting
2018-03-30 03:55
While working on Warli painting and Saura folk art painting, I stumbled upon another art which is similar in its subject to the above but very different in style. The Kurumba triba… Read More
Folk Art Of India – Saura Art
2018-03-16 05:18
Saura Art is a style of wall painting painted by the Saura tribes of the state of Odisha in India. These paintings also called ikons (or ekons) and they are dedicated to their God, Edit… Read More
2018-03-06 05:30
Are you looking for stencils for kids in India? Stencils can be used to create an entire painting or can be used sparingly for the background. Stencil art can be created by applying paint th… Read More
Colorful Spring Art Ideas For Kids
2018-03-01 06:13
There is so much to paint in spring. Isn’t nature so fresh and buzzing in spring? You see so many colors. Let’s paint spring and here are some artists to draw inspirations… Read More
Ways To Draw A Boat
2018-02-18 02:01
Have you tried to draw a boat? I am sure you would like to. Today we will explore some traditional boats in India and try to sketch them. These man-made objects have been used for… Read More
Valentine’s Day Art Projects For Kids
2018-02-07 08:44
Have you seen those colourful hearts created by Jim Dine?  Or the hearts popping out as drawn by Op artists? Have you tried drawing hearts in Jean Dubuffet Art style? If you haven&rsquo&hell…Read More
Easy Kalamkari Designs For Painting
2018-02-05 04:40
Let’s paint in another famous Indian folk art style called the Kalamkari. We look closely look at some common and easy Kalamkari designs and patterns and then look at the complete pain… Read More
2018-01-26 11:40
Children, especially toddlers, love to use stamps and it is fun to watch them stamp randomly all over the page. I usually have an art lesson dedicated to stamping activity and provide suppli… Read More
Use Lines To Paint
2018-01-17 05:42
Today we visit two artists who use lines to paint portraits and figures. The names of these contemporary artists are Ephrem Kouakou and Ted Gordon. Find a new style of painting where lines a… Read More
How To Paint The Sheep
2018-01-06 06:07
One of the easy and cutest animals that all children will love to draw and paint is the sheep. So here is an art lesson for kindergartners – how to paint the sheep. So we wil… Read More
Simple Calligraphy For Kids
2017-12-08 02:24
Now that the Holidays and the New Year is near, I am sure you wish to paint some greetings cards. You can draw almost anything for Season’s Greetings or a Happy New Year card. It can b… Read More
How To Draw Winter Animals
2017-11-30 07:31
We had some real fun painting snow last winter. Why don’t we paint some animals that you see in winter or cold regions in India? Today we will paint some animals that you see in H… Read More
Paint Acrylic Flowers On Canvas
2017-11-15 02:29
All kids love to paint flowers.  Here are some artists who can inspire children to paint acrylic flowers on canvas. Flowers can be all colours and shapes. They can be painted as still l… Read More
2017-11-10 05:42
Today we will paint horses that we see in Pithora painting. What is Pithora painting? Pithora paintings are folk art paintings done by several tribes like Rathwas and Bhilalas tribes of Indi… Read More
Colourful Drawing Ideas
2017-11-03 06:50
If you are looking for colourful drawing ideas for kids you must once visit Romero Britto. One of the first artists I visited when I started looking for artists for kids was Romero Britto an… Read More
Folk Art Activities For Kids
2017-10-26 06:10
Welcome to the free printables and activity sheets for kids. Download the pdf file and print it. You can then share your creation with lilcreativekids. We will like to share it on our facebo… Read More
Autumn Painting Ideas
2017-10-25 04:34
If you are looking for painting ideas for autumn, paint the nature. The trees have a completely different look this season with its vibrant fiery colours. This change in colours of the leav… Read More
Draw Diwali Crackers
2017-10-15 05:52
What do children love during Diwali? I am sure it is the burning of firecrackers that give them immense joy. I remember buying these boxes of firecrackers 15 days earlier to Diwali, keeping… Read More
The CoBrA Artists
2017-10-11 05:23
Continuing our journey of ‘Paint like a child‘, we visit the CoBrA artists this week. This is an art movement that lasted for a brief period from 1948 and 1951.The CoBrA group wa… Read More
Paint Halloween Ghosts
2017-10-04 04:40
It is Halloween this month and it’s the perfect time to paint some ghosts. Since we will paint the ghosts in white, we will have a night scene for our Halloween ghosts. Last year we le… Read More
2017-10-01 10:20
It is time again to celebrate Diwali and we will do easy, fun-to-do art activities with kids. We will paint Diyas. A diya is an oil lamp made out of clay and is used to decorate and light ho… Read More
2017-09-26 07:15
The feel of paper and the joy of using a paper will never be lost. Even today when I see a notebook or some nice paper, I want to buy them. Thankfully my daughter loves them too.  Here… Read More
How To Draw Durga Maa Step-by-Step
2017-09-26 04:21
Children, you should draw Ma Durga for this Durga puja. Draw Durga Ma’s face as it is divine and beautiful. You can make this as a wall hanging and hang it in your room. You can also c… Read More
Santhal Folk Painting Of Bengal
2017-09-19 08:47
The Santhal folk painting, drawn by the Santhal tribes living in Bengal, is a folk art with a distinctive style of their own. Here we see paintings where the tribes are in musical proce… Read More
Paint Like A Child
2017-09-13 07:52
One of the most difficult ways to paint is to paint like a child, especially when you are an adult. As Pablo Picasso said,”It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifet… Read More
Abstract Landscape Painting In Acrylic
2017-09-08 04:52
Abstract painting as we all know is not to paint exactly the way we see our subject. It is our interpretation or the artist’s interpretation of the object in his own creative way. Any… Read More
How To Make Tessellations?
2017-08-31 05:22
What is Tessellation? Tessellation is a pattern of shapes that repeats itself. The shapes are such that they fit perfectly leaving no gaps in between them. Most geometric shapes like triangl… Read More
Paint With Scissors Like Henri Matisse
2017-08-24 09:00
Yes, that is what Henri Matisse called his work, “Painting with scissors”. Matisse worked on colourful paper and a pair of scissors to create cutouts of different shapes, animals… Read More
Sohrai Tribal Paintings Of India
2017-08-18 13:19
Do you remember the last folk art we visited from the east of India? Yes, you are right, it was the Madhubani paintings. Today we visit Sohrai paintings. Sohrai Painting Sohrai is a festival… Read More
Independence Day Art Project
2017-08-15 02:38
What do you want to paint on Independence Day? Why not paint a picture with the tricolours that you see on the Indian flag. So for the Independence Day art project, we visit an artist w… Read More
How To Draw Cubism Art?
2017-08-11 02:37
Cubism is a form of abstract art where the artist breaks his main subject into parts and arranges them again in his own way to create a composition. It is an attempt to create a 3-D effect o… Read More
7 Easy Art Projects With Markers
2017-08-04 04:37
Here are 7 easy art projects to create with markers and paper for small children. Markers and sketch pens are easy to grasp for kids and it also gives a colourful and bright finish to the pa… Read More
5 Easy Ways Children Can Paint Ganesha
2017-08-02 05:19
Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching and I am sure everyone wants to paint Ganesha. Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, has an elephant head and is pot-bellied which makes it adorable and chil… Read More
2017-07-28 05:33
After seeing my daughter paint for some time, I felt the need for an easel for her. She felt more like an artist while painting on it. Easels allow the better eye-to-hand coordination a… Read More
Art Styles And Art Movements For Kids
2017-07-22 05:53
Here we talk about different art styles and art movements. How is art style different from art movement?  Well, the art style is the style, medium or subject that a particular artist c… Read More
13 Fun Drawing Games For Kids
2017-07-20 05:33
Playing drawing games and art prompts will help to introduce small challenges to children in a fun way. While playing games, children tend to retain attention for a longer period of time and… Read More
Minimalist Art With Kids
2017-07-11 06:22
What is Minimalism or Minimalist art? Minimalism Art was an art movement which focused on art that is simple yet beautiful. The aim of this art movement was to create pieces of art which min… Read More
Madhubani Art For Kids
2017-07-04 00:26
Many of you children are familiar with Madhubani painting.  Madhubani art is a very old folk art style practised in Mithila, Bihar, in Eastern India. This form of art originated from th… Read More
Paint Lord Jagannath For Ratha Yatra
2017-06-27 01:21
What is Ratha Yatra and who is Lord Jagannath? Lord Jagannath means Lord of the Universe and Jagannath is a form of Krishna worshiped in Orissa in eastern India. Ratha Yatra i… Read More
Painting Rain For Kids
2017-06-19 05:34
Do you feel like painting the rain, now that the monsoons have already started? It is exciting to paint a rainy landscape, the blurry scenery, the pouring rain, the lush green nature and the… Read More
2017-06-13 00:19
After having painted in the impressionist style, it’s time that we try Expressionism. Impressionist artist looked at nature and captured it at an instance of time. In Expressionis… Read More
2017-06-06 05:33
We had the World Environmental day this week and this is what we painted to celebrate the day. World Environment Day was first celebrated in 1972 and it is a day when people come togeth… Read More
2017-06-01 04:05
Those of you who follow my blog posts regularly will remember I wrote about Warli art. Warli is a form of tribal art where the women draw village scenes on walls of their huts using simple… Read More
2017-05-26 05:58
2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster and so we have all reasons to paint the rooster. The roosters are also decorative birds like the peacock because of their feathers and can be painted… Read More
2017-05-19 05:15
To create everyday objects art, choose any object around you. Keep it on a sheet of paper and see how can you include that in your drawing. Rotate and till you can convert the object somethi… Read More
2017-05-10 05:49
May, June are the hottest months in India and that’s also the time when children are home for the long summer vacation. This is a perfect time to paint what you see in summer, the brig… Read More
2017-05-05 08:47
Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. It is a day we express love and appreciation towards our mothers. And for us, it is a perfect occasion to pa… Read More
2017-05-02 06:21
Do we all know about the primary colors? Do we also know that all colors can be created using these three colors? This is one of the best exercises with children, to mix and create colors an… Read More
2017-04-25 08:53
Paint a cat. Many artists find it interesting to paint cats because of its shape and its flexibility. One time the cat can be painted geometrically and the next moment it can be painted… Read More

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