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J&K PMSSS Scholarship 2023-24
2023-05-23 13:17
 Domicile students of Jammu & Kashmir who are in need of financial support for their higher studies can apply for J&K PMSSS Scholarship 2023. The scholarship is offered to… Read More
2023-05-22 16:52
  Which are the schedules of the Indian Constitution?Schedules are basically tables which contains additional details not mentioned in the articles. Indian Constitution originally… Read More
2023-05-22 16:50
  Parts of the Indian Constitution What are the parts of the Indian Constitution?Original Indian Constitution had 22 parts and 395 articles. Later 3 parts were added to it as amend… Read More
Ramsar Sites In India
2023-05-16 07:36
As of August 2022, there are 75 Ramsar Sites in India.S.No.Ramsar Sites in IndiaState – Location1Ashtamudi WetlandKerala2Beas Conservation ReservePunjab3Bhitarkanika MangrovesOdis… Read More
Major Straits Of The World
2023-05-16 06:52
In this article, You are going to know the complete list of major straits of the world for UPSC Prelims Examination.Strait: A strait is a thin channel of waterw… Read More
India-USA Relations: History And Status
2023-03-01 03:46
Introduction:India and the United States of America have a long-standing history of diplomatic and strategic ties. The two countries have shared a relationship that has been shaped by shared… Read More
Pakistan Default Crisis
2023-02-22 14:10
Pakistan is one of the developing countries in South Asia, with a population of more than 220 million people. The country has been struggling with economic issues, including the recent defau… Read More
Lithium Found In J&K Is Of Best Quality
2023-02-11 15:22
The country’s first lithium reserve,  in Jammu and Kashmir, is of the best quality, a senior government official told PTI on Saturday, as upbeat villagers expressed hope the… Read More
Contempt Of Court: Time For A Amendment?
2022-07-07 08:11
Contempt of court is the offence of being disobedient to or disrespectful towards a court of law. Being disrespectful to legal authorities in the courtroom, or wilfully failing to obey… Read More
Basic Structure Doctrine
2022-07-04 02:31
The basic structure doctrine is one of the fundamental judicial principles connected with the Indian Constitution.The doctrine of the basic structure holds that there is a basic structure to… Read More
The Judiciary
2022-07-04 02:23
The judiciary (also known as the judicial system, judicature, judicial branch, judiciative branch, and court or judiciary system) is the system of cou… Read More
The Executive
2022-07-03 05:04
An executive president is the head of state who exercises authority over the governance of that state, and can be found in presidential, semi-presidential, and parliamentary system… Read More
2022-06-28 07:36
Ecological Approach to Public administrationPublic Choice Theory Public Policy Civil SocietyGovernance in IndiaDevelopment Concepts and TheoriesSystems and Behavioural Approac… Read More
2022-06-28 04:07
 A legislature is an assembly with the authority to make laws for a political entity such as a country or city. They are… Read More
The State Legislature
2022-06-27 04:37
In this post we discuss articles 168 to 177 which deals with the State Legislature in general.Article 168: Constitution of Legislatures in States.(1) For every State there shall be a Legisla… Read More
Chief Minister And CoM
2022-06-27 04:24
PART VI of the Constitution deals with the other half of Indian federalism, ie the States. Article from 152-237 deals with various provisions related to States. It covers the executive, legi… Read More
Supreme Court
2022-06-27 03:58
Chapter IV under Part V of the constitution (Union) deals with the The Union Judiciary. The constitution and jurisdiction of Supreme Court is stated in detail from articles 124-147. Unlike t… Read More
2022-06-27 03:47
Though Article 79-122 deals with Chapter II (Parliament) of Part V (Union), we shall break the topic into sub-sections. In this post, we are covering only articles 79-88, which deals with th… Read More
COM, Prime Minister And Attorney General
2022-06-27 02:22
Chapter I (Executive) of Part V of the Constitution (Union) deals with President, Vice-President, Council of Ministers (COM) headed by Prime Minister and Attorney General. Having already dis… Read More
2022-06-26 07:38
Part V of the Constitution of India under Chapter I (Executive) also discusses about the office of the Vice-President of India. The Vice-President of India is the second highest constitution… Read More
2022-06-26 07:29
Part V of the Constitution (The Union) under Chapter I (The Executive) lists out the qualification, election and impeachment of the President of India.The President of India is the head of s… Read More
Fundamental Duties
2022-06-26 07:14
Fundamental DutiesPart IVA of the Indian Constitution deals with Fundamental Duties. As of now, there are 11 Fundamental duties.Originally, the Constitution of India did not contain these du… Read More
2022-06-26 05:56
Part III of the Indian Constitution talks about Fundamental Rights.The fundamental rights were included in the constitution because they were considered essential for the development of the… Read More
Citizenship: Part II : (Articles 5-11)
2022-06-26 05:24
Part II of the Constitution of India (Articles 5-11) deals with the Citizenship of India.Article 5 speaks about the citizenship of India at the commencement of the Constitution (No… Read More
2022-06-25 13:12
Indian ConstitutionThe below-mentioned posts follow the same order of the Constitution of India and hence we strongly suggest all aspirants follow the same for easy comprehension… Read More
The Union And Its Territory
2022-06-25 13:10
The Union and its Territory : Part I (Articles 1- 4)Part I of Indian Constitution is titled The Union and its Territory. It includes articles from 1- 4. Part I is a compilation of … Read More
Preamble To Indian Constitution.
2022-06-25 12:51
Preamble to the Indian ConstitutionThis post, Preamble to the Indian Constitution, is a part of our new ambitious article series on Indian Constitution and Polity, covering all the impo… Read More
Pahari Tribe’s ST Status Struggle In J&K
2022-04-02 03:19
 Pahari Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir is as embedded in a mosaic of collective traditionalism and reflected through their common origin, common language, distinctive dress pattern, distinc… Read More
Farmer Protest 2020
2021-09-22 13:40
 Recently, there have been strong protests from farmers, especially from the states of Punjab and Haryana, against three farm bills that seek to replace ordinances issued in june 2… Read More
2021-06-05 06:03
What is the issue? There is developing worldwide law around youngster sexual maltreatment issues. A key imperfection of POCSO Act in India is its powerlessness to manage authentic… Read More
2021-05-04 05:07
 Dear Friends ,There are many pub ad video lessons - by IGNOU professors ( Indira Gandhi National Open University)  and are available FREE.Please utilise it fully. Infact&nbsp&hell…Read More
2021-04-29 08:56
 The Mauryan era of ancient India gave the world a significant treatise, the Arthashastra of Kautilya.It offers deep insights into political statecraft. Kautilya is known as the Indian… Read More
2021-02-25 16:17
Issue Farmers in Punjab and Haryana have been protesting against three ordinances promulgated by the Centre on June 5.   Background After the Monsoon Sessi… Read More
2020-06-03 07:28
New Public Management is a management philosophy used by governments since the 1980s to modernise the public sector. New Public management is a broad and very complex term used to descr… Read More
2020-04-04 09:53
Estimates Committee In the Indian Constitution, there is a committee that examines the budget estimates and suggests ‘economies’ in public expenditure. Such a committee is c… Read More
2020-04-04 09:49
Committee on Public UndertakingsThe Committee on Public Undertakings examines the reports and accounts of Public Sector Undertakings (PSU.) The functions of this committee are mentioned in t… Read More
2020-04-04 09:45
Public Accounts Committee Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India submits three annual audit reports before President who lay it before each house of the Indian Parliament. These… Read More
2020-04-03 05:16
Public policy is a set of decisions by governments and other political actors to influence, change, or frame a problem or issue that has been recognized as in the political realm by pol… Read More
2020-04-02 03:22
AccountabilityThe Committee on Prevention of Corruption (Santhanam Committee) made a range of recommendations to fight the menace of corruption. It recommended the constitution of the Centra… Read More
2020-04-02 03:09
Administration has a vital bearing on a country and its people. In ancient India right from Vedic Days, it has been avowed objective of administration to be responsive, transparent, accounta… Read More
New Domicile Law For Jammu And Kashmir
2020-04-01 07:15
Central govt defines domicile for J&K; those who have lived in UT for 15 yrs, registered migrants & studentsThe central govt in its latest gazette notification stated that any person… Read More
2020-03-31 06:23
Central Vigilance Commission - Indian Polity NotesThe Indian government introduced Central Vigilance Commission in the year 1964. The commission was set up on the recommendation of K.Santhan… Read More
2020-03-31 06:15
CBI Autonomy and CVC- Issues in NewsCBI Autonomy and Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is a much-debated topic today. In this issue of IIN, we discuss this issue. This topic is regularly se… Read More
2020-03-31 06:10
Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) [UPSC Notes for GS II]This article will describe details about the Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI).These UPSC Notes on the Central Bureau Of Inves… Read More
2020-03-30 06:14
Types of Central Government Funds - Indian PolityTypes of funds of the Central Government are important topics in the Indian polity and governance sections of the UPSC syllabus. In this… Read More
2020-03-30 06:14
National Register of Citizens (NRC)What is National Register of Citizens?Maintained by the Government of India, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) holds all the important information of… Read More

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