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User Defined Functions In MATLAB Part-4
2017-01-16 06:35
Function Function, Local Function, and Private FunctionFunction FunctionA MATLAB function that accepts another function as an input is called a function function. Function handles are used f… Read More
Anonymous And Inline Functions In MATLAB
2017-01-04 08:48
Anonymous FunctionsMATLAB's anonymous functions provide an easy way to specify a function. An anonymous function is a function defined without using a separate function file. It is a MATLAB… Read More
User Defined Functions In MATLAB Part -2
2016-12-26 11:23
Previous post we discussed what is a user defined function in MATLAB. This lecture we will discuss how to define a function and how to call the function in a script.Components of a function… Read More
User Defined Functions In MATLAB - Part 1
2016-12-01 09:32
User-defined functions are similar to the MATLAB predefined functions. A function is a MATLAB program that can accept inputs and produce outputs. A function can be called or executed by anot… Read More
MATLAB Programming - Loop Control Part 2
2016-11-22 06:17
In this lecture we will discuss more about Loop control. - Switch – case commands - Nested lops - break command - continue commandswitch - case CommandThere is no conditional statement… Read More
MATLAB Script - Loop Control Part 1
2016-10-26 08:58
In this lecture we will discuss about another flow control method – Loop control. A loop control is used to execute a set of commands repeatedly The set of commands is called the body… Read More
Introduction To MATLAB Scripts
2016-09-10 18:10
MATLAB Script or programs are sequences of MATLAB commands saved in plain text files. When you type the name of the script file at the MATLAB prompt the commands in the script file are execu… Read More
MATLAB Programming Tips Part 1
2016-08-28 11:41
MATLAB program (functions and scripts) are stored as script file(.m files). This type of file contains MATLAB commands, so running it is equivalent to typing all the commands—one… Read More
Polynomials And Curve Fitting In MATLAB
2016-08-23 08:58
MATLAB provides a number of functions for the manipulation of polynomials. Polynomials are defined in MATLAB as row vectors made up of the coefficients of the polynomial, whose dimension is… Read More
Working With Text Files In MATLAB - Part 2
2016-07-15 09:22
In part one we discussed about basic functions to deal with text files. Now we will discuss more function to read from and write to different types of text files.csvwrite( )  - Write co… Read More
Working With Text Files In MATLAB - Part 1
2016-07-02 04:48
MATLAB can import text files both interactively and programmatically. Import Tool used to import data interactively. The Import Tool supports text files, including those with the extensions… Read More
2016-06-25 12:07
Load( ) - Load data from MAT-file into workspaceThe variables in the workspace are saved by default as matlab.mat file. The load command loads these variables to the workspace. If the variab… Read More
2016-06-24 11:46
Load( ) - Load data from MAT-file into workspaceThe variables in the workspace are saved by default as matlab.mat file. The load command loads these variables to the workspace. If the variab… Read More
2016-06-17 16:41
fseek( ) - Set file position indicatorfseek is the function used to set the position indicator to the byte with the specified Offset relative to the given Origin.S = fseek(FID, Offset, Origi… Read More
Working With Files In MATLAB - Part 3
2016-06-11 08:18
fwrite( ) - Write binary data to filefwrite function is used to  write the elements of matrix A to the specified file. The data are written in column order. After write action the point… Read More
Working With Files In MATLAB- Part 2
2016-06-04 07:27
In the last post we discussed how open and close the external files by MATLAB. In this post we will discuss some low level read and write functions to work with external files. Read Part 1 H… Read More
Working With Files In MATLAB - Part 1
2016-05-26 12:41
In this post we will discuss some basic functions to work with external files using MATLAB. Matlab can interact with many popular file fromats. The common file formats are Excel® spread… Read More
Data Display And Output Commands In MATLAB
2016-05-17 06:07
disp( )'disp' is the basic command used to display value of a variable or a string. It can display value of only one variable or a string at a time. It can’t display multiple values in… Read More
Basic Data Input Commands In MATLAB
2016-05-10 13:13
We have discussed about different types of variables in Matlab and different ways to assign data to them. Now we will discuss how to display the data stored in the variable to the command wi… Read More
Data Classes In MATLAB
2016-04-15 11:55
Fundamental Data TypesAll data in MATLAB is in the form of a matrix or array. But the data that we use in MATLAB software are of different classes. We can make matrices and arrays of any typ… Read More
3D Plots In MATLAB
2016-04-07 11:12
MATLAB provides a lot of graphics to make quick 3-D plots. In this post we will discuss some of these functions.The common 3D plot functions are:·      … Read More
More On Plotting - Part 3
2016-03-31 14:32
ezplotezplot   is an easy to use function plotter. The limits of the plot will be automatically set by the MATLAB when you run the command.>> ezplot('sin(t)')You can set the… Read More
Plotting In MATLAB - Part 2
2016-03-19 07:59
Read Part 1 HereControlling Axis PropertiesThe limits and scale of a plot will be automatically set by the MATLAB when you run a plot command. There are commands defined to change this defau… Read More
2016-03-12 08:02
IntroductionGraphical representation of problems is very important in engineering problem solving. Plotting the results usually leads to additional insight into the nature of the problem.&nb&hell…Read More
2016-03-05 09:54
IntroductionA string is an array of characters. A character string can be created in MATLAB using single quotes ('). The assignment operator is used to assign the string to a variable. For e… Read More
2016-02-20 13:19
Arithmetic operations of scalars are discussed in previous post. Now we will discuss about operations of matrices. All the basic operations on matrices, addition, subtraction, multiplication… Read More
2016-02-06 14:09
—MATLAB treats all variables as matrices. For our purposes a matrix can be thought of as an array, in fact, that is how it is stored. —Vectors are special forms of matrices and co… Read More
2016-01-29 13:39
VariablesLike most programming languages, MATLAB allows you to create variables, and assign values to them. Variables are used to represent all data types including scalars, arrays, mat… Read More
2016-01-22 14:06
 (Figure courtesy: 1. A typical MATLAB DesktopThe MATLAB Work Environment or MATALB Desktop is the main Matlab… Read More
2016-01-19 17:25
The ability to store energy in the form of electric charge is called capacitance. A device designed to possess capacitance is called a capacitor. A capacitor is a two terminal device used to… Read More
2016-01-16 16:06
Different types of electrical drawings are discussed here. Now we will check what are the main parts of a technical drawing. A generic engineering drawing (Blueprint) can be divided int… Read More
2016-01-14 14:43
1. Resistance of a material not depending on    A. Length    B. Cross-section    C. Density    D. None of these2. The resistance b… Read More
2016-01-03 05:55
IntroductionHydroelectric power plants convert energy available from flowing water into electricity. These power stations are suitable where water resources with sufficient head are availabl… Read More
2015-12-31 12:21
IntroductionSmart Grid generally refers to a class of technology being used to bring utility electricity delivery systems into the 21st century, using computer-based remote control and autom… Read More
2015-12-30 11:34
Earthing is a connection which connects parts of the electric circuit with the ground or earth. Regulations for earthing system vary considerably among countries and among differen… Read More
2015-12-24 05:09
Series and parallel ConnectionsWhen several devices are connected end to end in such a way that there is only one path for the current to flow and so, the same current flows through each, th… Read More
2015-12-22 11:11
Electrical drawings generally fall into four broad categories:PlansSchedulesDiagramsDetails and/or ElevationsWe will examine each or these categories briefly and determine their place in the… Read More
2015-12-19 14:28
Energy is the ability to do work.Power is the rate at which energy is used.Power, symbolized by P, is a certain amount of energy used in a certain length of time, expressed as… Read More
2015-12-17 13:58
IntroductionAny body which posses the power of attracting pieces of iron (magnetic material) is known as a magnet and the property of the body by virtue of which this attraction takes place… Read More
2015-12-16 11:28
In the present age, electricity is essential for everyone and everything.  Whether industrial, commercial, agricultural or domestic, it is considered a most obedient and faithful servan… Read More
2015-12-16 11:27
IntroductionThe most common method of generating electrical energy is by means of electric machines known as “Generators”.  Generators used to generate A.C. electrical power… Read More
2015-12-16 11:25
Ohm's law applies to electric conduction through conductors and may be stated as follows:-‘The ratio of potential difference (V) between any two points on a conductor to the current (I… Read More
2015-12-15 09:01
Transformer is a static electrical device which transforms voltage/current and transfers power with out change in frequency. The basic principle of transformer is the electromagnetic inducti… Read More
2015-12-14 12:42
Alternating voltage may be generated by rotating a coil in a magnetic field or by rotating a magnetic field within a stationary coil. The value of the voltage generated depends, in-each… Read More
2015-12-14 12:03
Direct Current machines are energy transfer devices.These machines can function as either a motor or a generatorTwo related physical principles underlie the operation of generators and motor… Read More
2015-12-14 12:03
The Voltage is the difference in electric potential between those two points. The difference in voltage measured when moving from point A to point B is equal to the work which woul… Read More
2015-12-14 12:03
Resistance:Resistance may be defined as the property of a substance due to which it opposes (or restricts) the flow of electricity (or electrons) through it.A resistor is a two-terminal elec… Read More

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