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Your Sydney CBD & Waterloo chiropractor enjoys working with those suffering chronic & acute neck pain, even when other therapies have failed. Neck pain is the fourthleading cause of disability, with an annual prevalence rate exceeding 30%. Most episodes of acute neck pain will resolve with or without treatment, but nearly 50% of individuals will continue to experience some degree of pain or frequent occurrences (1).
2022-03-02 04:48
Kieran has treated thousands of stiff, sore, tense neck and shoulders and associated headaches over the years and often getting quick results. It’s not uncommon for Kieran to see someo… Read More
2022-03-02 00:25
Low back pain is typically described as tension, stiffness, an ache etc… Most people can’t attribute their back pain to one specific incident but rather a general and accumulati… Read More
2022-02-22 04:22
Most people develop a scoliosis during adolescents and is often referred to adolescent idiopathic (unknown origin) scoliosis. I have a theory when the spine is growing especially during a gr… Read More
2022-02-20 01:04
Chiropractic is like any other healthcare profession, there are good ones, bad ones and everything in between. In my opinion, the good ones are genuinely interested in helping you and have t… Read More
Why X-rays Are So Damaging.
2021-08-08 03:04
Unfortunately there are still some health professionals who x-ray people with back pain, this is despite the national governing bodies that represent chiropractic, medicine, physical therapy… Read More
2021-07-20 01:25
With our daily and work lives changing so rapidly and more people working from home, I’m sure many of you have experienced an increase in work related pain and discomfort, fortunately… Read More
2021-01-12 05:40
The bark of most back pain is worse than the bite, even when the pain levels are quite bad or even debilitating its usually nothing serious. Although for small percent of back pain suffers w… Read More
2021-01-06 02:34
Back pain and stiffness in the morning is a common complaint I see in my practice, most people will state they wake up with pain and stiffness, get moving and have a hot shower then it will… Read More
2020-10-05 07:19
There is usually not a week goes by where I am seeing a back pain client for the first time and they tell me they think their pain must be from a “weak core”. The fact is, the wh… Read More
Is Cracking Your Own Neck Bad?
2020-05-14 11:00
This is something I get asked quite often, and generally speaking cracking your own neck is likely not causing any damage to the joints or the surrounding muscles. However; the issue is you… Read More
2020-05-14 04:06
Introduction In this article I will go through 2 groups of commonly used medications, however; its important you see a medical practitioner such as a GP for specific information for your… Read More
2020-04-19 08:49
Migraines effect 12% of the population, I have seen it reported as high as 20%. Typically migraines tend to effect females more than males, it can be a regular occurrence or sporadic and inf… Read More
2020-04-04 03:31
Does Sitting cause low back pain? This may seem like such a clear and obvious question, especially for those who tend to get their back pain specifically sitting for any length of time. Howe… Read More
2020-04-01 02:48
X-rays X rays are all but useless when it in comes to diagnosing back pain. Things that show up such joint and disc degeneration are rarely the underlying cause of pain and are a result of… Read More
2019-02-26 01:13
Below I have linked a short video by Professor O’Sullivan, a back pain researcher, which I highly recommend watching. It contains some extremely useful information that I’m… Read More
Rounded Shoulders? DON’T DO THIS!!!
2019-02-11 03:42
Kieran Finnegan- Your Chiropractor Sydney CBD. Over the years I have treated many people who have been given some bad advice in regards to posture and more specifically how to sit and/or st… Read More
Self Treatment Guide For Low Back Pain
2019-02-06 04:21
If you suffer from ongoing or chronic low back pain, I’m sure many of you reading this will attest to the fact its very difficult finding a professional who can quickly and eff… Read More
2018-09-03 23:45
Patients who have experienced this sort of 10-minute treatment before they come to me frequently state that they had the impression the practitioner was focused more on treating them qu… Read More
2017-04-26 13:03
As a Sydney & Waterloo chiropractor I often get asked how many treatments will be required to help with there back pain, a rough guideline I use to help determine this, is for every mont… Read More
Self Treatment For Neck Pain & Headaches.
2016-08-29 04:16
Your Sydney CBD & Waterloo chiropractor enjoys working with those suffering chronic & acute neck pain, even when other therapies have failed. Neck pain is the fourthleading cause of… Read More
2016-08-29 04:16
Your Sydney CBD & Waterloo chiropractor enjoys working with those suffering chronic & acute neck pain, even when other therapies have failed. Neck pain is the fourthleading cause of… Read More
2016-08-04 06:24
As a Sydney CBD & Waterloo chiropractor, I often get asked what is the best form of exercise for back pain & sciatica. The good news is, generally speaking they all work as equally w… Read More
2016-06-02 04:19
Over the years as a chiropractor, myotherapist (SLM) & massage therapist I have noticed some confusion when it comes to using ice or heat on an acute injury or pain. A lot of pain suffer… Read More
2016-05-19 12:02
I am not going to go into the specifics of how I treat sciatica and disc injuries, which is difficult as each case can be extremely different from one to another, however; if you would… Read More
2015-06-09 05:37
As a chiropractor working in Sydney’s CBD, i treat alot of desk workers who find there backs get stiff, painful and tired from a long day spent at the desk. If your finding s… Read More
Which Posture Are You? ( Part 1)
2015-04-25 03:52
How we stand, sit & move is key to having a strong, healthy and pain free back. There are several common types of postural distortions that may indicate muscle imbalances, which on its o… Read More
Our Approach
2015-03-27 12:34
At Sydney Chiropractic & Remedial Massage, we are proud to offer what we believe the most comprehensive & effective massage and chiropractic treatment; which is not offered anywhere… Read More
Chiropractic For Migraine & Headache
2015-02-20 01:35
At Sydney Chiropractic and Remedial Massage, headaches and to a lesser extent migraines is another relatively common complaint that we deal with in our clinic. Depending on the the caus… Read More
Self Treatment- Chronic Back Pain
2015-02-17 01:32
A couple of weeks ago i wrote an article on what some of the research is now showing, in regards to its lack of effectiveness in injury prevention and improved performance and why i generall… Read More
Glucosamne, Osteoarthritis & Knee Pain
2015-02-03 01:28
At Sydney Chiropractic and Massage, knee osteoarthritis (OA) and associated knee pain is a common condition that our Sydney chiropractor has expertise in treating. It  is considere… Read More

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