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Welcome to Green Planet! Green Planet is all about green technologies and science which contributes to create a green and healthy planet.
How Energy Is Harnessed From Biogas?
2022-07-16 07:23
The process by which biogas is produced, known as anaerobic digestion (AD), also produces a number of gases that can be burned to provide energy. The breakdown of diverse plant and animal ma… Read More
How Renewable Energy Helps Climate Change
2022-04-22 02:36
Environmentally friendly energy, otherwise called clean energy, comes from processes that are continually renewed or from normal sources. Instances of sustainable energy are daylight or twis… Read More
How Does A Solar Thermal Power Plant Work
2022-04-06 15:39
A power plant which collects and concentrates sunlight for harvesting solar energy required for heating up a fluid to a high temperature in order to generate electricity is called solar ther… Read More
Perovskite Solar Cells
2022-01-30 04:28
Perovskite is a material having  same crystal structure like the mineral calcium titanium oxide, the first-discovered perovskite crystal. Basically, perovskite compounds have a chemical… Read More
How Does A Solar PV Power Plant Work
2021-06-10 18:03
A solar pv power plant works based on PV technology. In this technology, PV (Photovoltaics) converts solar energy directly into electricity using semiconductor materials. It works on the pr… Read More
How To Test Solar Panel Output
2021-06-09 14:47
It is very crucial to check the output of solar panel because it saves the trouble of installing non-functional ones. First of all, the voltage and current ratings of the solar panel should… Read More
How Green Energy Will Save The Planet
2021-06-03 19:30
Green Energy which is also known as renewable energy can play an important role by slowing down the speed of climate change. Renewable energy helps the environment by reducing carbon emis… Read More
How To Install Solar Panels
2020-09-27 17:58
In order to generate electricity for both commercial and home use, solar panels are used. For getting maximum possible sunlight and generate maximum electricity from the system, photovoltaic… Read More
How Solar Panels Are Made
2020-06-21 18:47
A solar PV module contains solar cells, glass, EVA, back sheet and frame.Three types of solar panels are available in the market. They are:    Mono-crystalline solar panels&nb&hell…Read More
Why Are Diodes Used In Solar Panels?
2020-05-03 15:14
Diodes are two terminal electronic component which allow current to flow in one direction. This diode can be used to block the flow of electric current from other parts of an electrical circ… Read More
Grounding Solar PV Systems
2020-02-23 19:20
In the context of safety, it is very important to ensure proper grounding in solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Basic PV module can produce potentially dangerous currents and voltages for the l… Read More
Challenges In Solar Power Generation
2019-09-09 08:40
One of the most promising renewable energy technologies is solar power which allows generating electricity from free, unlimited sunlight. It’s one of the rapid growth industry and tech… Read More
Solar Mini Grid Components
2019-04-07 19:02
Basic technical components of a solar mini grid are grouped into three systems. They are - Production System, Distribution System and End User System. Production System A solar… Read More
2018-06-13 15:55
An analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s) is cal… Read More
How To Build A Solar Power Plant
2017-12-28 04:27
As the global demand of electricity is increasing day by day, the necessity of establishing power plants is also increasing. Besides establishing conventional energy sources like oil, gas… Read More
Solar Site Assessment
2017-03-11 08:05
In the process of selection, design and installation of an appropriate solar PV system for your home or business, a professional site assessment is a crucial part. Cost and power output of y… Read More
2016-05-11 10:49
In order to design a solar pv system, you need to follow following steps:1. Determine the amount of electricity (kWh) consumption and the electricity rateIt is important to determine the amo… Read More
2015-12-27 20:32
Solar panel is one of the important elements in solar photovoltaic system. Choosing the correct solar panel is crucial factor. You need to determine the right wattage of a solar panel. The s… Read More
2015-11-29 12:29
Solar panels play a significant role for generating electricity. Solar panels generate electricity when exposed to the sunlight. The efficiency of solar panels and generating electricity is… Read More
2015-11-19 09:34
Inverter is a power converter which converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). As most of modern appliances operate on 120 volts AC, an inverter plays a key role for your so… Read More
2015-11-18 09:02
It is very important to size wires correctly for reaching energy from your solar panels to battery bank without any serious power loss. For example, we can say about flowing water through a… Read More
2015-11-18 09:00
Solar charge controller is a device which regulates voltage and/or current to protect batteries from overcharging in the solar photovoltaic system. It has been observed that most solar panel… Read More
2015-11-18 08:58
While designing a solar photovoltaic off-grid system, you need to determine required batteries. A little math is necessary to size batteries. An off-grid battery bank should be designed in s… Read More
2015-11-10 06:59
What is Green Furnace?The furnace which uses renewable sources like natural fuel for their operation is called green furnace. Typically, a green furnace uses olive pits, nut shells, wood, w… Read More
2015-11-10 06:56
What is BIPV?Full abbreviation of BIPV is Building Integrated Photovoltaic. This is a technology which integrates PV (photovoltaic) modules or solar panels into the roof or exterior of a bui… Read More
2015-11-10 06:55
For long time, It has been a great mystery how electricity appears in the atmosphere. But, recent research says that atmospheric water vapor can turn into electrical charge. They are calling… Read More
2015-11-10 06:54
What is Biomass?Biomass is the biological component which is obtained from living organisms of nature. It is also referred as plant based material when energy is produced from biomass. At th… Read More
2015-11-10 06:51
We know that water is an important element in our life. Our lives are survived by water. Indeed, our body contains huge amount of water. Purified water can save our life. On the other hand… Read More
2015-11-10 06:39
Solar boat is an electrical boat which is powered by solar energy utilizing solar panels, batteries and other necessary electrical accessories. They are quiet, independent and clean engines… Read More
2015-11-10 06:37
What is Green Business?A green business is a business which consists minimal negative impact on environment, community, society and economy. It develops business policies and demonstrates co… Read More
2015-11-10 06:33
What is Ocean Energy?All type of renewable energy which is acquired from the sea is called Ocean Energy. Constant flow of ocean currents contains huge amount of water across the earth's… Read More
2015-11-10 06:32
Solar cell is an electrical device which converts the light energy directly into electricity utilizing photovoltaic effect. It is also defined as the form of photoelectric cell having electr… Read More
2015-11-10 06:27
A hotel which strives to implement the efficient use of energy, water and materials using environmentally friendly techniques while providing quality services is considered as Eco friendly h… Read More
2015-11-10 06:25
The demand for energy is increasing rapidly. But, the potential reserves of conventional fuels are limited and it will be finished one day. As a result, the initiative for starting a busines… Read More
2015-11-09 14:07
What is Green Economy?Green Economy is the economy wherein sustainable society exists with zero carbon emissions and a one-planet footprint. Here, naturally restored renewable resour… Read More
2015-11-09 13:52
Green City is the system of creating a green and sustainable city by utilizing and implementing green technologies and policies. It includes renewable energy generation, environmental impact… Read More
2015-10-13 13:52
What is Hydroelectric Power?Hydroelectric power is the technology of converting the kinetic energy of flowing or falling water into electrical energy.How does it work?A dam is constructed wh… Read More
2015-10-07 06:51
Everyday, we use printers in our home and offices. Now a days, printers become an important device for documentation. Typically, printers consume huge amount of power and also printers ha… Read More
2015-10-07 06:29
Bioelectricity is the process of producing electromagnetic energy by living organisms. The bioelectric activity which happens throughout the human body is very necessary to life. Living cell… Read More
2015-10-06 18:18
What is Bioplastics?Bioplastics are the bio based plastics produced from renewable resources like corn starch, pea starch, vegetable fats and oils. On the other hand, conventional plastics o… Read More

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