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2019-06-07 15:00
Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Summer is officially here and rules no longer apply. If you want to have a brownie for breakfast, go for it! Need a cookie to start y… Read More
2018-08-16 15:00
Finals week for me has finally arrived. Thats what you get when graduate school goes year round. One of the hardest things with the insanity of finals week is that leading up to finals week… Read More
2018-08-15 11:50
WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation an… Read More
2018-08-01 15:00
Besides the constant stream of birthday dinners that have been happening all of July, summer has gone off without a hitch. My siblings came back home for a while and left the house (mo… Read More
2018-03-13 15:00
HEALTHY SHAMROCK SHAKE 2018-03-05 17:04:52 Serves 2 Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 10 min Total Time 10 min… Read More
2018-03-09 16:00
2 Lime 3 tange 2grapefruit 1 spearmint – refreshing clean Refreshing Spring Oil Combo 2018-03-06 11:18:50 Write a review Save Recipe Print… Read More
2018-03-09 04:00
HAIR CARE HAIR MASK By using coconut oil as a mask you, you re-add moisture to dry and damaged hair. In addition to this, it helps with reducing the loss of protein in hair strands, which co… Read More
2018-02-26 16:00
Can help with stress don’t have to follow exactly can help wit overall health body likes repition to a degree – what to expect. The post Power of routine appeared first on Pure… Read More
2018-02-17 16:00
good plants for dorms or dark spaces BEenfits of plants feelings  actual air filtering The post Plant Life appeared first on Pure Butterfly Read More
2018-02-16 16:00
Ways to show your love even if you arent dating Non traditional love compliment write a love letter call at work send a text email durng the day write why you love them leave a note under th… Read More
2018-02-13 16:00
gredients 3/4 cup (170g) cacao butter, melted 1/4 cup (65g) agave nectar 2/3 cup (60g) cacao powder 1/4 tsp vanilla powder 1/64 tsp salt, finely ground   Method Melt cacao butter at… Read More
2018-02-10 05:00
Anybody who has ever met me can tell you that I definitely do not have a set makeup routine that I use every single day. Not even every other day. I am constantly changing up my makeup look… Read More
2018-02-06 16:00
very drying  soft lips romance is in the air but so is drying effects wanted to make a more sweat wintery scrub that tasted basically like a dessert I don’t know why my sweat toot… Read More
2018-02-06 16:00
Declutter Prioritize Be effective Plan set your own deadlines get a planner – find what wordks best for you create a daily plan  don’t do it all at once peg time limit for e… Read More
2018-02-04 16:00
cut out small confetti hearts for decor wood background Self care Self Date Self compliments being confidet in your self Love Tea Organic Rose petals, Organic Damiana leaf, Organic Orange p… Read More
2018-02-04 16:00
With the Superbowl coming up this weekend I am sure everyone is looking for all different kinds of snacks and dishes to make to feed the masses  I wanted to make a treat that had … Read More
2018-01-30 16:00
Being back at school after having a break has a lot of benefits for me. I always do best when I have a schedule or routine of some sort. Not only in terms of school but with life in ge… Read More
2018-01-28 05:00
Happy Friday! This is the day that I always find it hardest to get out of bed every single week. It is still technically the work week so I should be getting some things done, but it is actu… Read More
2018-01-28 05:00
Since the start of the new year, I have been really into detox/clean juices. I love being able to jam back loads of vitamins and minerals into my morning without having to eat a full-bl… Read More
2018-01-25 05:00
Cleaning out your gut. Pretty color. Starts your morning off right YOU WILL NEED: HONEY CRISP APPLES for glowing skin, improved immunity, liver health, diabetes prevention, asthma preventio… Read More
Purge Cleaning: Lipsticks
2018-01-22 16:00
Of everything I hoard, lip products are without a doubt the top offender. Lipsticks Lip Glosses Lip Stains Lip Butters Even chapsticks I am constantly buying new ones every single time I go… Read More
2018-01-20 16:00
Since the new is underway everybody is working hard to detox their bodies, clean up their houses, and pay close attention to the products they use for one reason or another. Even though peop… Read More
2018-01-19 16:00
For the past couple of months, I have slowly been creating a type of mini morning routine that helps to get my day started. Unlike my normal daily morning routine, a lot of the things a… Read More
2018-01-16 16:00
   Apparently, even though December has passed and we are well on our way to February, the weather has decided that we haven’t had enough snow and freezing weather. So instea… Read More
2018-01-08 16:00
Like clockwork every single year, as soon the New Year’s celebrations are over, everyone begins asking what’s your New Year’s resolution? If we’re being honest, most… Read More
2017-12-10 16:00
IMAGE BED 5:30 AM – WAKE UP I know this may seem crazy early for some of you, but I am extremely productive in the morning. Once I am around people or the day starts going, I just can… Read More
2017-11-22 16:00
IMAGE Thanksgiving is so close the chaos of the holidays Luckily my family members make a lot of vegan/ clean changes for me main protein dish is up to me never made one before see them in t… Read More
2017-11-15 16:00
IMAGE How are all of your Novembers going? The anxiousness around my house is really starting to pick up All of the leaves from the trees are off sad but ready for fall and winter trees with… Read More
2017-11-13 16:00
I am honestly surprised to say that although the weather has curved towards the colder side of things (with some mornings being the ultimate frigid wonderland), it is still relatively nice… Read More
2017-11-06 16:00
Now that November is finally here are any of you beginning to get anxious about the holiday season (and the snow)? Not only am I worried about the usual holiday parties and get-togethers, b… Read More
2017-11-04 15:00
We’ve finally had our first really big snowstorm here this past week! There were a couple of sporadic, lighter ones here or there before, but this might be the first one that actually… Read More
2017-10-30 15:00
I can’t believe that Halloween is tomorrow. I know most of us had our parties and get-togethers over the weekend, but still. We are only two days away from November, and then on to Ch… Read More
2017-10-29 03:00
IMAGE It has officially happened. The spirit of October has gotten to me. My entire bathroom has become its own little pumpkin spice purgatory. And not by my choice either. I have been using… Read More
2017-10-28 15:00
Happy Halloween! Although it’s not technically Halloween, today is the day that all of us who have stuff to do during the week get to revert to our childhoods and play around in costu… Read More
2017-10-22 04:00
IMAGE Do any of you ever get this deep gut feeling about the weather? This entire week I’ve been feeling like winter is about to drop on us any second. The temperatures keep dipping an… Read More
2017-10-22 04:00
IMAGE IMAGE This past weekend I ended up getting a bit lost when I was coming home. But hile I was driving along the back roads I ended up going past a farm that was selling a dozen ears of… Read More
2017-10-22 04:00
IMAGE Halfway through October and my neighbors have finally brought out their trailer piled high with pumpkins. They are honestly falling off the sides it’s so full. For as long as I c… Read More
Creamy Clean Corn Chowder
2017-10-18 15:00
  This past weekend I ended up getting a bit lost when I was coming home. But hile I was driving along the back roads I ended up going past a farm that was selling a dozen ears of corn… Read More
2017-10-16 15:00
Being halfway through October is hard to imagine. It still feels like fall has just begun but we’re already dealing with frost on the ground and the windows in our house fogging up be… Read More
2017-10-12 15:00
There are a lot of things that go into living a full and healthy life. No matter what anyone says, changing one area of your daily routine will not help a whole lot unless you combine it wit… Read More
Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie
2017-10-11 15:00
   I know I said it last Monday but I once again want to wish you all a very happy October. I am so excited that it’s finally here. Because that means cold weather wardrobes… Read More
2017-10-09 04:00
As most of you all know, I started out in graduate school about a month ago. I’ve given a couple updates here and there but I really wanted to do one massive post about it. I may do a… Read More
2017-10-08 15:00
Title IMAGE school is kicking my butt there is so much going on from clubs to tests to just getting homework in, to driving out to school dont mind me while I curl into a ball and take a lon… Read More
2017-10-08 15:00
There are a lot of things that go into living a full and healthy life. No matter what anyone says, changing one area of your daily routine will not help a whole lot unless you combine it wit… Read More
2017-10-02 15:00
Happy October! I am so happy that I can finally say that. It feels as though this entire past month has been building up to this for forever. I am so glad it’s here because it means I… Read More
2017-09-28 15:00
For the past couple of months I have been trying to figure out the perfect morning routine that allows me to wake up, relax, have a cup of tea and get some work done before the craziness of… Read More
2017-09-27 15:00
We are almost to perfect Fall weather here in Minnesota. Apples are ripening. Leaves are on the ground. That crisp fall feeling is in the air. So close to nonstop sweater weather. I just wa… Read More
2017-09-25 15:00
I’m pretty quickly coming to the end of my first month of school. Only one more week and we are already in October. And then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Sorry. I get ahead… Read More
2017-09-18 15:00
Do any of you ever have that moment that your house just feels stifling and you need to go somewhere or just get out of the house? I blame school. Every free moment I have had for this past… Read More
2017-09-14 15:00
I am almost done with my first full week of classes in grad school. I still can’t believe that I’m already here. It feels unreal on so many levels. Except for on the learning le… Read More
2017-09-13 15:00
I can’t believe I’m almost through my first week of graduate school. I still feel like I’m just starting out my undergrad. Well, you know what they say, time flies when yo… Read More
2017-09-11 15:00
Finally! After a full week and a half of toying with the schedule, I think I have officially figured out my morning routine. It was kind of annoying while I was determining what I wanted to… Read More
2017-09-09 15:00
       I finally got around to going to the state fair this past weekend. On the last possible day, of course. It was beautiful weather and ended up being a gr… Read More
2017-09-07 15:00
My first official day of graduate school is today. I know the first week is generally just a syllabus week, but switching over from the mindset of Cloud Watching 101 to Medical Terminology… Read More
2017-09-06 15:00
This is the last ‘official’ day of summer for me. Technically these past two days have been my grad school orientation so I can look at the labs, get my books, meet the professo… Read More
2017-09-04 15:00
I can’t believe it’s September already. Goodbye beautiful weather, hello chilly rainy days. It may be the weather but his past week I was in one of those moods where going to th… Read More
2017-09-02 15:00
Every single person in the world goes through a rough time every now and again. It can span years or only a week. I know I often mention my own difficulties and the struggles I overcame over… Read More
2017-08-31 15:00
 Anytime I get incredibly stressed out, I always end up following the same pattern. I bottle it all up and try to suppress it so it doesn’t affect others around me or my work. Bu… Read More
2017-08-30 15:00
  I have a lot of recipes that I love making for other people: one because they help me to prove people wrong on how delicious vegan food and clean eating can be. And two, they are abso… Read More
2017-08-28 15:00
This summer, I’ve been spending loads of time on or in the water and at beaches. Minnesota beaches are probably comparable to California and Florida beaches with how crowded they get d… Read More
2017-08-26 15:00
I am always on the hunt for new products that can help me live a more chemical-free lifestyle. But this past month I have really zeroed in on a completely new section. Last month I was main… Read More
2017-08-24 15:00
  Hair always seems to bring without an endless list of struggles and effort. Needs to be washed. Have to get a trim. Brush out the tangles. Hairstyle isn’t quite right. I could g… Read More
2017-08-23 15:00
Summer honestly seems to be coming to an end like a freight train. I can’t remember the last time that there was such clear shift between summer and fall. The trees right outside my be… Read More
2017-08-21 15:00
Working out is one of those things that varies so much from person to person. Each individual has their own specific way of doing things. Some people like HIIT. Others take lots of breaks. S… Read More
2017-08-19 15:00
As most of you know, I am absolutely obsessed with essential oils. If there is a way to use it in a product or make the product myself, I have most likely done it. From bug repellant to too… Read More
2017-08-17 15:00
Just like everyone I have had my ups and downs. The ever-common highs and lows of life. And I am sure there will be many more down the road. Everyone has them. But it is not the struggles or… Read More
Gingery Orange Fruit Leather
2017-08-16 15:00
This summer I have really realized how I go in waves of food obsessions. It is pretty similar to when I hear a song I like, I play it non-stop until I can’t stand to listen to it anymo… Read More
Soccer Ball Shred
2017-08-14 15:00
Every kid in my family had a specific sport growing up that just sort of clicked for us. It was the sport that people immediately thought of when they thought of each of us. One of my brothe… Read More
Ultimate Essential Oil Bug Bite Soother
2017-07-29 15:00
Even though we’ve had beautiful weather every night this past week, the humidity during the day is so unbearable. It feels as though we are living in the Amazon. On top of the miserabl… Read More
No-Mess PB&J Energy Balls
2017-07-26 15:00
Something that I absolutely love during the summer, besides all of the free time I gain, is the way that everyone I know seems to revert back to their childhood days. From the activities we… Read More
A Chalky Driveway HIIT Workout
2017-07-24 15:00
With gorgeous summer weather always comes that innate feeling that you need to be outside enjoying it. Especially since I live in Minnesota and never know when the weather will take a turn a… Read More
Summer Blueberry-Peach Turnover
2017-06-24 15:00
Is it just me or does summertime just seems like the perfect time to combine peaches and blueberries? It’s not even that the flavor or ripeness is at its peak but there is just somethi… Read More
Easy Vegan Jambalaya
2017-06-22 15:00
     I really found myself wanting something different from my usual recipes this week. Although I love my tried and true, go-to recipe for dinners, sometimes you just have t… Read More
Deluxe Campfire-less S’more Bars
2017-06-17 15:00
Probably one of the most iconic summer treats in my house has always been the s’more. I have very distinct memories of making them all the time during the summer. And even more distin… Read More
Vitamin C Powerhouse Smoothie
2017-06-12 15:00
    Now one will ever call the weather of Minnesota predictable. Yesterday we had a huge hail storm. Today it is beautiful with calm blue skies. The weather truly has a mind o… Read More
2017-06-10 15:00
I can’t believe how hot it has gotten here over the past couple of days. It’s fine at night but the days are so unbearable that we have been forced to keep the blinds closed most… Read More
2017-06-08 15:00
Last week my grocery store had flyers that there was going to be a sale on organic bananas from Friday to Saturday. For 28 cents per pound! Now if you’re not a banana obsessed hum… Read More
2017-05-25 15:00
As I am writing this post, I am beginning the seven-hour drive down to Nebraska for my cousin’s wedding. Once again, my mom and I have teamed up for this road trip to make the driving… Read More
Pretty In Pink Iced Tea
2017-05-22 15:00
   The sun has finally broken through! After a full week of absolutely miserable weather, I can finally see the sun poking its head out through the clouds. I can not remember the… Read More
Drinkable PB&J
2017-05-15 15:00
Being my first official day as a post grad is one of the most surreal experiences of my life so far. To realize that at the end of this summer I am not packing up and heading back down to s… Read More
Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
2017-05-13 15:00
So, as it turns out, I am that mom from sitcoms that bakes five cakes when something is stressing her out. I don’t know if it is some weird form of nerves developing or what but I hav… Read More
Vegetable Swoodle Bowl + Spicy Peanut  Sauce
2017-05-11 15:00
As a child, I was by far one of the pickiest eaters in my family. Just thinking back on it, I cringe at the eating habits I had. I practically lived off of mac and cheese and hotdogs. Feel… Read More
Cashew & Green Pea Hummus
2017-05-08 15:00
   Both sadly and excitingly (not sure if that is even a word) I am on the final day of my undergraduate career. It has been a… interesting four years. Needless to say, I a… Read More
Dreamy Coconut & Banana Pie (Raw)
2017-05-06 15:00
As I am reaching my final days in North Carolina, I have discovered one of the saddest things is making all of these lifelong friends but they just happen to live across the country from yo… Read More

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