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2022-09-21 05:48
Here's what's happening on! Fall is right around the corner and what better way then to wake up to the fresh smell of ooey gooey pumpkin cinnamon rolls coming from… Read More
2022-09-09 16:55
Here's what's happening on! Military life can be HARD, and if you’re not laughing you’re crying… so might as well laugh! Laughter is, after all… Read More
2022-08-19 19:06
Here's what's happening on! This fall My Military Wives Savings is relaunching our website into My Military Lifestyle! It will be a place where we can all come tog… Read More
2022-08-01 16:22
Here's what's happening on! G’day Mates! In this episode I  talk to  my Aussie friend, Annette, a military spouse who’s husband is… Read More
2022-06-18 17:07
Here's what's happening on! It’s PCS season so this episode we have two guests!!Husband and wife team, Ryan and Kim who wrote the kids book “Time… Read More
2022-06-08 16:13
Here's what's happening on! Things I’ve learned While Living In  England: *Tea is LIFE and electric tea kettles are a MUST HAVE!!! *School Buses are not… Read More
2022-05-24 14:04
Here's what's happening on! Have you seen this amazing promo yet?  Check with to see if your local roller skating rink is participating with… Read More
2022-05-23 10:25
Here's what's happening on! It is that time of year again! Time to head to your local Commissary to STOCK UP AND SAVE!!! From now until July 3rd you can enter for… Read More
2022-05-18 02:04
Here's what's happening on! I loved going fishing as a family as a kid, and I have continued this family fun with my own kiddos! Did you know that each state has a… Read More
2022-05-13 14:31
Here's what's happening on! Holy Moly…It’s MAY!!! May is such an important month as its Military… Read More
2022-05-10 14:04
Here's what's happening on! It’s that time of year again!!!  Have you signed up for Kids Bowl Free yet? Registered kiddos can Bowl 2 FREE Games of… Read More
2022-04-28 18:04
Here's what's happening on! Get Excited And Get Your Carts Ready….Because The Commissary Sidewalk Sale is Coming Your way! To show how grateful they are for… Read More
2022-04-12 13:57
Here's what's happening on! This Episode Is All About Military Children!!! Military Children are so special and that’s why we all celebrate them during the m… Read More
2022-04-12 10:22
Here's what's happening on! I would consider myself a fairly organized person. However, there are some days where I come home from traveling for work and I just th… Read More
2022-03-30 14:19
Here's what's happening on! The sun is out, temperatures are rising and flowers are in bloom… SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!!! After coming  out of what felt lik… Read More
2022-03-29 19:29
Here's what's happening on! When we got orders to England last year, I literally did a happy dance…It was a DREAM come true! And so far it has been, It has… Read More
2022-03-16 15:18
Here's what's happening on! I am SO excited for this episode because we have Jeanette and Meredith from Treat The Troops! Y'all my cheeks hurt from laughter and sm… Read More
2022-03-05 06:41
Here's what's happening on! Who doesn’t love a good vacation? If it were up to me I would have two six month vacations every year if it was possible. I love… Read More
2022-02-22 12:29
Here's what's happening on! When I saw peeps at my local Commissary, I decided to have some fun in the kitchen with my kids making these cute and easy OREO chicks… Read More
2022-02-14 16:04
Here's what's happening on! It’s February Already?!? So “Wine” not have a little fun!  This Episode we talk All Things Valentines Day and Pr… Read More
2022-02-14 06:13
Here's what's happening on! I personally have always seen Valentine’s Day as just another day, but I know there are many people who are not spending Valentin… Read More
2022-02-08 10:53
Here's what's happening on! I LOVE living in England, but there is one thing I REALLY miss back in the states….Chick-Fil-A, especially Chick-Fil-A sauce. Sh… Read More
2022-02-02 13:46
Here's what's happening on! When is the last time you went to the movie theater? I was talking with my friend the other day and realized I haven’t been to on… Read More
2022-01-18 16:35
Here's what's happening on! Valentine’s Day…the holiday of love or something like that. Either way its a day to celebrate and eat candy so I am here f… Read More
2021-12-14 17:29
Here's what's happening on! Military life is hard and sometimes downright confusing… As a former military brat who became an Air Force Spouse turned Guardia… Read More
2021-12-08 19:15
Here's what's happening on! You know me, Im obsessed with repurposing things a.k.a. Commissary paper bags 🙂 Last Christmas I made it into wrapping paper, a… Read More
2021-11-19 21:57
Here's what's happening on! My kids went NUTS making these turkeys to put on the kids Thanksgiving table last year, and no joke they GOBBLED them all up. Heres Wha… Read More
2021-10-26 11:48
Here's what's happening on! My baking skills are downright SCARY! So when my mom showed me this easy, two ingredient recipe, I was SOLD! What You Need: -1 box of c… Read More
2021-10-13 14:34
Here's what's happening on! 2021 has been downright scary, and it isn’t even Halloween yet!  Here are some spook-tacular ideas to do besides trick or tr… Read More
2021-10-13 14:17
Here's what's happening on! When someone asks you what your favorite holiday is, it seems like everyone expects you to say Christmas. I mean, I get it. Elaborate m… Read More
2021-10-08 20:01
Here's what's happening on! “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus If you know me, you know I LOVE fall. If I co… Read More
2021-09-22 16:00
Here's what's happening on! Have you been to Japan yet? If not, I personally think it is one of the best places to visit or even be stationed at. There is so much… Read More
2021-09-06 16:00
Here's what's happening on! Spooky season is finally back and with that means new fall clothes! Trends are constantly changing and to stay up on trends you are goi… Read More
2021-09-03 11:33
Here's what's happening on! Things I Love : Watermelon Sleep Red Bull - This has been my trusty sidekick since college Read More
2021-08-25 01:33
Here's what's happening on! It’s that time of year again! All the kids are going back to school, and that means for all you parents out there you have some l… Read More
2021-07-28 08:30
Here's what's happening on! Maybe you have heard of this duty station, maybe you haven’t yet. Twentynine Palms is middle of no where in the desert. I was not… Read More
2021-07-18 14:30
Here's what's happening on! In the winter time I do not mind making heavy meals like pastas, soups, chilis, etc. However, when it comes to late Spring and all of S… Read More
2021-07-08 14:30
Here's what's happening on! The Fourth of July has come and gone, but summer is still around! Do you remember as a kid chasing down the ice cream truck, are they s… Read More
2021-05-29 05:08
Here's what's happening on! Father’s Day Father’s Day is right around the corner and finding the right gift can be really hard. Normally I am a horribl… Read More
2021-05-20 10:39
Here's what's happening on! Dental Through the Military Have you signed up for dental through the military yet? If you have not it is definitely a good thing to do… Read More
2021-05-05 12:02
Here's what's happening on! The Month of May Did you know the whole month of May is dedicated to the military? That’s right, this whole month is to celebrate… Read More
2021-04-27 16:30
Here's what's happening on! The Link Between Food and Your Skin Do not freak out yet! Just because there are certain foods that can cause more harm than good to yo… Read More
2021-04-15 16:30
Here's what's happening on! Take Care of Yourself Let’s be real, when your spouse leaves for a deployment you find that you are by yourself a lot more than w… Read More
2021-04-15 13:51
Here's what's happening on! PCS Checklist for the Military Spouse sourceIf you’ve been a military spouse for a minute, you know how stressful PCSing can be… Read More
2021-03-08 16:58
Here's what's happening on! Spring is in the air, and that to me is a wonderful reason to celebrate! My family and I have  a long standing tradition of Sunday… Read More
2021-02-05 16:17
Here's what's happening on! Sweet Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes I absolutely loved this project – compiling some of the most awesome and&nbs&hell…Read More
2021-02-03 16:46
Here's what's happening on! Today’s blog is brought to you by the creative Kristin Miller from MILSO BOX! Creating a magnetic story board is an easy and inex… Read More
2021-02-03 16:38
Here's what's happening on! LOVE YOURSELF -A   Milspouse’s Valentine’s Day Guide to Self Care  This Valentine’s Day, I dare y… Read More
2021-01-08 23:08
Here's what's happening on! It is the New Year! The start of many new things…. Unfortunately, it is also the start of cough and cold season 🙁 Coughi… Read More
2020-12-19 01:42
Here's what's happening on! Our friend Kristin, from MILSO Box, gave us these great tips on how to decorate the perfectly “balanced” tree 🙂 Don… Read More
2020-12-09 01:56
Here's what's happening on! I’m about to drop a bomb…don’t worry I’m just referring to a hot chocolate bomb, I’m about to drop in my… Read More
2020-11-23 18:49
Here's what's happening on! As 2020 is THANKFULLY coming to a much needed close, I realized there have been some positives to this year one of them being …… Read More
2020-09-15 14:34
Here's what's happening on! 2020 has been downright scary, and it isn’t even Halloween yet!  Speaking of Halloween, this year may be looking a little di… Read More
2020-08-06 12:17
Here's what's happening on! Back-to-school season, whether in-person or virtual, is on the horizon and between getting my little ones and myself ready for the day… Read More
2020-07-27 17:03
Here's what's happening on! Dependa…the dreaded word, I cringe when I hear it. If you aren’t familiar with the term Here is Urban Dictionary’s d… Read More
2020-07-27 17:01
Here's what's happening on! Tricare has come a long way, there’s a lot of information and changes that have happened recently that can be confusing, but know… Read More
2020-07-23 23:07
Here's what's happening on! *This post is Sponsored by TENA* Having babies… One of the most amazing and magical things in life… BUT one thing they do… Read More
2020-06-02 13:49
Here's what's happening on! There is nothing easy about packing up your whole life, saying goodbye, and moving to a new location. But we rarely talk about the othe… Read More
2020-05-05 14:34
Here's what's happening on! If you’re a military spouse these may be very common things you have probably said at one point in time or another and can totall… Read More
2020-05-05 14:33
Here's what's happening on! I’ve officially lost track of what day or week this is.  I am so thankful to be safe at home, but the monotonous schedule of… Read More
2020-04-02 01:51
Here's what's happening on! Back in 1986, the Department of Defense dubbed April, Month of the Military Child. Every year in April since then, military children ha… Read More
2020-03-30 13:37
Here's what's happening on! We all know to wash our hands, avoid social gatherings and not to touch our face. But what do we do if we get sick or think we were exp… Read More
2020-02-18 14:32
Here's what's happening on! We could all use a bit of luck now and then, am I right? And I needed all the luck I could get when we were invited to a Saint Patrick… Read More
2020-01-13 15:43
Here's what's happening on! OREO Cookies have something for everyone. From OREO Thins, to the Classic OREO, Double Stuf, Fudge Covered, and even On-The-Go! OREO Co… Read More
2020-01-02 14:35
Here's what's happening on! Are you ready for the BIG GAME? To help you celebrate, NABISCO®️ wants to give away Commissary gift cards! You could WIN a $… Read More
2019-10-11 10:00
Here's what's happening on! SWEEPSTAKES ALERT 🚨 Buy 2 Armour® Meatballs (25 oz.) and text MEATBALLS to 65047 and get entered for a chance to win 1 of 2… Read More
2019-10-01 16:26
Here's what's happening on! Nature Made has been one of the top pharmacists recommended brands for quite some time! Now, with an all new look, they are bringing yo… Read More
2019-08-07 00:37
Here's what's happening on! Sponsored by Tyson® Foods Getting everyone ready for Back To School can be a huge hassle! Why add trying to find great eats to go a… Read More

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