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MakeMyMoney Blogs provides you the information about on different loans and other financial terms. MakeMyMoney blogs share news on different financial happenings.Blogs provide the guidance on different financial issues by subject matter experts.
2017-11-24 06:39
Business operation is no easy task to be done. Operating any business takes some lot of amount of money at the starting. But where you can get such amount of money? The answer to your questi… Read More
2017-09-27 13:11
Some people are born in a well to do family and inherit a lot while some have to earn it themselves. In either case, it is definite that materialistic things do come with an expiry date. If… Read More
2017-07-28 10:18
India has the second largest population in the world and it is quite evident on our roads. There are so many people that it becomes difficult to move around, even if it means taking the publ… Read More
2017-07-27 10:08
The recent Demonetisation has everyone on edge, especially those who have taken home loans. Many people are wondering whether rates will be slashed and whether home loan refinancing is a goo… Read More
How To Get A Business Loan In Three Days
2017-07-19 11:58
When it comes to growing a business in its initial stages, a business loan is something which gives it a strong foothold. It is an essential lifeline which makes the business. Problems such… Read More
How To Manage Your Existing Car Loan?
2017-07-18 10:57
It is a reality, that in the past few decades a vehicle has turned from an item of luxury to a necessity. During last year alone i.e. 2016, car sales in India crossed the three million mark… Read More
Avoid These Personal Loans Risks
2017-07-14 06:53
You are in need of money and you have no financial back-up, what do you do? If you are in this situation, then the most obvious and the natural step would be to take a personal loan. A perso… Read More
2017-07-12 11:48
Digital Revolution for Yes Bank Yes Bank which is India’s fourth largest private sector bank is all set to digitize its retail loan business using technology and in the process elimina… Read More
2017-07-11 12:44
With more than 65% India’s population falling under 35 years of age, India is a young country. It is a country where the young dare and chase their dreams to make them real. One of the… Read More
Ways To Manage Your Home Loans
2017-07-07 11:13
Managing finances for your dream home is and will probably be one the most difficult things in life which you will ever do; after all, it is your dream home. The best way to raise capital fo… Read More
10 Points On How GST Will Impact You
2017-07-06 05:23
The historic Goods and Service Tax (GST) has now become an actuality. The new tax system was launched and implemented at a function in the Central Hall of the Parliament on Friday Midnight… Read More
2017-06-30 13:00
There is a flurry of activity these days as people are linking their Aadhaar with their Pan Card. This is being done because the government has made it mandatory to link both the cards. This… Read More
2017-06-27 11:19
Affordable and accessible auto loans have been one of the biggest contributors to the growth of vehicle sales in the country, but with the introduction of GST from July 1, vehicle financing… Read More
NRI Home Loans, Things You Need To Remember
2017-06-21 09:24
When it comes to buying a house in India, it is quite easy for NRIs to buy a property or a house. They are also eligible for NRI home loans which are easily available. Various financial inst… Read More
How To Avail Paperless Loans
2017-06-14 10:36
After demonetisation took place, a large number of people have gone the digital way when it comes to their transactions. Taking this trend forward, almost all lenders and banks have also sta… Read More
2017-06-13 07:59
India’s most comprehensive indirect tax reform – the goods and service tax (GST) – is inching towards a July 1 rollout. The GST council has cut the rate on household goods… Read More
2017-06-10 12:01
With GST just a few weeks away, real estate is expected to get a major boost from the bill. In all likelihood, the bill will impact the industry in a positive manner. GST is a uniform tax re… Read More
2017-06-08 05:00
The idea of having a home of our own is a great feeling. What does not feel great is the documentation part of it. Although documentation is an important part of the process, it can be quite… Read More
2017-05-26 04:48
This month, a few of the major banks and one housing finance company (HFC) reduced interest rates by 15-20 basis points (bps) for home loan up to Rs 30 lakh. For instance, State Bank of Indi… Read More
What Happens When You Default On Your Loan?
2017-05-17 12:26
At some point of time in our lives, we all have availed the services of a loan. Be it a loan for a new car, or a new home or starting a new business venture, loans help us to overcome the di… Read More
Tax Savings With Joint Home Loan
2017-05-09 11:11
One of the biggest decisions in a person’s life is when he/she decides to buy a house. Many times the funds are not enough, so people go in for a home loan. Apart from funding your dre… Read More
Know Everything About Loan Against Property
2017-05-04 05:14
Going in for Loan Against Property is comparatively easier than opting for a loan to buy a property. So what exactly is a loan against property? In a Loan Against Property a person mortgage… Read More
How To Speed Up Your Loan Process
2017-05-02 09:58
These days there is a loan for almost anything you want to buy. Since the demand for products has increased and people often buy things which are beyond their immediate means, there are a nu… Read More
RERA Comes To The Rescue Of The Consumer
2017-05-01 10:44
The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 (RERA) has become effective from May 1. This particular Act has been brought to empower the consumers when it comes to real estate. RERA… Read More
2017-04-27 09:47
When you are going in for a home loan, you are probably taking the biggest financial decision of your life. It is your biggest financial commitment. Home loan is the best way to fulfill your… Read More
Savings And Investments Tips
2017-04-24 12:33
When it comes to savings and investments, popularly, there is only one rule; Increase your income and cut your spending. Tips on savings and investments Here we are going to tell you about a… Read More
Benefits Of A Business Loan
2017-04-18 12:31
A business loan is taken up for several reasons. A business loan can be used for buying new equipment or company’s expansion to a larger premises. A business loan, as the name suggests… Read More
Essential Business Loan Documentation
2017-04-13 11:19
Business loans are essential for any business to grow. Be it a small start – up or an MNC, all require funds. Funds give a huge boost to the business and help it to grow. Since funds a… Read More
Lesser Known Charges For Home Loan
2017-04-12 11:04
Everyone aspires to have a home one day. It is this aspiration which drives millions of people to work hard and earn money to buy that home. But quite often it happens that the house costs m… Read More
2017-04-03 12:56
Ram Navami is a spring Hindu festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, who is considered as the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram is known to be the ideal person. Through his life s… Read More
Quick Loans For Women
2017-03-28 05:58
The number of women entrepreneurs in the country has increased manifold. It is imperative that now there will be more loan schemes for them. In the last 20 years, the number of business wome… Read More
Car Loan FAQs
2017-03-21 11:02
Over the years owning a car has become more of a necessity than a status symbol. These days many people residing in urban India own a minimum of one car. Since owning a car has now become a… Read More
Business Loan Documentation Made Easier
2017-03-20 12:17
There always comes a point for a business where it needs external sources to grow. The external sources usually come in the form of funds or business loan. These are needed in order to give… Read More
2017-03-20 09:55
Just like bank depositors, those borrowing from banks also need to be alert in order to protect themselves against unnecessary charges. There is a practice amongst the banks where they have… Read More
Best Banks For Availing Home Loans
2017-02-21 07:33
After PM Modi’s appeal, several banks have slashed their lending rates in order to cater to a vast pool of borrowers, which will range from poor to the middle class. So if you are thin… Read More
2017-02-20 07:49
A home loan is one the most sought after loans in India. One of the first things which we check is whether it falls in our budget or not. The next step we take is the interest rate of the ho… Read More
Home Loan Balance Transfer FAQs
2017-02-17 06:29
Consider this, you have taken a home loan and are paying high interest, but then you come across this bank or an NBFC which is giving the same loan at a lower interest rate, we are sure you… Read More
Dos And Don’ts Of Small Business Loans
2017-02-15 12:35
Getting a small business loan can be the tricky part, especially for those who are venturing into it for the first time. There are a number of factors which you need to consider before you g… Read More
Loan Against Property For Your Business
2017-02-07 12:51
It is a big decision for anyone who is taking a loan. Depending on the requirement, people go for various loans. Since there are a number of people these days who are going in for loans, the… Read More
Why Is Credit Score Important?
2017-02-07 08:49
If we talk about India, the concept of a credit score is quite new. For many of us (those availing loans), it is an alien concept. We do not understand that how much weight our credit score… Read More
Key Highlights Of Union Budget 2017
2017-02-02 11:04
The agenda of this year’s budget is to “Transform, Energise and Clean India” which is “TEC – India”. The government aims to a allocate Rs 3, 96,1… Read More
2017-01-31 08:03
Credit score is the score which tells about your credit-worthiness. On your credit score’s worthiness, the lender will evaluate your creditworthiness. The lender will also evaluate you… Read More
2017-01-28 10:36
People usually take up a personal loan when they are in dire need for an immediate finance, they go in for a home loan. Since home loan can be used for multiple purposes, it is quite popular… Read More

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