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A Complete Resource For Hairstyle Inspiration And Hair Care Advice.
40 Classic Grease Hairstyles For Men
2018-04-17 09:22
 You all hardcore fans of ‘The King’ want to pay him a tribute? Well, grease your hair and go back in the 50s.Wear the ‘Attitude’ with a capital ‘A’… Read More
47 French Hairstyles For Women
2018-04-12 09:51
Coiffer in French means to make or to arrange hair under a cap or such a thing. The modern word Coiffure means hairdo. From the variety of French haircuts and hair styles of buns and braids… Read More
46 Fohawk Fade Haircuts For Men
2018-04-12 09:31
The Mohican or Mahicans are a native American tribe.They used to wear their hair by cutting it down to the skin but kept a strip of hair on their crowns.The name of the hair style mohawk der… Read More
49 Awesome Hair Bow Hairstyles For Women
2018-04-12 06:34
The cute accessories of women with which we all are decked up with, right from the time we are sweet toddlers is no doubt, the bow. We wear the bow everywhere. We have bow ribbons and bow on… Read More
44 Goddess Braids Hairstyles For Women
2018-04-12 06:25
All the ancient civilizations worship the women power in the form of mother goddess.These mythological women have inspired new hair styles in the modern times.     These femin… Read More
41 Gel Hairstyles For Men
2018-04-12 06:19
Got a girl friend who loves your craziness but also neatness and style, don’t abandon her, run to the market to get some styling gel and haircut and hear her squeal in delight.Try the… Read More
20 Boho Hairstyles For Black Women
2018-04-12 06:06
Are you a free spirit? A hippy at heart? A freak, artistic and unconventional black woman? Then the Boho hairstyles are for you. They can be ethnic yet ultra - modern. There are Boho hairsty… Read More
32 Bangs Hairstyles For Emo Girls
2018-04-12 05:59
‘Emo’means emotional or lonely.The name traces its history to a genre of music which was hard rock of the mid 2000’s.The musicians in a bid to look different from others sp… Read More
49 Stunning Hair Color Highlights Ideas
2018-04-11 14:24
Hair color and highlights have become such a craze that it is not only gaining popularity but the hair stylists and the fashion conscious individuals are always experimenting with different… Read More
44 Stylish Layered Haircuts For Men
2018-04-11 14:13
Every man wants to look stunning and attractive.You have to take pains to groom yourself for those killing looks. Wearing the cloth of latest cut is not enough. You must take care from tip t… Read More
50 New & Cool Hair Color Ideas For Women
2018-03-08 05:49
With all the different hair colors by various celebrities and Pinterest coming up with different and exciting hair color ideas, it must be quite difficult for you to cope up with the excitem… Read More
24 High And Tight Fade Hairstyles For Men
2018-03-08 04:47
The best thing about a man’s hairstyle is, it never gets out of style and if one hairstyle wins the heart of the masses, it will probably keep doing its rounds for the next 15-20 years… Read More
71 Pretty Headband Hairstyles For Girls
2018-03-08 04:42
Headbands have become a huge necessity for women as it prevents your hair from falling into places. Being very helpful in places like school, college, office or anywhere and also being total… Read More
22 Cute And Stunning Layered Bob Haircuts
2018-03-04 12:57
Bob cut is the hair cut with a large variety of styles.You can cut your hair to variety of lengths.Every girl out there must have tried a bob cut at least once in her life time.There are dif… Read More
49 Trendy Hair Color Highlights Ideas
2017-09-30 13:29
Hair color and highlights have become such a craze that it is not only gaining popularity but the hair stylists and the fashion conscious individuals are always experimenting with different… Read More
40 Stylish Caesar Haircuts For Men
2017-09-30 08:01
All the men out there, ever wondered if you can be as fashionable with your hair as women. YES! you can! Check the Caesar haircut!  This hair style of the 90’s is back with a bang… Read More
58 Best Weave Styles For 2017
2017-09-30 07:38
Hair weave is a process which gives volume or increases the length of your hair. It involves adding a hair piece to the real hair. Clips-ins, bonding, netting and tracking are some popular w… Read More
46 Beautiful Anne Hathaway Hairstyles
2017-09-30 07:07
Disney movies don’t just enchant us with their magical plot, but also reveal to us the epitome of beauty and grace. One such epitome of grace and beauty is the dark color haired, Anne… Read More
42 Gorgeous Audrina Patridge Hairstyles
2017-09-29 08:15
America is not only famous for its developed infrastructure and the scenic beauty, but also for the beautiful people who call themselves Americans.One such personality is the actress from Lo… Read More
50 Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas
2017-09-28 12:28
There are various ways in which you can cut, style, tie and color your hairs. With countless colors in the world that you can apply on to your hair, there is countless number of ways with wh… Read More
38 Bald Fade Haircuts For Men
2017-09-28 11:32
With ever evolving and mutating changes in trends, a new, and equally hot trend of haircuts have laid their strong roots in the world of fashion and style at the present age. One such trend… Read More
43 Stunning Alessandra Ambrosio Hairstyles
2017-09-27 17:45
In the world full of at least hundred million people who barely know each other, we do have a few names that are popular in all the areas of the Earth. One such name is of the Brazilian, Vic… Read More
26 Daring Amber Rose Hairstyles
2017-09-02 13:57
 Amber Rose is a model and a former exotic dancer. She has a square shape of face and her hair color is bald. She became very famous and better known after dating an American musician K… Read More
34 Handsome Adam Levine Hairstyles
2017-09-02 13:41
Adam Levine is one of the greatest singers, songwriters and musician who always come up with the coolest hairstyles and most of the time he comes up with a short haircut. Some of the ha… Read More
43 Auburn Highlights Styles For Your Hair
2017-09-02 13:36
 Hair dye market is having a very rich variety and many red can be found out there. Depending on your skin you can choose different color shades for your hair, that whether you should g… Read More
44 Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Hairstyles
2017-09-02 13:29
We all know about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Bollywood Diva who is a style icon for many people in this world. She always manages to look gorgeous in all events.One of the factors for her g… Read More
Best Men's Hairstyles In 2017
2017-09-02 13:26
2016 marked the arrival of many trends .It was the result of constant experimentation and creativity practiced by barbers all around the globe. The same is accompanied in 2017 with the… Read More
36 Stylish Black Haircuts With Bangs
2017-09-02 06:51
Bangs are the hot favorites in this season. They are simple, sober and smart. For the beauties in black, this bangs sophistication has a new label at the same time it makes a bold statement… Read More
35 Box Fade Haircut For Men
2017-09-01 14:04
Everybody likes to get a hairstyle that calls their attitude out. And who gonna leave such style if it do help them shine!Men of African-American rap artists in 80’s and 90’s era… Read More
40 Cute Disney Hairstyles For Girls
2017-09-01 06:42
There may not be many who could pass their little girl days without dreaming of, and pretending to be a disney princess themselves.Well, there can not be many!It was in early 2000s princess… Read More
47 Exotic Chinese Bob Haircuts For Women
2017-08-31 14:56
According to Cosmopolitan magazine, bob haircutsare one of the most popular style as opted by many, for a hundred years for now.It has created many varieties within itself, bases on length… Read More
46 A-Line Bob Haircuts For Women
2017-08-31 06:51
Many women love the bob hairstyle and there are so many kinds of bob cuts to choose from. A-line bob cut is probably the most popular cut these days. It really flatters most face shapes and… Read More
33 Handsome Burr Cuts For Men
2017-08-31 06:29
When it comes to masculine hairstyles defining one’s manliness, nothing can quite compare to the classic burr cut. Fun fact; also known as the induction cut, the burr cut is part of U… Read More
48 Pretty Celebrity Balayage Hairstyles
2017-08-31 06:21
Balayage, the technique involving painting sweeping sections of hair lightly with color, has always been a timeless classic when it comes to achieving the quintessentially insouciant and eff… Read More
27 Trendy Red Highlights For Your Hair
2017-08-07 12:50
Red highlights is a very good option who wants to try the bold and strong look. Bright shades of red suits the best on women with medium skin tones with the bold highlights. If you want to l… Read More
44 Stunning Two Tone Hairstyles
2017-08-07 08:01
Two tone hairstyles are sexy, subtle, romantic, dramatic, sophisticated. This hairstyle is for all age groups and is revolutionising idea for 2017.This is very interesting and crea… Read More
42 Undercut With Beard Styles For Men
2017-08-07 07:57
Undercut and beard are the matches made in heaven because they make a seriously bold statement and sexy look. It takes the right kind of confidence and attitude to grooming to pull off the l… Read More
21 Stylish Portia De Rossi Hairstyles
2017-08-07 07:51
Portia De Rossi is very famously known as Australian actress, model philanthropist and in addition as a partner of Ellen Degeneres.Women with short hair must try this look to create somethin… Read More
39 Viking Hairstyles For Men And Women
2017-08-07 07:49
Viking hairstyle signifies a powerful personality and showcases the fearless warrior in you.This hairstyle can be best described as a combination of long and short hair, shaved and thick or… Read More
31 Punk Hairstyles For Women
2017-08-07 07:41
When we think of punk hairstyle, the first thing that comes to our mind is the rock star but these days women are gaining much popularity with this hairstyle and if done correctly can you a… Read More
49 Popular Updo Hairstyles Of 2017
2017-08-07 07:33
This 2017 has brought some red-carpet worthy looks from your favorite celebrities. It's time to get inspired by them and try these easy hair updos for your office to any special event.Weddin… Read More
39 Surfer Hairstyles For Men
2017-08-07 06:57
Nowadays, is really common to see men with hair long enough to put it into a bun or a ponytail. Others prefer to leave it as it is, no matter what shape it is. You may have seen the typical… Read More
43 Short Haircuts For Round Face Women
2017-08-07 06:53
Many think wearing a short hairstyle if they have a round face will make it even more evident. But you should know that every cut can be modified in order to suit one’s hair type, text… Read More
48 Vintage Updo Hairstyles
2017-08-07 06:38
Some celebrities like to bring old school hairstyles to this modern age. And it really isn’t bad to look at! You can also try to do some other stuff yourself, and it will look totally… Read More
43 Beautiful Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles
2017-08-07 06:31
When the name Scarlett Johansson comes to one’s mind, all one can think of is how she is the sexiest women in the world with the most stunning hair colors and hair styles. From splendi… Read More
42 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Women
2017-08-07 06:27
Women always struggle with having their hair on their face. And obviously everyone knows that ponytails are the best way to stay fresh and looking knit in a hot summer day, but they can be r… Read More
124 Latest Pixie Haircuts For Women
2017-08-06 17:56
It has got the name thanks to the forest fairies considered to have such short hair with a longer top.No doubt it is extremely convenient, especially for agile and active women who know what… Read More
37 Party Hairstyles For Long Haired Girls
2017-08-06 17:44
Preparing for a party requires choosing a proper hairstyle. One that looks chick but effortless, so it doesn't spoil the essence of partying. You should have fun and stay relaxed instead of… Read More
52 Messy Updo Hairstyles
2017-08-06 17:21
Here is one great news for all of us who just can't make a perfect updo, whether it is so because of our frizzy hair or lack of skills: messy hairstyles are super trendy this season!It is wo… Read More
54 Loose Bun Hairstyles
2017-08-06 17:16
Buns are the one of those rare hairstyles that flatter almost anyone. It is classy, elegant and can make an everyday look chic without too much effort. You can wear it on top of your head, l… Read More
48 Glamorous Long Bob Haircuts
2017-08-06 17:11
The long bob or lob has continuously considered to be the most flattering  haircut. It’s classy and elegant and always in trend. It looks good on different face shapes and hair te… Read More
33 Latest Hipster Haircut For Women
2017-08-06 08:26
If you are, or want to be a hipster it means among other things, that you value independent thinking, and have distinct taste for fashion. This includes hairstyles as well.Proper hairstyle c… Read More
56 Hairstyles For Girls In Their 20s
2017-08-06 08:22
The struggle is real when it comes to styling your hair in the morning. Especially if you’re still a student, when washing it seems like it takes a lot of time from your homework hours… Read More
47 Cool Gwen Stefani Hairstyles
2017-08-06 08:05
The Hollaback Girl has done a lot of great stuff to her blonde hair: Long, short, curly, straight, buns, ponytails… you name it. But her style is something really curious, since is no… Read More
33 Front Braids Hairstyle For Women
2017-07-08 14:47
Beside all kinds of buns, braids are the other most popular hairstyle. You can achieve so many looks, casual as well as formal by braiding your hair in all types of braids.Most of them are q… Read More
17 French Curl Hairstyle
2017-07-08 14:40
This particular hairstyle really comes in handy when you need to get your hair out of your face, or if you want to hold your hair up in a hot day but don’t want to deal with the whole… Read More
30 Four Strand Braid Hairstyles
2017-07-08 13:12
If you’re a hairstyle geek, you probably have seen lots of videos and pictures of tutorials for all sorts of braids. Since it takes a lot of practice, a lot of people just stick to the… Read More
49 Formal Updo Hairstyles
2017-07-08 13:05
Whether you have an important business dinner, prom, or an award show (if so, I’m really jealous BTW) an updo is always the best way to go.A lot of people like to wear this to other so… Read More
42 Smart Formal Hairstyles For Men
2017-07-08 12:58
When it comes to formal men hairstyles they can be smooth and sleek or wavy and curly but they have to be neat, no matter the length.We believe that you already know how a careless hairstyle… Read More
51 Pretty Emma Watson Hairstyles
2017-07-08 12:53
This beautiful and multi-talented woman despite her skills as an actress, she also has great style in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup.Today, you’ll have a walk through the basic con… Read More
49 Dazzling Emma Stone Hairstyles
2017-07-08 12:42
Such a talented, successful and gorgeous actress has to always look great in any event, especially when paparazzi are always all over the place taking pictures whenever they get the chance.E… Read More
73 Easy Curly & Wavy Hairstyles For Girls
2017-07-08 12:32
Having curly hair can be stressful. Brushing, washing, drying, styling it can take hours! Sometimes you can’t take it anymore and just put it into a bun or a ponytail, which is not a b… Read More
40 Interesting Dutch Plait Hairstyles
2017-07-08 12:13
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been helping to grow out the trend of the two Dutch plaits, since they’ve worn it to pretty much any type of event, from Coachella… Read More
33 Stunning Demi Moore Hairstyles
2017-07-08 12:05
A signature Demi Moore hairstyles include is her central parted, long and sleek hair. In addition to that she has a thick and super healthy hair which is a result of good genes and healthy… Read More
29 Easy & Cute Bun Hairstyles For Girls
2017-07-07 14:56
Buns are super popular this year, whether it’s low or high, sleek or messy. That’s probably because with buns you can’t go wrong. They can be casual as well as formal, grea… Read More
76 Cute Braided Hairstyles For Girls
2017-07-07 14:43
Whether you are thinking of changing your regular hair routine or looking for an occasional change of style or a cute and stylish hair do, braids are definitely a go. There are so many varia… Read More
32 Fantastic Bun Hairstyles For Men
2017-07-07 13:55
Looking back to when this trend first started, we can see the exponential growth that the man bun has had. There are only two opinions on it: Either you love them, or you hate them. If you&r&hell…Read More
54 Beautiful Bella Thorne Hairstyles
2017-07-07 08:45
The former ‘Shake It Up’ star has done a lot of different things with her hair: dyed, layers, bangs, you name it. But she always manages to look great on any event. Some of the h… Read More
56 Latest Brunette Hair Color Ideas
2017-07-07 08:18
Have you ever thought how boring your brunette hair is? Do you think that blonder or darker shades attract more attention and look so bold? Well, think again!There is such an amazing myriad… Read More
46 Bun Hairstyles For Curly Hair
2017-07-07 07:26
Girls understand the struggle of styling natural curly hair. Even washing it is a nightmare sometimes, when it just doesn’t cooperate. And it can take you 15+ minutes to be satisfied w… Read More
35 New Beige Blonde Hair Color Ideas
2017-07-07 07:16
You might have wondered what you’d look like with another hair color, especially if you’re a brunette. Even if your hair is naturally clear, you can suddenly want to paint it wit… Read More
2017-07-06 12:51
Being a teenager is never easy. That’s why at least your hairstyle should be the opposite. We guess you don’t have much time to get ready for school. For that reason we will do o… Read More
38 Interesting Beard Styles For Men
2017-07-04 15:18
Just like your hairstyle affects your image, the same is true with a type of beard. Unless of course you go for clean shave. But we all know that can get uncomfortable and irritate your skin… Read More
47 Cool Hairstyles For Straight Hair Men
2017-04-06 07:53
If you have straight hair, you can wear a whole variety of hairstyles and always look awesome! Whether you want to achieve a polished look with a slick back or an impressive faux hawk you ca… Read More
27 Beautiful Side Updo Hairstyles
2017-04-06 07:30
Are you looking for a stunning romantic or trendy hairstyle for your prom or other formal event? Or you just like side updo's and searching for a new one to try out? You've come to the right… Read More
47 Short Blonde Hairstyles For Women
2017-04-06 07:07
By now, you have probably realized how important it is to choose a correct hairstyle. It can completely change your whole appearance! In this article you will find some useful tips on h… Read More
39 Stylish Mid-Length Hairstyles For Women
2017-03-29 07:33
Mid length hairstyles are probably the most popular hairstyles today. It can be worn in any way and any occasion. Whether it is put in an up do or falls freely, it can look elegant, sas… Read More
45 Handsome Channing Tatum's Hairstyles
2017-03-28 05:32
Channing Tatum’s style has always been on the top of the Hollywood market.The American actor possesses a naturally dark straight hair which he wears short, differently shaped into his… Read More
25 Stunning Adriana Lima's Hairstyles
2017-03-25 06:34
We all know that Adriana’s beauty extends beyond her face and her hair is just another feature to envy. The hair that frames the Victoria secret model’s face is quite simply… Read More

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