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2017-05-29 09:00
Well, working 7 days a week, what with the regular job (frequently requiring overtime, for reasons I won’t go into here), my regular volunteer work through the week & trying desper… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Catching Up A Bit
2017-05-26 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link The Drizzt Do’Urden Saga began in 1988, I’ve been a follower of the series since ’93 or ’94 when my now husband let me borrow a book… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Anjelica Huston
2017-05-22 09:00
It seems as though I have seen this beautiful, distinct actress everywhere since I was very young. Perhaps this is due to her work preceding my birth, LOL. Though I believe I have been more… Read More
Fantastical Friday: My Mommy
2017-05-19 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, which I’m sure you all knew & I thought it might be nice to share with you what I got for my mommy this ye… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Sweet Ear Candy
2017-05-17 09:00
Today’s featured piece caught my eye while wandering about the Lane Bryant website. I always seem to be taken with designs that include the feathers, though it is less common for me t… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Barbara Hershey
2017-05-15 09:00
This amazing actress caught my eye in many different movies & shows from horror to drama. The Right Stuff & The Entity were, perhaps, my earliest experiences of her work. Barbara ac… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Nerdy DIY Thoughts
2017-05-12 09:00
In the course of fleshing out a character for a LARP expedition or prepping a cosplay idea for a convention it’s incredibly obvious that you or someone you are paying is going to have… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Layered Accent
2017-05-10 09:00
A good necklace can completely change the neckline of a blouse or it can make a lovely accent. It’s no secret that I love jewelry, cheap or fine, it doesn’t matter as long… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Mia Farrow
2017-05-08 09:00
This lovely actress began her career in the 60s & while Mia has not been as prolific as many of the women I have honored on Monday, she has made a noticeable impact with the roles she h… Read More
2017-05-01 00:43
Last week was characterized by far too much overtime at work & I haven’t taken a break from my charity work for over a year. Needless to say, my posts take time to prepare, time I… Read More
2017-04-28 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link With the weather being on the road to summer conditions, it seemed like a great time to consider outfits of the more light & airy nature. When it gets ho… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Tunic
2017-04-26 09:00
I don’t know about you, but I love a nice, comfy tunic top. This is generally a great time of year to find them & certainly a wonderful time to wear them. I’m particularly… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Angela Bassett
2017-04-24 09:00
Not only stunningly beautiful, but amazingly talented Bassett has been recognized with numerous nominations & awards throughout her career, She’s known for portraying strong chara… Read More
2017-04-21 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link I don’t normally do rants here, in fact I haven’t done one at all. It’s high time I got around to this one though, as it is a most unfantas… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Biohazard
2017-04-19 09:00
Today’s item spotlight I’ve had for a couple of weeks now & have been quite enjoying it. It might not be considered a fashion accessory by traditional standards, but it defi… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Julia Roberts
2017-04-17 09:00
This iconic actress knew great success from her earlier works, but Pretty Woman brought her international acclaim. Throughout the ’90s Roberts was the highest paid actress in Hollywoo… Read More
Fantastical Friday: OMG Zombies!!!
2017-04-14 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Still suffering from TWD withdrawal & anxiously awaiting the start of season 8. At least the spin-off Fear The Walking Dead will (hopefully) turn up in a… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Already Considering
2017-04-12 09:00
I’m one of those people who like to plan ahead, though sometimes I have very poor follow through. At this time I’m considering doing some DIY holiday gifts this year. You might… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Susan Sarandon
2017-04-10 09:00
The ever lovely Susan Sarandon has been entertaining us on the screen since 1970 & on Broadway since ’72. In her long illustrious career she has won numerous awards & accolade… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Spring LARP
2017-04-07 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link I love a good game & spring can be a wonderful time to get back into the outdoor games we love so much. It can be nice enough out to get away with lighte… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Macabre Like That
2017-04-05 09:00
So we all know (maybe not if you’re a first time reader) that I have an affinity for Halloween & all its symbolism. Which leads to how I stumbled across these Tibetan style beads… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Cate Blanchett
2017-04-03 09:00
This Australian marvel has won numerous awards for both theater & big screen performances. Blanchett speaks to both my inner fashionista & my inner nerd (not that I keep either of t… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Thoughts On Easter
2017-03-31 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link While Easter may not be one of the my holidays, I do celebrate with family, it does have a multitude of similarities with one I do observe religiously. Aside… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Strappy Season
2017-03-29 09:00
We’re beginning to get into sandal weather around here & I thought it would be a good time to highlight a lovely pair from Styles for Less. As the title would imply, these beautie… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Meryl Streep
2017-03-27 09:00
A woman of almost regal beauty, she’s been delighting audiences with her stage performances since she was in high school. For a long time she didn’t really take her movie career… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Spring Is Here!
2017-03-24 09:00
Finally, spring has sprung, though it may still take a month or so for the weather to stop having random bursts of wintry temper tantrums. I don’t know about you, but I’m excite… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Shakira
2017-03-20 09:00
This stylish icon has been around for a while, but how much do you really know about her? She comes from a large family with 8 older siblings, while they do come from her father’s pre… Read More
2017-02-27 08:35
Actually I’ll start this post on a positive note. I finally succeeded in getting my transfer at work, I’ve been trying to make this happen since the advent of October (yeah, it&r&hell…Read More
Fantastical Friday: Sweet Review
2017-02-24 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link It’s well known that I love jewelry & the way the pieces look is often more important to me than the quality of materials used in its production. T… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Cotton Candy
2017-02-22 10:00
It can be good for the soul to change things up every now & then. You might get your hair or nails done, but there is something special about being able to do a radical change that is e… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Sheryl Crow
2017-02-20 10:00
Very few haven’t heard of this talented singer, song writer, but did you know that she has also been an elementary music teacher? Can you imagine growing up to realize that your… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Daydreaming Again
2017-02-17 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Okay, so I’m kind of an escapist as I enjoy distracting myself from the general unpleasantness of certain facets of life (it’s how I keep stress… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Sweet Bling
2017-02-15 10:30
It’s time again to find something lovely to spotlight from Billy the Tree & while they have a huge selection of wonderful pieces, it took me a while to find something that resonat… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Neneh Cherry
2017-02-13 10:00
This strong woman is perhaps best known for her collaborations than the handful of albums she’s made on her own, but she will always be special in her own right. Some even think that… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Dark Valentine
2017-02-10 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Today’s wishlist was brought to you from Amazon, because it’s my go to source for random & weird things I like, when other shops I frequent m… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Batpack
2017-02-08 10:00
With my great love for all things goth & comic book enjoyment, I just couldn’t resist this lovely I found at Tidebuy. There were several items I considered for this spotlight, but… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Vanity
2017-02-06 10:00
Denise Katrina Matthews was another great lost to the infamous 2016, she was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress & model. Her stage name came from the group she was in, Vanity 6, but… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Wistful Inspiration
2017-02-03 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Thought I would do an outfit post, can’t really recall how long ago I did one, lol. It’s not a LARP or cosplay outfit either, but nice for loungi… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Mysterious
2017-02-01 10:00
The aura of mystery can be thick about certain articles of clothing & accessories. There are times that we wish to cultivate this atmosphere as well. When I first saw this blouse I… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Kate Bush
2017-01-30 10:00
She may not be the most prolific of musical artists but she has had a profound impact on the scene. This is further evidenced by the plethora of other artists who cite her as being amo… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Fantasy Decor Ideas
2017-01-27 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Seems like it’s been quite a while since I’ve explored some home decor ideas, so I thought I would get into a few fantastical thoughts I’ve… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: A Bit Goth Girl
2017-01-25 10:00
I do love my goth stuff & when I saw this particular piece I was both charmed & amused. Definitely will have to get me one at some point, it would make a great accessory for certain… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Debbie Reynolds
2017-01-23 10:00
I always associate this actress with classic movies, particularly of the musical nature. I especially remember her voice from my childhood in the role of Charlotte from the animated Charlot… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Carrie Fisher
2017-01-16 10:00
Those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while, doubtless know that I’m that kind of nerd. So when we tragically lost Princess Leia, I had to do a post about her. Couldn&rsquo&helli…Read More
Fantastical Friday: Still Cold
2017-01-13 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Okay, things have warmed up quite a bit, the south has remembered that it shouldn’t be arctic until late winter, lol. Still, thought I would explore so… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Sheryl Ralph
2017-01-09 10:22
This amazingly talented woman is a veteran of actress & is an accomplished singer. Including some Justice League voice acting & a role as Amanda Waller in Young Justice. She&rs&helli…Read More
Fantastical Friday: A Fantastical Wishlist
2017-01-06 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Still struggling with computer issues (yeah, I know, this was supposed to be solved) my posts have been a little last minute lately, due to the continuing is… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Dolly Parton
2017-01-02 10:03
A true southern belle & an amazing singer, Dolly has been in the spotlight throughout my life. She’s also an accomplished actress, having had many different roles through the… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Happy New Year!
2016-12-30 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link I had a recent comment asking me to showcase some pearl, amethyst & jade & I thought it might be nice to ring in the new year with a few of those lov… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: A Little Bling
2016-12-28 10:00
These beauties would make a great stocking stuffer (though the time for that has passed this year), a great birthday present, or just a treat for ourselves as they’re also l… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Jessica Steen
2016-12-26 10:00
This particular actress has been in quite a few series that I have avidly watched at various points in my life. I think I first noticed her in Earth 2, though there was much ridiculous in t… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Happy Holidays!
2016-12-23 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Much like last year I would like to wish everyone a joyous season & an incredible new year! I’m giving everyone my positive thoughts & hoping w… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Boot Weather
2016-12-21 10:00
There’s no denying it, I love boots, always have & likely always will. In the colder months they are so much easier to find too. Withe the onslaught of the season of commercialism… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Gloria Estefan
2016-12-19 10:00
What can I say about this amazing & beautiful Cuban American singer? Her awards are numerous including 7 Grammy Awards, a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, another star in the Vegas W… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Sweet Unboxing
2016-12-16 10:00
Finally, I’m back. New computer came in & something else really cool turned up too! A bit back I had entered a contest on twitter being held by Dark Horse Comics & shock… Read More
2016-12-02 00:00
Unfortunately, my drive controller is dying. My computer is a laptop, which makes the problem outside my ability to fix. I can’t edit pics & do my usual uploads until my new comput… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: In The Spirit
2016-11-30 10:00
It’s never difficult to get fired up over the holidays, lol. Still, it’s nice to do a few little touches, in addition to the more central things with decor. Like most celebratio… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Fiona Apple
2016-11-28 10:00
Another great musician with numerous nominations & several awards under her belt. Fiona has also been known to play at charity events with other notable artists. She is also a classical… Read More
Fantastical Friday:In World Cosplay
2016-11-25 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. SmallWorlds avatar. There are unique challenges to cosplay in that particular world, as you are restricted to a… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Warm Thoughts
2016-11-23 10:00
Recently the local weather turned to freezing temps & while it’s still likely we’ll have some warm days before winter truly claims us, it has me thinking of getting a little… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Adele
2016-11-21 10:00
She is the most recent icon I have ever featured on a Monday, Adele is the only one younger than me so far too, lol. Still, she did write & perform the theme for Skyfall & Bond film… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Yuletide
2016-11-16 10:00
The season is definitely upon us, it isn’t just Santa checking his list. The stores are overrun with shoppers & I find myself considering what to get for various special people in… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Anita Baker
2016-11-14 10:00
The great Anita Baker, who somehow seems to end up with labels that undervalue her. Seriously, not long after her first album her band was cut as the label felt that Anita had no star power… Read More
Fantastical Friday: A Few Holiday Goodies
2016-11-11 10:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Thanksgiving is barreling at us at an almost alarming rate, lol & soon the yuletide will be upon us. So I’ve been thinking about some fun clothing… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Sweater Weather
2016-11-09 10:00
At this time, in the south, we have cool days with the occasional hot ones interspersed. So we’re kind of flip flopping on our “sweater weather” during this interval, but… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Janet Jackson
2016-11-07 10:00
The marvelous Janet Jackson, youngest of the iconic troupe, has cultivated a long & successful career. I’m not sure why so many turned against her for against her after the Superb… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Handfasting Recap
2016-11-04 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Well, it finally happened. Our handfasting went rather well, the actual ceremony was pretty simple & not very long. Given that I went on & on about t… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Magical Congress
2016-11-02 09:00
Soon the first Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them will be released & I thought it might be nice to pre-celebrate. I know I’m not the only one excited by the new Potterverse… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Judith O’Dea
2016-10-31 09:00
Well, Halloween is finally here! So I thought it would be nice to honor a star of one of my all time favorite movies. Judith played Barbara in Night of the Living Dead, an amazing picture t… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Costume Reveal
2016-10-28 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Well, this is a long time in coming, we’ve had these costumes for months now. We decided, a while back, to go with a theme for both of our costumes &am&hell…Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Never Lose Whimsy
2016-10-26 09:00
Let’s face it, wigs can be fun. They’re useful for a variety of purposes, such as cosplay, LARPing & a temporary look change. It can be mood elevating to radically or subtly… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Jada Smith
2016-10-24 09:00
With Halloween upcoming I thought I would honor a woman who stared in one of my favorite (I have a lot of faves in this genre, LOL) horror movies. In ’95 Tales from the Crypt released… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Some Final Prep
2016-10-21 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Only one more Friday before Halloween. Naturally, I’ve been considering the makeup look to go with my wedding getup. My costume is red & black, so… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Creepy Bling
2016-10-19 09:00
Naturally, I still have my Halloween feelers out, so as I was checking around Billy the Tree for something to spotlight today I ended up selecting a wonderful goth item. If you’ve bee… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Elvira
2016-10-17 09:00
Behold, the beautiful mistress of the dark! Cassandra Peterson, the Queen of Halloween, created the character of Elvira in 1981, the first episode of Movie Macabre airing in late September… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Halloween!!!
2016-10-14 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link It’s so exciting, Halloween is almost here! While I have prepped a wishlist for this post, you will see in a future post of mine that we went with none… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: The Right Touch
2016-10-12 09:00
All ensembles require finishing touches, sometimes to add a bit of polish, other times to render a look more edgy. I am a great lover of accessories (as you all doubtless know, LOL) & I… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Yunjin Kim
2016-10-10 09:00
Perhaps best known for her role as Sun Kwon in the notable series Lost & more recently on Mistresses, she is an exceptional actress with numerous roles under her belt. Yunjin is also am… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Harvest Themes
2016-10-07 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link I love this time of year & it’s not just about Halloween (though that is a major contributor). The way the weather changes, the harvest vibe in the… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Flamboyant
2016-10-05 09:00
Yep, going to stay on a Halloween kick for a while, lol. Sometimes we have multiple parties & events leading up to & including the actual holiday, due to this we have occasion to&nb&helli…Read More
Magnificent Monday: Lucy Liu
2016-10-03 09:00
The mighty Lucy Liu, who has been in the spotlight now for a while now. Back in the ’90s she had numerous appearances throughout a variety of popular shows that I watched including (b… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Mom’s B-day
2016-09-30 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link So this week is a little different. My mother’s birthday is October 4th & thought it might be cool to talk about my process of finding the right gi… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: A Cute Costume
2016-09-28 09:00
After my aforementioned vampire phase I frequently went with another classic, the witch. It tends to be an easy costume, even when on a budget, but like many others it can be fancy or embel… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Sandra Oh
2016-09-26 09:00
Perhaps best known for her role as Dr. Christina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy, she had numerous appearances in a variety of popular shows prior to that character. While in high school she f… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Goth Inspired
2016-09-23 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Okay, this is really just another gushing post about Halloween, lol. This is my favorite time of year & my fave shopping time. While I still have too man… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Little Bit Punk
2016-09-21 09:00
When I was a kid & into my teens (doubtless a little over a decade of my life) I went through a vampire phase. I’m not talking about shiny vamps, I’m talking about Anne Rice… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Miiko Taka
2016-09-19 09:00
In my youth I read Shogun, which sparked an early fascination with the Japanese culture. Later I discovered the mini-series, which was amazingly true to the books. Kiri-san was played by Mi… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Undeniable
2016-08-31 09:00
Accessories can make or break any outfit, making them memorable for whatever reason, lol. In all honesty I am more of an accessory fan than clothing, because mixing & matching the littl… Read More
2016-08-30 14:29
Well, not really, I won’t have time to update my blog for a week or two as we finish the remodel of the back room. I just can’t find time to write post with a full time job &… Read More
Magnificent Monday: Lark Voorhies
2016-08-29 09:00
One of the most popular shows of my youth, Saved by the Bell, really put Lark on my radar. Her character, Lisa, was ever stylish & super shopaholic, lol. I was a little surprised to fin… Read More
Fantastical Friday: Crystals
2016-08-26 09:00
Dragon clip art attribution link Let’s face it, I can be a bit of a New Age Crystal Weenie (LOL). I like my crystals & I believe they can be very effective focal points for persona… Read More
Watermelon Wednesday: Charming
2016-08-24 09:00
I know we’ve all felt it at some time, perhaps to varying degrees, a moment of fixation. My mind is especially prone to fascination, often times over the simplest of things. When I wa… Read More

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