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Dominion Tea - Passi… · 11:14 23 May 2020
We loved a recent recipe by Samantha Seneviratne that ran in the The New York Times Cooking section. One of the Dominion Tea staff, Anngelica Soto, took on this recipe and found a way to imp… Read More
8Week 30Kg COVID Weightloss
Bombay Rocks · 07:35 22 May 2020
A man named Mike Schultz has shared his drastic 8Week 30Kg COVID Weightloss, and we’re all shocked. Schultz sadly contracted the coronavirus. He was a healthy 43-year-old with a gr… Read More
7 Boozy Treats For The Fridge
Flaviar - Blog · 12:00 21 May 2020
When you’ve had a long day at work, whether that be out on the road, volunteering, or just blinking at one of your many screens as the hours tick by, it can be comforting to know th… Read More
Kim Kardashian Branded RACIST
Bombay Rocks · 08:01 20 May 2020
Just like her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s brand Kylie Skin donated hand sanitizers, sister Kim followed and decided to sell nude face masks. But how is Kim Kardashian Branded RACIST?… Read More
Delicious Cocktails Worldwide
Bombay Rocks · 06:49 19 May 2020
This summer, we’re all sitting in our houses – wishing we were on a vacation. What if we told you – you can explore the world, just by sitting at home? Delicious Cocktails… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 02:04 19 May 2020
These TikTok Viral TikTok Trends are taking the internet by storm. This app has wormed its way into the most used apps section. Mostly with the new generation. Several stars like Kylie Jenne… Read More
Best Beers Under ₹200
Bombay Rocks · 07:28 18 May 2020
Bombay heat without beer doesn’t make sense at all. Beer unites us all. In this time of lockdown, beers are a must. Whether it’s Kingfisher or Carlsberg; beers are made for every… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 07:56 15 May 2020
Coronavirus has been taking lives left right and centre. But the Oldest Woman Beat Coronavirus like it was easy! This fit – hail and heart young-old Maria Branyas is over 113 years old… Read More
Bombay Rocks Quarantini
Bombay Rocks · 00:01 14 May 2020
What better way to kick start your Friday, than a classic Bombay Rocks Quarantini? A Quarantini is a A quarantine martini, that you can make easily during this time of lock down. All that fa… Read More
Actors Who Played Twins
Bombay Rocks · 15:31 12 May 2020
While watching a good movie based on twins, we often wonder if these actors actually have twins – by how well the movie is shot. Mostly, they don’t. That’s why, these amazi… Read More
Shocking Age Defying Woman
Bombay Rocks · 07:49 12 May 2020
Recently, a Shocking Age Defying Woman is catching everyone’s attention. She has been causing a huge stir online. Who is she and how old is she? This will truly blow your mind! This la… Read More
Crazy Celebrity Fan Stories
Bombay Rocks · 07:12 12 May 2020
We all love a little bit of drama from time to time, even if it may be at someone else’s expense. These Crazy Celebrity Fan Stories give us just that. From sneaking into Brad Pitt&rsqu… Read More
Dominion Tea - Passi… · 11:14 09 May 2020
Modern Japanese tea production owes much to the concept of kaizen, a term that was introduced to the business world in the aftermath of WWII. Kaizen, which roughly translates as “conti… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 08:09 08 May 2020
TikTok has a way of getting to your head. The fun challenges, cool dancing videos and millions of views – TikTok can get very addictive. Recently, a lot of people have been doing the T… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 08:06 08 May 2020
It’s no secret that Meghan Markle is not the Royal favorite, especially after entering the family by marrying prince Harry. The two gave up their title not a while ago, and Meghan Mark… Read More
Blog Cv Carmel Hill … · 00:30 08 May 2020
New vs Used alias Baru atau Bekas  Di era tahun 70 an hingga 90 an dimana pasar industri banyak dikuasai oleh industri besar dan multinasional, dikuasai oleh korporasi besar dan perusah… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 07:43 07 May 2020
You heard that right. 2 men from the United Kingdom got lucky by spending their lockdown in a pub! These UK men spend lockdown in pub – with wine, tequila and beer that they can have a… Read More
Best Met Gala Looks
Bombay Rocks · 08:06 06 May 2020
Since the Met Gala is obviously not going to be held this year, we have yet to comment on the Best Met Gala Looks from last year. The Met Gala is an exclusive, invitation-only event for whic… Read More
Footballers Wines · 04:57 06 May 2020
Of course lottery will be purely a game involving possibility, but still an individual can make some conjecture about the outcome. There are some record tactics that will help a person to fo… Read More
Photoshop Fails
Bombay Rocks · 07:45 05 May 2020
Ever thought you saw a celebrity online – with the most perfect everything? These funny Photoshop Fails will hit you with the hard truth of what really goes on behind the camera. Espec… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 08:00 04 May 2020
Ever watched a movie so good, it could easily pass off as a story in real life? Movies based on real life stories – in this article are some faascinating stories that you never know ha… Read More