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2010-01-19 19:20
Targetted gene transfer or gene targetting uses homologous recombination to repalce the endogenous gene with the functional introduced gene. The The first case of such gene transfer was used… Read More
2010-01-19 11:09
This approach aims at designing drugs which specifically and selectively fit into the critical sites of the target molecules thereby inactivating the latter. The target molecule may be an en… Read More
2010-01-19 06:38
Treatment of diseases utilize a wide variety of preparations of both biological and abiological origins. The preparations of biological origin may either be crude ayuvedic medicines some all… Read More
2010-01-18 06:09
In human there are hundred genetic which are mostly produced through recessive mutation. There is no cure to any of them except for the fast emerging option of gene therapy. Their incidence… Read More
2010-01-16 19:24
Autoantibodies are those antibodies that are specific to those antigens which are normally tolerated by the immmune syste and are typically constituents of cells and tissues of the animal in… Read More
2010-01-16 07:19
This techniques used PCR amplification of a marker DNA segment attached to an antibody for detection oaf the antigen for which this antibody is specific. The protocol of immuno-PCR may be st… Read More
2010-01-15 11:21
In ligase chain reaction theclinical sample is prepaed according to protocol to which liberates the DNA preseint in the sample the prepared clinical sample is added to reaction mixture cont… Read More
2010-01-14 18:17
It is very difficult of the disease iand its causal organism is to effective management and cure conventionally disease diagnosis is based on the following.(1) Microscopy. The specimen are s… Read More
2010-01-14 11:12
Vaccines based on DNA are being developed and the results obatined influenza virus. The strategy of DNA vaccines is as follows the gene encoding the relevant immunogenic protein is isolated… Read More
2010-01-13 18:33
In biotechnology originated for their potential applicatons in health care of both human and animal but primarily the former. It is in this sector that the contribution of biotechnology are… Read More
2010-01-12 13:58
An antibody (Ab) reacts with the concerned antigen (Ag) in a highly specific manner reacts only with that determinant or region of an antigen for which it is to produce an complex. When solu… Read More
2010-01-12 11:02
These are small nucleotide sequences useto to detect the presence of complementary sequences in nucelic acid samples. These are 15-30 base long this is achieved by permitting the probes to b… Read More
2010-01-11 13:57
In western blotting technique the protein are transferred in nitrocellulose or nylon membrane The various steps of this techniques are described below. (1) Proteins band separated to poly… Read More
2010-01-11 13:42
The determination of nucleotide or base sequence of DNA molecule is known as DNA sequencing. At present DNA sequencing is possible for only one to long DNA fragments. DNA sequencing has beco… Read More
2009-12-27 20:20
In a genetic map markers are arranged in specific order determined by the frequency of crossing over between them the distance between neighbouring genes is represented in terms of centimorg… Read More
2009-12-25 18:54
A genome map may be defined as a detailed schematic description of the structural and functional organisation of all the chromosomes in the genome of an organism. At present we have mainly t… Read More
2009-12-24 19:43
Introduction: Animal cell cultures have been and are used to generate valuable products based on their own genetic information or due to genes transferred into them using recombinant DNA tec… Read More
2009-12-23 19:56
Cells derived from a single cells through mitosis constitute a clone and process of obtaining clonies is called cloning. (A sexual progeny of single individual make up a clone). In simple te… Read More
2009-12-22 14:07
This techniquesis used to identify those bacterial colonies in a plate which contain a specific DNA sequence. These bacterial colonies are obtained from bacterial cells into which this seque… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The techniques of medical science applied to assist in the resolution of crimes, legal disputes etc. constitutes forensic medicine. Establishing the identity of victim (e.g of murder, accide… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Human beings from more than 5000 different diseases caused by single gene mutations. e.g cystic fibrosis acatalasia Huntingtons chorea. Tay sach's disease Lesch-Nyhan syndrome sickle cell a… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Gene therapy may be classified into the two types (1) germ line gene therapy and (2) somatic cell lgene therapy. In case of Germ line gene therapy germ cells sperms or eggs integrated into t… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
In this type of somatic cel gene therapy the functional gene introduced in addition so the defective gene endogenous to the cells the modified cell contain both the defective well as the nor… Read More

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