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2012-05-13 17:55
Without vegetation the honey bees cannot exist for example the South Pole and North Pole have snow all year, so there is no work for them, no vegetation that needs pollination. There are man… Read More
2011-05-23 18:41
Really Raw Honey is absolutely chapped honey. It still contains pollen, propolis, bore and alive enzymes -- all the advantage the bees put in! That's why Really Raw Honey is creamy, bland… Read More
2011-05-23 18:37
bee bite analysis is an another medical analysis accessible for the administration of anarchic altitude like arthritis and bursitis. In a bee bite analysis session, a practitioner will anxio… Read More
2011-05-23 13:06
Varroa,bees,Varroa,honey,Varroa,beeswax,propoliseAgricultural Research Services (ARS) are making positive strides in creating a strain of honeybee which is proactive in attacking the Varroa… Read More
2011-05-23 13:06
A bee can kill you...but for the vast majority of you, a bee sting is simply a bit of pain. For the minority of people who have severe reactions to bee stings, the symptoms can range from a… Read More
2011-05-23 13:04
Various diseases of honey beesHoneybees like all living organisms are susceptible to diseases and pests, from Nosema ceranae to American foulbrood. However, some of these are more toxic to b… Read More
2011-05-23 12:59
Intake of royal jelly has been determined to be a healthy habit that offers more than meets the eye. The health benefits make it a very popular product for those who know them. If you make i… Read More
2011-05-23 11:51
 bee, honey bees, propolis, honey, bees, beePrevention is better than cure. Learn to recognize healthy brood and bees. Adopt hygienic practices – do not discard comb & propoli… Read More
2011-05-21 10:40
 honey, bee, honeybees, pollen, propolisA sugar free diet is the latest mantra in the market. Avoid those extra calories and reduce your weight. What's more, it helps you maintain your… Read More
2011-04-09 22:11
Every beekeeper runs into a testy hive once in awhile. Bees can get defensive for a lot of reasons. Most often, it is the beekeepers fault, dropping something, bumping the hive, moving too q… Read More
2011-04-09 21:52
bees.honey.beeswax.bee.propolise.A concern to all of us is the build up of chemical treatments in wax. This persists, even through processing into new comb foundation, so chemicals are being… Read More
2011-04-09 21:44
For obvious reasons, when selecting which colonies you wish to graft from, you should always select from your "best" colonies. But "best" is really a subjective analysis, and open to a wide… Read More
2011-04-02 17:51
Bees Miracle,  bee was a real machine, He integrated plant, Every day I learn something new from the beesLet's learn beekeepingAbdomen: Segmented posterior part of bee containing heart… Read More
2011-04-02 12:45
Do you know we rely on Honey Bees for a third of our food supply? Among that are some of the foods we love most: vegetables, fruit, nuts, juice, smoothies and... ice-cream! (One ice-Cream ma… Read More
2011-04-02 12:40
We can learn much about honey bees by observing bees in their natural habitat. Residents of my Arkansas Delta county called today and described a colony of honey bees living in a huge, hollo… Read More
2011-04-02 12:39
The plum is the first white-blooming tree seen in the woods early in the year. Plums blossoms have just started showing in the Mid-South. Plums can be seen in large thickets and scattered am… Read More
2011-04-02 12:39
Two things happened yesterday to prompt this post: first, the DC Public Parks hive at the Lederer Youth Garden was wrongfully accused of harboring terrorists, and second, misperceptions abou… Read More
2011-04-02 12:38
There are thousands of uses for honey in cooking and baking. The list of recipes issued by the American Honey Institute of Madison, Wisconsin, is almost endless. In practically every copy of… Read More
2011-04-02 12:37
Bees are some of the most commonly seen flying insects. As per entomology, they are closely related to other social insects, like the ants and wasps. Bees are not only important as sources f… Read More
2011-04-02 12:37
Every beekeeper runs into a testy hive once in awhile. Bees can get defensive for a lot of reasons. Most often, it is the beekeepers fault, dropping something, bumping the hive, moving too q… Read More

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