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AsuHub is a blog which primarily covers the business part of the internet, internet entrepreneurship guide, Health tips, & Recipes.
The Easiest Way To Make Money Online
2019-08-11 12:36
"The world is moving so fast that the man who says it can not be done is being interrupted by someone doing it" The digital age has brought countless of opportunities and ease in our da… Read More
Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies
2018-08-01 12:07
Procedures>Place your butter in a bowl, add some sugar and brown sugar use a mixer to mix.Then you add your egg and vanilla extract and mix it well, finally add some finely shredded carro… Read More
Roasted Chicken Bites
2018-07-30 11:35
Procedure>First  you cut your chicken bites into pieces.>Mix all your spices together and spread some little olive oil on the chicken bites and also the spices, mix and marinate t… Read More
How To Make Healthy Banana Nut Smoothie
2018-07-29 20:09
IngredientsBanana Almond Vanilla extractCinnamon IceProcedure>Pour 1 cup of almond into a blender and blend for a few minutes.>Add 1 chopped banana, cinnamon and 1 cup o… Read More
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
2018-07-28 15:06
Procedure>Add butter and cream cheese into a bowl,use a mixer and mix and then add some sugar and mix again with your mixer and add an egg then mix again.>After that you add your flour… Read More
Soft And Chewy Glazed Lemon Brownies
2018-07-27 11:41
Procedure>First you add your melted butter into a large bowl and add some sugar then mix and add your egg into it and use your mixer to mix, and pour some buttermilk and mix it all up.&gt&hell…Read More
Creamy Baked Macaroni And Cheese
2018-07-26 09:53
Procedure>The first thing you do is to cook your pasta, cook the pasta in a season water, when the pasta is cooked you drain it and keep aside.>Now in a pan add some butter until it me… Read More
How To Make Fried Pickles
2018-07-25 13:26
Procedure>Have your spices in a bowl and flour, Mix the spices with the flour, after mixing the flour and spices then keep  aside.>Break your cup of egg in a separate bowl and add… Read More
How To Make Crispy Courgette Fritters
2018-07-17 10:00
Ingredients500g courgette1 bunch fresh dill 6 spring onions1 eggVegetable oil1 clove garlic2 tbsp plain flourSaltProcedure>Grate the courgette and chop the spring onions.>Chop the… Read More
How To Make Banana Cake
2018-07-14 16:36
Ingredients BananaEgg Flour Sugar ButterProcedure>Cream butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, add milk, horlick powder an egg then mix well.>Add mash banana into the m… Read More
How To Make Fruit Salad
2018-07-11 13:02
Ingredients1 apple1 peach1 pearApricot 3 pieces2 pieces of bananaMix dry fruit MayonnaiseCreamIcing sugarProcedure>Chop all the fruits into pieces and mix them together in a bowl.&gt&hell…Read More
How To Make Churros With Chocolate Sauce
2018-07-07 23:04
IngredientsUnsalted butter FlourSalt Cream Cinnamon Vanilla extractDark chocolate Procedure>Add water in a heating pan and add your butter inside the pan.>In a different bowl, add flou… Read More
How To Make Scone
2018-07-06 12:20
IngredientsRaising Flour Coaster sugarDiced unsalted butterMilkcreamBaking powder andSalt1 eggProcedure>Sift the flour with baking powder and salt and stir in the sugar, using your f… Read More
Tropical Fruit Smoothie
2018-07-05 21:44
Ingredients2 to 3 cups fresh pineapples2 to 3 pieces medium ripe banana2 cups of fresh orange juice2 cups of crush ice Proceddure>Put the pineapple in a blender, add the banana and p… Read More
No Bake Chocolate Cake
2018-07-03 12:55
Procedure>Break 100g of cookies with hand and put them in a blender, then crush the cookies. >After blending add 50g of softened butter and blend again.>Put a little more softe… Read More
Potato Pancake
2018-07-02 19:16
Procedure>Peel 3 large potatoes and grate them, next you grate 1 medium onion. And mix the onion with the potato.>Squeeze all the water out and add 1 tbsp of flour, 1 egg and season wi… Read More
Fried Potato Balls
2018-06-29 13:26
IngredientsPotatoButterSaltEggBread crumbProcedure>Boil your potatoes for about 30 minutes, when they are cooked drain them and let them cool.>Put them in a bowl, peeled and chop add b… Read More
Scalloped Potato Roll
2018-06-28 09:48
Ingredients6 potatoes2 cups of parmesan, saltolive oil 2 tbsp1 sweet onion1 pound of grounded beefdiced tomatoes ,parsley 3 tbsp, paprika 1 tbsppepper 1/2 tsp2 cloves of garlic6 cups of spin… Read More
How To Make Egg Omellete
2018-06-26 13:38
IngredientsEggsUnsalted butterSaltPepper and fillingsProcedureBreak the egg in a bowl, add salt to it and whisk.Heat your pan and add butter to it and pep the fillings ahead of time to keep… Read More
How To Make Crispy Fried Chcken
2018-06-25 11:28
IngredientsMilkRed hotOnionWashed ChickenSpicesflourEggOilProcedurePour the milk in a wrap bowl and add your red hot and onion, mix thoroughly. Add the chicken into the milk, wrap it an… Read More
How To Make Split
2018-06-14 12:20
Procedure>Heat the pan on medium low heat and add 1tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of sugar and fry.>Split your banana and add into the pan, caramelize the banana from all sides.>Place th… Read More
2018-06-13 15:15
The internet is one of the greatest advancement in human history, playing a vital role in making the impossible possible nowadays.Making money online is no myth, there are tens of thousands… Read More
2018-06-13 14:37
IngredientsEggsChocolate chipsSaltBaking sodaVanillaSugar and brown sugarFlourButterProcedure>Take the butter and pour in a bowl, add the regular sugar and brown sugar use your mixer and… Read More
How To Make Fudgy Brownies
2018-06-12 12:49
IngredientsSugarFlourEggMelted chocolateWaterSaltCocoa powderVanilla extractButterProcedurePreheat your oven to 360 degrees.Mix the butter and sugar whisk until it combine, add your egg and… Read More
How To Make French Toast (Easy And Quick)
2018-06-11 08:41
Ingredientsslice breadeggsugarbrown sugarsaltmilkProcedure>Break your egg in a bowl, add your milk, sugar, salt and brown sugar and mix.>Add a drop of oil in your pan and butter spread… Read More
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
2018-06-09 16:28
ice cubes 6-8banana 2 largeyogurt 1 cuppeanut butter 2 tbshorlick chocolate powder 2 tbshoney 2 tbsAdd all the ingredients into a blender and blend to your preferred thickness,serve your smo… Read More
Southern Buttermilk Biscuit
2018-06-08 11:10
Procedure>First you add your flour and salt and a little bit of brown sugar, add your butter and butter flavor, Then you use your whisk and mix thoroughly.>Mix your milk and cream toge… Read More
How To Make Mayo Crunch Chicken
2018-06-07 08:33
Ingredients1 cup of mayonnaisebutter 1/2 cupsalt as per tastedry parsly leaves (2tsp)chicken fillet(1/2kg)floureggbread crumbProcedurepour your mayonnaise in a bowl, add the butter, salt and… Read More
How To Make Banana Milkshake
2018-06-06 12:01
ingredientsbananahoneymilkprocedurepeel your banana and put it in a blender add half spoon of honey blend until smooth.after blending the banana, you add one cup of milk into the banana and… Read More
How To Make Fruit Smoothies
2018-06-04 20:41
Ingredientsplain non-fat youghurt2 ripe bananas sliced1/2 cup rasberries1/2 cup blackberries1 cup slice strawberriesprocedurefirst of all, add your yogurt into the blender, then you add the… Read More
How To Make Omelette Sandwich
2018-06-03 22:21
ingredientsEggRed pepper and green pepperChopped green chiliSalt BreadketchupProcedure Break the egg in a bowl, add the pepper and green chili and a little bit of salt, whisk all of them tog… Read More
How To Make Fluffy Pancake
2018-06-02 20:48
Ingredients1 cup of flour2 table spoon sugar1/2 teaspoon salt1 tablespoon of baking powder1  egg1 cup of milk2 table spoon of oilProcedureMix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder an… Read More
How To Make A Cub Sandwich
2018-06-01 11:04
IngredientsToast breadTomatoesMayoLettuceBaconSmoked hamSmoked turkeyCheddar cheeseProcedureCooked up some bacon, you will need three slices for each club sandwich. next you slice your tomat… Read More
How To Make A Homemade Pizza
2018-04-15 17:14
Procedure:Preheat oven and a baking sheet to 220C/fan 200C.Mix strong bread flour, salt and fast-action yeast together in a large bowl. Quickly stir in lukewarm water and olive oil and bring… Read More
How Garlic Treat Cardiovascular Disease
2018-02-24 08:46
Cardiovascular disease is the type of disease that involves heart or blood vessels. It includes coronary artery disease. Disorders of the heart and the circulatory system cause more death t… Read More
Sell Pictures Online And Earn Money.
2018-02-22 16:40
Do you have the passion for photography? Can you take versatile and creative photos? Do you know with your digital cameras and cell phone cameras you can earn money online?Then why not utili… Read More
How To Make Carrot Cake
2018-02-21 15:30
IngredientsSix cups of grated carrotsOne cup of brown sugarOne cup raisinsFour eggsOne and a half cups of white sugarOne cup vegetable oilTwo teaspoons vanilla extractTwo cups of crushed pin… Read More
How To Earn Money By Unlocking Your Phone
2018-02-10 16:31
Every day you use your smartphones, not knowing that you can earn money by just swiping the lock screen to unlock the phone. There are several apps that will pay you when you unlock yo… Read More
How To Earn Money From Reward Sites
2018-02-10 16:20
A reward site is website that gives rewards for performing a specific tasks, these tasks are usually related to selected retailers and organizations. To start earning on these sites… Read More
How To Make A Healthy Eating Plan
2018-02-03 03:38
    When you plan your eating plan very well your body gets the nutrients it needs daily, also staying within your everyday calorie goal for weight loss. Healthy eating p… Read More
2018-01-28 05:54
Banana is an important fruit which is found in many part of the world, it contains many phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals which are very important to the well being of our body. Below… Read More
2018-01-26 23:15
Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. In which the airways become narrow and swell and develop mucus. this results in difficulty while breathing, chest pain, cough a… Read More
How To Loose Weight Using Apple
2018-01-24 11:47
The term weight loss in the field of medicine or physical fitness refers to reduction of total body mass, due to body fat, namely muscle, tendon, bone mineral deposits. It can also be referr… Read More
Join Online Micro Jobs And Earn Money
2018-01-24 09:11
Do you want make online by completing simple tasks? then here is your chance: how to  make money by completing micro jobs.All you need to do is sign up to any micro job sites. Micro job… Read More
9 Ways To Fight Menstrual Cramps
2018-01-21 15:55
Menstrual cramps are pains in the lower abdomen that happens during menstrual cycle, they can contribute to diarrhea and nausea. they occur due to chemicals that are called prostaglandins wh… Read More
What To Eat When You Are Hungry
2018-01-19 15:20
healthy foodTo live a healthy life, healthy eating is necessary. Healthy eating requires well planning. It is essential to plan for your weekly meals, plan what you want to eat and develop a… Read More
How To Cook Eggs In Four Ways
2018-01-16 22:21
EASY BOILED EGGSCook:5 - 8 MINSMakes: 4 Boiled EggsIngredients4 Whole EggsProcedureBring your eggs to room temperature before boiling. If the eggs are too cold, the shells may crack during c… Read More
Banana: Prevention Of HIV Transmission
2018-01-16 19:13
Banana fruit was found to posses antiviral and antifungal activity and it can potentially prevent the transmission of HIV. A compound called BanLec, which is a jacalin-related lectin was fou… Read More
7 Easy Tips For A Healthier Life
2017-12-08 16:15
We all want to be fit, healthy, and live a long active life. Right? But the question here is; what do you do for it? Well, everyone knows that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a h… Read More
How To Make Kransky Cheese Puffs
2017-11-20 14:23
Cook: 12 Cheese PuffsDuration: 30 MinutesServe: 4Kransky Cheese PuffsIngredientsOne and a half sheets of frozen puff pastry, thawed⅓ cup of tomato pizza sauce330g packet of Kransky Sli… Read More
2017-11-10 09:32
The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer, a general term for memory loss and other intellectual abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. About 50%-80% of dimentia cases ar… Read More
2017-11-09 11:39
Soursop fruit have a great number of advantages when it comes to medicinal benefits. Below are 4 Medicinal benefits of soursop fruit;Stress/ Anxiety/ Insomnia Relieving: If you are suffering… Read More
Medicinal Benefits Of Soursop (Graviola)
2017-11-06 09:19
Soursop was found to contain various phyto-constituents and compounds including alkaloids, flavonol, megastigmanes, phenolics, triglycosides, cyclopeptides, etc. It also contains major miner… Read More
How To Make Mexican Hot Dog Fiesta
2017-11-05 10:00
Duration: 35 MinsServes: 8 - 10Mexican Hot Dog FiestaIngredientsAvocado, Lime and Tomato SalsaTwo large avocado, dicedEight cherry tomatoes, quarteredHalf tea spoon of ground corianderOne ta… Read More
How To Make Bacon And Baby Bocconcini Pizza
2017-11-02 11:28
Duration: 35 MinsServes: 4-6Bacon And Baby Bocconcini PizzaIngredientsQuick Pizza BaseOne and a half cups of self-raising flour¼ tea spoon of saltOne eggOne table spoon of olive oil&n&hell…Read More
How To Make Cream PUFFS
2017-11-01 20:31
Preparation: 20 Mins Duration: 25-30 Mins Makes: 30 Mini PuffsCream PUFFSIngredientsOne cup of flourThree beaten eggs55g of Unsalted ButterOne cup of waterPinch of salt250ml of All Rounder T… Read More
How To Make Apple TEA CAKE
2017-11-01 09:56
Preparation: 20 Minutes Duration: 45 MinutesServes: 8Apple TEA CAKEIngredients180g of butter, meltedOne and a half cups (330g) of caster sugarThree eggs, separatedOne cup (250ml) of milkOne… Read More
How To Make Chocolate CAKE
2017-10-31 16:51
Preparation: 15 MinsDuration: 1 Hour 10 MinsServes: Dinner Party (8-10)Chocolate CAKEIngredients200g of good quality dark chocolateOne and a half cups (225g) of self-raising flour1/4 cup (25… Read More
How To Age With A Healthy Body And Mind
2017-10-31 16:19
Before i start let me ask you one question; Do you know that sexual activity can keep you looking good as you age? According to studies conducted in Sweden, elderly people who have sexual pa… Read More
How To Make Money Online As A Logo Designer
2017-10-31 15:52
In contrast to the internet, with the number of websites multiplying in a matter of days, the demand of good designers is going only one way, north..! The requirements of good logo designers… Read More
How To Prevent Flatulence (Aerophagy)
2017-10-31 01:16
Aerophagy simply results from “eating” air. Aerophagy is not dramatically serious, but the condition does turn the stomach upside down ( turning your stomach into a war zone),&nb&hell…Read More
Iron; With Regards To Strong Health
2017-10-30 08:07
Without iron, there would be no hemoglobin in the blood.Hemoglobin gives red corpuscles their color. And it is the hemoglobin that does the job of carrying oxygen to all parts of the body.La… Read More
How To Make Passionfruit Yo Yos
2017-10-30 07:20
Preparation: 20 Mins Duration: 18 Mins per batch Serves: For Party (20 or more)INGREDIENTSBiscuits250g of butter, softened2/3 cup (80g) of custard powderHalf cup (80g) of icing sug… Read More
How To Prevent High Blood Pressure
2017-10-29 20:25
According to research, people whose diet is rich in potassium (vegetarians for example) are less likely than others to develop high blood pressure.Calcium is also beneficial. Luckily, calciu… Read More
How To Protect Yourself Against Cancer
2017-10-29 19:28
Radical liberals, am not talking about political group, Nah! , but a kind of very active molecule that is suspected of being one of the causes of cancer.The big question here is; How can you… Read More
How To Combat Fatigue Seemlessly
2017-10-28 23:20
To avoid fatigue you must first make sure you are sleeping enough.One question you should ask yourselves is; is your nutrition sufficient? Generally women need at least 1200 calories per day… Read More
2017-10-28 12:50
Preparation: 20 Mins Cook: 25 Mins Serves: 4Sweet Potato ALFREDO PENNEIngredients400g of Sweet Potato, peeled, and choppedOne table spoon of oilTwo garlic cloves, crushed60g of bab… Read More
Using Heat To Cure
2017-10-28 12:12
Almost everyone has heard about how good a sauna feels, and of the relaxing effect of a steam bath which bathes you in hot vapor.But there are other heat treatments which are equally benefic… Read More
How To Stop Catching Colds
2017-10-28 11:31
Avoid coming into close contact with infected persons as much as possible, especially if they cough or sneeze.A person with a cold is extremely contagious, filling the air with fine particle… Read More
How To Digest Better
2017-10-27 23:27
Sometimes we find it hard for the foods we consume to be digested. Taking this into consideration we prepared this post to bring you the remedy for each type of digestion problem.There is a… Read More
How To Reduce Your Cholesterol
2017-10-27 17:38
Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid) in our bloods. Our cells need cholesterol, and our body makes all it needs. But we also get cholesterol from the food you eat. Having too much cholestero… Read More
How To Make Chicken And Mushroom Crepe Bake
2017-10-27 17:02
Preparation: 15 Mins Duration: 30 Mins Serves: 4Cheese Bechamel SauceIngredientsTwo cups of Devondale Full Cream Milk, heated3/4 cup Devondale Shredded 3 Cheese BlendOne table spoon of Dijon… Read More
How To Make Egg And Chicken Caesar Salad
2017-10-26 23:08
Preparation: 20 Mins Duration: 15 Mins Serves: 4 DressingIngredientsTwo table spoons of whole egg mayonnaiseTwo tea spoons of finely chopped chivesOne table spoon of Greek style yoghurt… Read More
The Anti-allergy Vitamin (Vitamin C)
2017-10-26 21:56
A lot has been said in praise of my good friend Mr. Vitamin C. So it is not a new thing and surprising that it is also very effective in treating allergic reactions like hay fever.As such i… Read More
How To Get Rid Of Liver Spots
2017-10-25 20:39
If you have liver spots, it is up to you to get rid of them. May be you took too much sun, without using the proper precautions like sunscreen, gradual exposure, etc. If you continue ignorin… Read More
How To Make Pear And Brussel Sprout Slaw
2017-10-25 14:45
Preparation: 15 MinsServes: 4Pear and Brussel Sprout SlawIngredientsDressingTwo tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive OilTwo tablespoon of apple cider vinegarTwo tablespoon of maple syrupSlawFour… Read More
How To Make Sweet Potato And Lentil Patties
2017-10-24 15:59
Preparation: 25 Mins Duration: 30 Mins Makes: 12 Sweet Potato and Lentil PattiesIngredientsHalf cup of brown lentilsOne tea spoon of ground cuminHalf tea spoon of ground corianderHalf tea s… Read More
The Pakistani Method Of Losing Weight
2017-10-24 15:21
Pakistani women are very clever when it comes to losing weight as they have an amazing trick they use to stay slim: they keep a string permanently tied around their forearms. A gentle but co… Read More
How To Beat Asthma To It Knees
2017-10-24 14:44
Asthma makes breathing difficult which is caused due to partially obstruction of the bronchial tubes. The cause of asthma is still not known. But if you are a patient of asthma, you can go t… Read More
How To Make Pear And Oat Slice
2017-10-24 14:22
Preparation: 10 Mins Duration: 35 Mins Serves: 6 Pear and Oat SliceIngredients Two and a half cups oatsOne eggHalf cup of oat milkOne tea spoon of vanilla extractHalf cup of plain flourTwo t… Read More
How To Avoid Cancer Caused By Smoking
2017-10-23 17:44
You can greatly reduce the risk of contracting cancer by drinking carrot juice as a smoker. This is according to the German Doctor Hans Nieper, who is the founder of Eumatabolic Medicine, a… Read More
How To Make Ricotta Pancakes
2017-10-23 15:58
Peparation: 15 MinsCook: 15 MinsMakes: 8-10Ricotta PancakesIngredientsThree eggs, separated3/4 cup (110g) self raising flourOne and a half tea spoons of baking powderUnsalted butter for grea… Read More

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