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Personal | Struggling With Body Image
2017-09-11 19:02
Body Image This is something I struggled with a lot when I was younger and thought I moved on from. We all have a touch of body dysmorphia, some have it worse than others, but it’s the… Read More
Workout | Full Body Workout At Home
2017-07-23 00:49
Full Body Workout At Home If you’re here from Kamilah Lee’s free 5 Day Image Makeover eCourse, Welcome! If you’re part of my regular audience and would like to take pa… Read More
2017-07-22 20:21
Pineapple Chicken Over Rice I’m a huge fan of pineapple, especially warmed saucy pineapple. One of my favorite dishes at my local Thai restaurant is Pineapple Chicken.I found a re… Read More
Recap | Mud Hero 2017
2017-07-11 15:19
I Am Not A Runner Running has NEVER been my strong suit. While I was on vacation in the mountains this past June I ran (sprinkled with walking) on 3 separate occasions and that was it. I don… Read More
Review | Crush YOLO Pre-Workout
2017-07-07 13:18
What is Crush? If you refer back to a previous post I did on Crush60 fitness plans, you’ll get a good idea of what Crush is (and also why I’m obsessed with them). But a little re… Read More
Competition Prep | Week One
2017-07-03 17:32
Bikini Competition Prep Season! I mentioned in my last update post that I’m competing in the November 25th East Coast Classic bikini competition. I am really excited about startin… Read More
2017-07-01 01:13
It’s Been Awhile, Just A Few Things To Mention! If you look back at my last blog post, I announced I would be publishing my first eBook on June 20th. Of course, as you can tell, that d… Read More
2017-06-06 13:03
What, wait? Yes! It’s almost ready! NOVA Lifts. A month or so ago I posted a survey to gather information about an eBook that I wanted to write. Well, it’s almost ready to releas… Read More
Workout: Leg Day With Glutes Focus
2017-05-13 12:43
I’m realizing now that I haven’t shared any workouts! Last week I’ve started going back to the gym full time in full force. I’m going on vacation June 10 so this seem… Read More
2017-03-31 14:48
Nutrition, Goals, and Knowledge Since starting this blog, I’ve noticed that its path has naturally gone to the way of educating people on their bodies, diets and healthy eating. I&rsqu&hell…Read More
2017-03-28 18:02
What is Spot Reducing? Well, spot reducing is the assumption that if you work out certain areas of your body or eat certain foods that you can target a specific area of your body and lo… Read More
Macros: A Full Day Of Eating
2017-03-15 01:31
Food Is Everything I recently posted a picture clip on Instagram of my relaxed and flexed abdomen. This sparked a lot of praise but also a lot of questions about how I look the way I do. As… Read More
2017-03-10 14:18
How To Handle Sugar Cravings We all have that one weakness when it comes to food. Mine, like a lot of peoples, is sweets. I see a cake, I want the cake, I usually will eat the cake. Like the… Read More
2017-02-27 15:10
My Top 24 Workout Songs I had a request to share my workout playlist! BTSK (Epique Trap Bootleg) – MS MR Roca Roca (Flying Buff Festival Trap Mix) – MC Brinquedo Burial &nda&hell…Read More
Counting Calories VS Tracking Macros
2017-02-19 03:53
Why Counting Calories Isn’t That Important Brace yourself, you’re about to learn something that will make eating and reaching your goals so much easier. We all hear that abs are… Read More
Best Chicken Marinade Recipe
2017-02-17 17:13
The Best Chicken Marinade Recipe I feel like today is a good day to talk about fitness food and what I consider the best chicken marinade recipe for a fresh taste. Generally speaking, y… Read More
Free Feminine Blog Themes
2017-02-14 20:47
Free Feminine Blog Themes When you’re first starting out with a blog, most people don’t want to drop $40-$120 on a theme when you’re not familiar with how WordPress works o… Read More
Starting A Blog
2017-02-14 20:10
*This post definitely contains affiliate links* How To Start A Blog On A Budget I’ve read COUNTLESS posts on Starting a blog. They’re basically the same with the differ… Read More
2017-02-13 13:29
I remember being in college and my friend, Chelsea, showing me the Tinder app for the first time. I was crazy about it. It was like a game a “Hot or Not” and the prize actually e… Read More
Why Cardio Isn’t Necessary
2017-02-10 13:47
Cardio And Why You Don’t Need It This post has taken days to write as it can be such a tough subject – I kid you not- for many people. The type of cardio I want to talk abou… Read More
Fresh Bean Salad
2017-02-09 20:15
Food runs the show in my life and with that, I like to be conscious of what I eat 80-90% of the time. My roommate is also a lover of food, and one of my favorite things about living together… Read More
A Fitness Plan That Actually Works
2017-02-08 00:55
*This is NOT an affiliate post. I don’t gain anything from posting this, monetary or otherwise* I’m on my second year of using this program created by Ben Williamson called Crush… Read More

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