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Quotes For Life Blog is for those who loves quotes ,specially photo quotes about life,love ,inspiration etc
Paya Calculation Tips For New Born Baby
2023-08-16 11:18
What is Paya in astrology?, how to calculate PAYA on the birth of a child?, what are the types of paya?, Remedies for good life. When a child is born, his character of name is taken ou… Read More
How To Awaken Dormant Powers Within
2023-07-27 12:04
How to awaken the unlimited powers within us, what are the benefits of awakening the dormant powers, super energy generator in our body, know the ways by which we can get amazing and incred… Read More
Wealth Mantra Of Kuber Ashtlaxmi Mantra
2023-07-20 11:11
Lyrics of kuber ashtlaxmi mantra, who is lord kuber, who are ashtlaxmi, importance, tips for best result. The Kubera Ashta-Lakshmi Mantra is a powerful mantra that is said to bring wea… Read More
Significance Of Adhik Maas In Astrology
2023-07-18 06:31
Date of adhikmas/malmas, What to do in adhikmas, Significance of Mal Maas in astrology, important celebration in adhi maas , what to do to attract success in life in purushottam month.Thi… Read More
KETU Impact On 12 Houses In Horoscope
2023-07-12 02:34
Predictions of KETU in 12 houses of the horoscope, know the auspicious and inauspicious effect of Ketu in different houses of the horoscope, केतु का 12 … Read More
What Is Vidhvansak Yoga In Horoscope
2023-07-05 08:01
What is Vidvansak yog in astrology, how destructive yoga is formed, what measures can be taken to avoid troubles, how long will Vidvansak yog remain in the transit horoscope.Vidhvansaka Yog… Read More
Impacts Of Saturn In 12 Houses
2023-06-23 13:22
Effects of Shani in 12 houses of the horoscope, auspicious and inauspicious effects of Saturn in different houses of the horoscope, शनि का 12 भा… Read More
Benefits Of Tulsi Healing Mantra
2023-05-26 05:13
Tulsi Healing Mantra, spell to remove curses and to attract health and wealth, Benefits of holy basil.One of the most powerful easy healing mantra is Om Tum Tulsaye Namah. This is very helpf… Read More
Planetary Transits In June
2023-05-24 09:21
Planetary Transits In June 2023, ग्रह गोचर जून २०२३,  know which planets will change their zodi… Read More
Benefits Of Yamashtakam
2023-05-22 12:14
 Yama Ashtakam with lyrics, Way To worship  God of Death, यम अष्टक स्तोत्र, यमा……Read More
Moon In 12 Houses In Astrology
2023-05-13 11:16
Moon In 12 Houses In Astrology, know the auspicious and inauspicious effects of Moon in different houses of the horoscope, the result of Moon in the twelve houses in birth chat, कì&helli…Read More
Kaalsarp Removal Mantras
2023-05-08 09:35
Kaalsarp Removal Mantras, Powerful Sarp Mantras For Kaal sarp removal, कालसर्प निवारण मंतî&hellip…Read More
Sun In 12 Houses In Astrology
2023-05-07 07:40
Sun In 12 Houses in astrology, Auspicious and inauspicious effects of the Sun in different houses in horoscope,, द्वादश भाव मí&helli…Read More
Benefits Of Durga Beesa Yantra
2023-05-05 13:10
What is Beesa Yantra, how to make Durga Beesa Yantra, what are the benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra, how to Siddha it?, Beesa Yantra image, बीसा यन्… Read More
When Will Nautapa Start
2023-04-18 06:28
When will Nautpa start in 2023, what is Nautpa, how to keep healthy during 9 tapa days.Every year the time of Nautapa comes when summer is at its peak but why does it happen, what is the imp… Read More
Details Of 11th House In Horoscope Reading
2023-04-10 12:49
What does the eleventh house of the horoscope tell in astrology, 11th House in birth chart according to Vedic astrology, what is the effect of various planets on the eleventh house of the ho… Read More
Keelak Strotram Lyrics And Benefits
2023-03-27 16:12
Devi Keelakam | Keelak Strotram from Duga Shaptshati  || Kilakam Stotra Meaning || कीलक  In Shri Durga Saptshati, the recitation of Keelak Stotra has b… Read More
Devi Kavacham Lyrics And Benefits
2023-03-24 11:38
 Benefits of Durga Kavach, lyrics of devi kavach with meaning, Durga Kavach in English.Goddess Kavach was told by Brahma to sage Markandeya and it has 56 verses.  Chanting it espec… Read More
Tantrokt Devi Suktam
2023-03-21 12:52
Tantrokt devi suktam, meaning of devi suktam, Lyrics of tantrokt devi suktam, Benefits, On line free tantrokt devi suktam, तंत्रोक्त … Read More
Shri Guru Ashtkam Lyrics With Meaning
2023-03-10 05:06
Lyrics of Shri Guru Ashtakam, Guru Ashtakam by Shri Ādi Shankarāchārya, meaning in english.There is a wonderful texts composed by Adi Shankaracharya, in which the importance o… Read More
Fifth House In Horoscope Details
2023-03-08 06:05
5th House in Kundli | According to Vedic astrology, what is the effect of different planets on the fifth house of the horoscope?, कुंडली का … Read More
Forth House In Horoscope Details
2023-03-06 09:47
4th House in Kundli | According to Vedic astrology what is the effect of various planets on the FORTH HOUSE in the horoscope, कुंडली का च……Read More
Third House In Birth Chart Detail
2023-03-04 05:28
3rd House in Kundli | According to Vedic astrology what is the effect of various planets on the third house in the horoscope, कुंडली का त……Read More
Hanumad Beesa Benefits And Lyrics
2023-03-01 07:01
Benefits of Shri Hanumad Bisa, हनुमद् बीसा, A simple way to please Hanumanji, Hanumad Beesa.One of the very simple ways to please… Read More
Second House In Birth Chart Detail
2023-02-28 13:56
Second house of Kundali, 2nd House in Kundli | According to Vedic astrology the effect of different planets on the second house in the horoscope.In the horoscope, every house has its own spe… Read More
What Is Kendradhipati Dosha In Astrology
2023-02-21 06:21
What is kendradhipati dosha, How does kendradhipati dosh form, How does Kendradhipati dosha get Cancelled?, Remedies According to Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses in a person's… Read More
Venus Transit In Pisces Sign Predictions
2023-02-14 09:28
When will Venus transit in Pisces in 2023, what will be the effect on 12 zodiac signs when Venus enters Pisces?,  predictions by astrologer( Transit 2023:Venus, the p… Read More
Sun Transit In Aquarius Prediction
2023-02-12 08:58
When will Sun transit in Aquarius in 2023, what will be its effect on 12 zodiac signs, know the predictions.The Sun, the king of the Solar System, will enter Aquarius on Monday, February 13… Read More
Where Is Ulte Hanuman Temple?
2023-02-02 10:22
Where is the world's only inverted Hanuman temple/ ulte hanuman mandir, what is the specialty of this temple, know the legend.The world's only miraculous ULTE Hanuman temple is situated at a… Read More
How 9 D Chart Transform Life Case Study
2023-01-31 07:37
How Navamsa Kundli changes life, know why Navamsa Kundli is important in astrology prediction, Real case study, know how planets of 9 D chart ruin life.Today we will analyze a horoscope whos… Read More
Aparajita Strotram Lyrics And Benefits
2023-01-30 11:52
Benefits of Aparajita Strotram, lyrics of aparajita strotram, how to recite, for whom recitation of Aparajita Strotram is beneficial?, know Hindi meaning.If we want to achieve success in lif… Read More
What Is Mahabhagya Yoga In Astrology
2023-01-28 13:00
What is Mahabhagya yoga in astrology, when is Mahabhagya yoga formed in the horoscope, what are the benefits of Mahabhagya yoga?, example horoscope of महाभा… Read More
Benefits Of Navagrah Kavach Strotram
2023-01-25 11:56
 Benefits of Navgrah Kavach Stotra. Benefits of Navagraha Kavach. lyrics of navagrah kawach|Navagraha means Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Depending on… Read More

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