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Your meditation at home, experience the pure relaxation of new age zen music and peaceful free relaxing music, get health tips for holistic healing, news and guided meditation videos.
2022-08-08 01:00
Music is the perfect accompaniment to achieving a state of relaxation and well-being. That’s why background music is so important in a Spa: a wellness centre is a place dedicated to re… Read More
2022-07-25 01:00
Meditation may seem like something that is reserved for Buddhist monks, but it’s very important to not underestimate the power of even one simple mindful breath. Training the ability t… Read More
2022-07-18 01:00
Water From Your Spring is a sweet zen song with water sounds that will bring you to a peaceful state of mind as soon as you hit the play button. Make sure to check out the album Water Sounds… Read More
2022-07-11 01:00
We all know about the powerful help that special frequencies can give us to make us more relaxed and ready to fall asleep at night, especially delta waves. But what if we could use their hel… Read More
2022-07-04 01:00
Today’s free track is called Moonlight Melodies and it hides a powerful sleep aid: delta waves. It belongs to the album Celestial Lucid Dreaming Songs – Spiritual Music for Angel… Read More
2022-06-27 01:00
For centuries the Irish harp was the instrument that accompanied the relaxing moments of the nobility. It is still used today to bring a sense of great relaxation and peace, thanks to its so… Read More
2022-06-20 01:00
If you are going solo on a summer trip this year don’t forget to bring along some good music. Ambient Airports Music is the perfect track to listen to while you wait for your plane, re… Read More
2022-06-13 01:00
Today we are officially in the Mood for Summer! Are you ready for the new season? Enjoy some relaxing vibes with this peaceful music for a stress-free summer this year. Check out the album S… Read More
2022-05-30 01:00
What better way to welcome a new month and a new season than by starting a meditation practice? Perhaps you have already tried to meditate in the past but without reaching a level of consist… Read More
2022-05-23 01:00
Sometimes it can happen to feel unmotivated, weak or numb without a known cause. In those cases, there is the possibility that they can be caused by an imbalance of the chakras, and being ab… Read More
2022-05-16 01:00
Would you define yourself as a positive thinker or as a pessimistic person? Studies have shown that it can impact your physical and mental health, and that being a positive thinker is defini… Read More
2022-05-02 01:00
If you need to release some stress and remove negativity to start the week in the best possible way, you can do it with the right music. This track’s soothing ambient sounds can be hel… Read More
2022-04-25 01:00
When we study or focus on a demanding task it’s always important to keep calm and don’t feel overwhelmed. That’s why we are sharing with you Calm Front, a free track from t… Read More
2022-04-18 01:00
Today song comes from the album 22 Relaxing Songs for 2022 – New Music to Boost Your Mood and its soothing atmosphere truly does what you expect. Since 2022 is not finished and times a… Read More
2022-04-11 01:00
Does music relieve physical pain and help healing the body? A large number of studies have provided considerable evidence that music can decrease pain levels. Wonderful news… Read More
2022-03-28 01:00
This Music for Chakra Meditations will transport you to a distant and exotic world, where the Zen melodies and oriental sounds will create the right relaxing atmosphere to practice your favo… Read More
2022-03-21 01:00
Something a little different today for our weekly post: an inspirational track to help you get through a blank page. When we feel stuck before starting to write an essay, a schoolwork or eve… Read More
2022-03-14 01:00
When Monday comes, we all know what it means: we need to get ready to work, or study, the best that we can. If you are having trouble staying awake until late to finish your work tasks or st… Read More
2022-02-28 01:00
This week’s album and track are all about spending some sweet romantic spa time with beautiful asian zen songs. We think taking a break is absolutely necessary from time to time, and s… Read More
2022-02-21 01:00
Today we want to celebrate Mother Earth by recommending you this beautiful tune below, from the album Natural Mystic Mood – Positive Vibrations to Meditate with Mother Earth. We love t… Read More
2022-02-14 01:00
Happy Monday and happy Valentine’s Day to all! Today we bring you a song suitable for the day, which is called In Your Eyes, from the album Valentine’s Day Music Collection 2022… Read More
2022-01-31 01:00
Welcome to a new Monday Songs post to get you through your week! Today’s track is called Halls of Karma, from the album Morning Meditation 2022 – Soothing Sounds of Nature for Wa… Read More
2022-01-24 01:00
This week we’d like to spend some quiet moments with you all, to truly recharge for the week ahead. Today’s track belongs to a very particular album called Music for Cleansing Ri… Read More
2021-12-20 01:00
Today’s a special day because we’re officially entering the Christmas holidays season! So get ready to enjoy this time of the year with some relaxing Christmas music. Listen to t… Read More
2021-12-13 01:00
Reiki treatments help to relax and release all tensions, stress and negative thoughts, but also joint and muscle pains, migraines and much more. With this soothing reiki music you can try a… Read More
2021-12-06 01:00
Music with delta waves may help to relax and work as a head massage treatment, which can improve deep sleep states and also help with tinnitus relief. If you need to block out outside noises… Read More
2021-11-29 01:00
When there is less sunlight we feel sadder: this is the phenomenon of the Winter Blues, which involves an increased depressive mood that seems to occur only in the winter months. The fundame… Read More
2021-11-22 01:00
When it’s getting cold and dark outside all we’d like to do is chill and relax with the right music, especially if it’s rainy. Today’s track is a chillout song from t… Read More
2021-11-15 01:00
This week we’d like to share with you a special track called Music for Getting Work Done, from the album Music for Getting Work Done – Deep Focus Electronic Background Songs to I… Read More
2021-11-08 01:00
Becoming a minimalist is a life style choice to stop relying on your belongings to pursue happiness. It was originally inspired by Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism, and it focuses on k… Read More
2021-11-01 01:00
During the coldest months of the year we all like to get more rest and sleep, especially if it means we can stay in a cozy warm bed. That’s why we designed this peaceful music for you… Read More
2021-10-25 01:00
We like to do things a little different around here for Halloween. No relaxing music for you today! And since no Halloween party is complete without the right scary music, we suggest you to… Read More
2021-10-11 01:00
All tea ceremonies contain an adoration of the magnificent amid the unpleasant facts of everyday life, and also refinement, inner spiritual contentment, humility, composure and simplicity. I… Read More
2021-10-04 01:00
Seasons change and we now welcome Fall, the coziest season, with a soothing ambient song from the album Autumn Serenade Collection – Songs of Start of Seasons, Deeply Emotional Music… Read More
2021-09-27 01:00
Today’s track Lonely Water comes from the album Water Sounds Massage Music – Ocean Soundscapes for Spas. Listen to this soothing piano song with water sounds anytime you need, to… Read More
2021-09-06 01:00
Soul healing is an energetic and holistic technique that helps to better understand ourselves and what underlies our behaviors, moods and emotional blocks. To overcome our limiting beliefs… Read More
2021-07-26 01:00
Very often, fiction is more relaxing than reality, and that’s also why we like some stories so much. Writing a story can also be an alternative meditation practice: by relaxing and let… Read More
2021-07-19 01:00
Breathing is so simple and natural but we often do not breathe deeply enough and that can cause a series of health problems, such as anxety, stress and even some form of depression. We often… Read More
#MondaySongs: Yoga Music For Night
2021-07-12 01:00
Have you ever tried doing night yoga? Try out this free track with relaxing native american flute while you practice a yoga flow aimed to relax your body and calm your mind at the end of the… Read More
2021-07-05 01:00
There’s nothing better than soft romantic piano solo music to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere and attract love with the mind. If you are looking for the best instrumental mu… Read More
Crying Meditation – Let It All Out
2021-06-24 01:00
You came to meditation after reading reports on the endless benefits of mindfulness. You’ve probably heard that it can ward off aging, help you make more rational decisions, protect yo… Read More
2021-06-14 01:00
Many people believe in the ancient idea that humans can leave their bodies during dream states, when it’s possible to have visions and vivid dreams. This is called astral projection, a… Read More
2021-06-07 01:00
The term yoga generically means a technique of asceticism or a method of meditation, present in different forms in the different currents of mystical Indian movements, which aims to free peo… Read More
2021-05-31 01:00
Start the week the right way and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation with our super relaxing music. You can get a relaxing massage with this beautiful background music track and let these so… Read More
2021-05-24 01:00
The healing practice of sound baths is thousands of years old, with deep roots in cultures all around the world. It’s a meditative experience that uses spiritual and purifying music f… Read More
2021-05-10 01:00
The season preferred by lovers of warm days and sunlight is right behind the corner, and we are ready to keep you company with our relaxing music with sounds of nature such as ocean waves, b… Read More
Have You Been Languishing?
2021-05-06 01:00
A few days ago a colleague told me that she doesn’t feel that excited about next summer, even with vaccines on the horizon. She doesn’t feel like making any plan. My boyfriend ju… Read More
2021-05-03 01:00
The ancient discipline of feng shui is a set of practices of reading and interpreting the landscape, the shapes of the buildings and the spaces inside the buildings, in order to avoid negati… Read More
2021-04-19 01:00
If you have been following our blog for a while, you probably already know everything about delta waves and how these frequencies can influence our mind and body. By listening to the track b… Read More
How To Start Reading Tarot
2021-04-08 01:00
Tarot cards won’t actually tell your future. But that’s beside the point. Starting reading tarot is the most powerful way to tap into your intuition. The cards and their rich ima… Read More
2021-04-05 01:00
What’s better than feeling completely relaxed and refreshed on Monday after some deep Sunday relaxation? Well, for us, everyday is like Sunday! That’s why today we are sharing wi… Read More
4 Things You Can Stop Doing Post-Pandemic
2021-04-01 01:00
Constant self-optimization is not normal. By treating our lives as systems to be optimized, we can lose focus. We fail to realize that efficiently circling around is not the same as aiming f… Read More
2021-03-29 01:00
Wether you’ve ever dragged the volume slider on your iPhone all the way up to feel more awake or, conversely, to fall asleep, you know how music can make you feel better. Nowadays, the… Read More
2021-03-22 01:00
Hammam has fully entered the most popular and desired beauty treatments, the temple of relaxation where East and West meet. Hammam and sauna have various beneficial qualities: they allow you… Read More
2021-03-15 01:00
The bansuri is one of the oldest musical instruments of Indian classical music. It is the traditional Indian bamboo flute and we really like to insert it in our songs to create a particular… Read More
2021-03-08 01:00
Let the healing begin: today’s free track is called Reiki Sleep Music and it’s part of the album Reiki Sleep Music – Background Songs for Deep Restorative Sleep Reiki Sessi… Read More
2021-03-01 01:00
You know what they say about spring … it restores new energy to the body and soul and increases desire. After all, it is the season of love! For this reason, today we offer you this… Read More
2021-02-22 01:00
Water is not only fundamental for our physiological wellbeing, but also for our mind. The sound of water has positive effects on our mental health, that’s why we often use it in medita… Read More
2021-02-18 01:00
My world has been ruled by diets for years. Calorie counting, food restrictions, the inevitable guilt whenever I go “overboard” with eating. In all my interactions, even the most… Read More
2021-02-15 01:00
Are you looking forward to spring? Spring brings with it not only the colors, scents and warmth of nature that awakens around us, but also a new hope. Hope to return to a better life, to sur… Read More
2021-02-08 01:00
Today’s free track is called Isochronic Wave Music and it contains isochronic tones, which are being studied as a potential therapy for a variety of health conditions, like pain, ADHD… Read More
4 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition
2021-01-28 01:00
A little voice in my head always chides me: you don’t know what is best. You don’t know what is right. You don’t know what you want to do or should be doing. Whenever I hav… Read More
How To Stop Seeking Validation From Others
2021-01-21 01:00
It starts out naturally. What’s the first thing you do as a child when you accomplish something? You look up to your parents for recognition that yes, you did a good thing. Growing up… Read More
2021-01-14 01:00
Is it normal to cry during meditation? Well, crying during meditation is perfectly fine. Quite frankly, I shouldn’t even be stating this. But I recognize that it can feel quite intense… Read More
5 Ideas To Start 2021 Off Right
2021-01-07 01:00
The start of the new year is the perfect time to start anew. Or maybe not. Some people are inspired to forge a new path because the calendar signals it’s time; others frown upon the id… Read More
2020-12-24 01:00
Christmas is a time of giving, and here at Meditation Relax Club we want to give our love to everyone. We are truly grateful for all of our readers that have and continue to support us in ou… Read More
2020-12-21 01:00
Music is one of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs and India is the land of tantric pleasures, so why not spice up your love life with some nice indian music? Listen to the song below and… Read More
How To Spend Christmas During Covid
2020-12-17 01:00
It’s Christmas! Time off work! Music, bright lights, presents! But this is still 2020, and we can’t help but deal with Covid. The pandemic is shaking up all our plans and traditi… Read More

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