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Halcombe Norilsk Blog
Movies, literature, fashion, music, wide range of unique stories and a lot of more gripping things... as the adventures of the peerless character Halcombe Hackney Norilsk.
The New Hit Of Rosalia
2022-08-10 11:16
Rosalia does not stop. Earlier this year, she released a new album, and similarly, she has worked with the best artists. Her new hit Despechada has everything to become the song of summ… Read More
International Book Fair Of Italy
2022-07-13 15:09
The new interview of Halcombe Norilsk did take place last week. It lasted 30 minutes and I explained several issues which can be deemed interesting. You can see the full interview following… Read More
Videos About Barcelona
2022-06-21 12:58
 Attending "Sant Jordi" for the first time aside, Halcombe also had time to record some videos during his stay in the city of Barcelona last April as you can discover right nowRead this… Read More
My Hotel In Barcelona, Spain
2022-06-12 08:04
I stayed at the hotel Expo Hotel Barcelona where I was for several days because I was invited to "Sant Jordi" for the first time, the day of the rose and the book, the book fair of Barcelona… Read More
Visiting The City Of Pamplona, Spain
2022-04-12 05:11
I visited the city of Pamplona in northern Spain recently and thanks to this post you can enjoy some pictures and videos I took from the city centre of this beautiful city in which I had a p… Read More
Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock At The Oscars
2022-04-06 13:56
I thought it was a set-up when I watched it live on television. But it was not, everything was real. After winding Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz up with little gift as they are… Read More
2022-04-01 07:58
The new advertisement from Louis Vuitton is really spectacular. It is starred by South Korean actress Hoyeon Jung who is also a model as her impressive figure proves but who is mor… Read More
2022-03-15 06:35
I had heard a lot regarding Italian writer Roberto Saviano. In fact, he has appeared plenty of times on television for instance because apart from his knowledge he is sentenced to death this… Read More
Historic Rise Of The Ebro River
2022-03-02 05:22
 Last December, the Ebro river experienced a huge increase in its flow in Zaragoza, northern Spain. You can discover it on this post.READ THIS IN SPANISH: Río EbroHistoric R… Read More
My Hotel In Madrid, Spain
2022-02-27 09:21
I chose Hotel Mediodía (Midday Hotel) in Madrid as it is very close to Atocha Train Station and the truth is, it was a good choice because of its location and quality as the following… Read More
Visiting The City Of Logroño
2022-02-23 04:15
Despite living and being from the north of Spain I had never been to Logroño until recently. Not long ago I visited this beautiful city as the following pictures and videos show. One… Read More
Interview In Argentina Of Halcombe Norilsk
2022-01-28 14:12
 The new interview of Halcombe Norilsk took place inside the second International Book Fair of Argentina. You can discover it following this link:Halcombe Norilsk ArgentinaREAD THIS IN… Read More
The Last Days Of Evarista
2022-01-16 14:50
 This January, 19th, it is one year since my incredible dog Evarista passed away to whom I paid homage in this article:Evarista 2005-2021READ THIS IN SPANISH Los últimos d&i&hell…Read More
The Best Songs Of 2021
2022-01-01 08:57
As always, I am choosing the best songs of the year and as always there is a wide variety of music genres: rock, punk, remixes, pop, or indie. Enjoy these songs now:    READ THIS I… Read More
PEC: The Comic Vision Of Susanna Moodie
2021-11-01 06:24
Inasmuch as one has deeply read the texts selected from Susanna Moodie´s piece of literature: “Roughing it in the bush”, I am in the position to talk with regards to the co… Read More
2021-09-29 07:20
The Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe has claimed that Heart of Darkness is an "offensive and deplorable book" saying that Conrad does not provide enough of an outside frame of re… Read More
Rosie Mac Loves Halcombe Norilsk
2021-09-01 06:31
Indeed dear reader. The British actress, model and singer Rosie Mac who lives in Spain since she was a child, in Andalucia to be exact, loves me irremediably as you are to discover. &nb&hell…Read More
Novak Djokovic Roland Garros 2021
2021-06-18 05:05
The assumption belief we have been hearing for the last 15 years which makes us believe Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are undoubtedly the best two players in tennis history is more and more… Read More
Joy Van Der Eecken
2021-06-16 05:22
The Belgium model Joy Van der Eecken is according to my belief one of the models with a brighter future in the world of fashion. She is not excessively famous at the moment but she… Read More
Review: NH Hotel Ciudad Of Zaragoza
2021-05-01 07:11
I have stayed in NH Hotels many times (Rome, Madrid or Barcelona for instance). READ THIS IN SPANISH NH Hotel Ciudad de ZaragozaIn fact, I already wrote about my experience in the… Read More
Miley Cyrus:
2021-04-09 03:00
Miley Cyrus keeps surprising me positively again and again. Last summer, she released an excellent single, Midnight Sky, her new album is great similarly and this cover of the… Read More
Halcombe Norilsk: An Interview In India
2021-03-13 12:17
I have made an interview with an Indian publication regarding the books and the writing career of Halcombe Norilsk. You can read it now.READ THIS IN SPANISH Entrevista en la IndiaHALCOM… Read More
Evarista: October 2005-January 2021
2021-03-02 04:48
“Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole”My wonderful dog Evarista died on the morning of the 19th of January, 2021. She was 15 years of age. She was… Read More
Canadian Literature In English
2020-12-05 09:01
This is the list of authors I have to study and pieces of writing I have read inside the subject: Canadian Literature in English. (Original Article)CANADIAN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH  &nbsp&hell…Read More
2020-09-23 05:56
 The web is now a gold mine for all food lovers looking for simple recipes to make but also and above all for those looking for advice on where to find a quality restaurant. In thi… Read More
AC/DC  The True Story Of Bon Scott
2020-09-01 06:43
 It is just 40 years of the publication of one of the best albums in rock history: Back in Black. Read this in Spanish AC/DCWe are talking of one of the most sold albums of all tim… Read More
The Rolling Stones Criss Cross
2020-07-25 08:19
               The new music video of The Rolling Stones is a song from 1973 called Criss Cross that was not finally included in the album: Goat&acute&hell…Read More
2020-07-22 08:24
After visiting the cities of Cadiz and Seville, the team of the Italian series "Italy Cook and Love" visits Malaga, the hometown of legendary painter Pablo Picasso, to discover the Italian R… Read More
Miley Cyrus Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
2020-07-06 08:21
The recent conversation in Twitter between popstar Miley Cyrus and the president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has made me remember the last hit of Cyrus: Nothing breaks like a heart.&nbsp&hell…Read More
Italy Cook And Love Episode 2
2020-06-23 10:23
The Italian series Italy Cook and love about which I was selected to write in my blog in Spanish Ser un Tusitala aired its second episode the other day. This amazing series stopped because o… Read More
2020-06-07 06:47
PEARSON MEDIA GROUP IS A SCAMThey send this kind of email to scam people. Be careful."Hi,Wishing you well!I'll keep this short and precise to make it worth your time. My name is E. Pete… Read More
KILL4ME Marilyn Manson
2020-05-18 08:18
I am a big fan of Marilyn Manson this is why I have found incredibly great a song I did not know: Kill for me (KILL4ME). (Read this in Spanish: Kill4me ) The song is so good t… Read More
An Interview With Halcombe Norilsk
2020-05-12 09:20
I have done an interview because of the publication of my new book: "El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis". Follow the link to read it: Interview Halcombe Norilsk Halcombe Norilsk… Read More
The Rolling Stones Living In A Ghost Town
2020-04-25 14:41
Living in a Ghost Town is the new song of The Rolling Stones. It was produced before this coronavirus crisis and it was going to be included in a new album The Roling Stones intended to… Read More
The Shining Stephen King
2020-04-15 14:23
I have widely enjoyed The Shining by Stephen King. It is a long novel to say the truth but it is easy to read. Read this in Spanish The Shining I am a big fan of Stanley Kubrick, I read… Read More
The Origin Of Coronavirus Covid-19
2020-03-30 07:59
Chinese people do love to eat wild animals. Hunters take these wild mammals and take them to local markets where they live until there is one buyer. These wild animals transmit new viruses t… Read More
Eat Garlic And Onion To Defeat Coronavirus
2020-03-25 15:17
Since coronavirus is spreading so fast, there is no cure, there is not a vaccine as yet and it is easy to catch it we depend on our immune system to fight it. 80 percent of people infec… Read More
Italy Cook And Love Episode One
2020-03-05 10:16
The Spanish blog of Halcombe Norilsk, Ser un Tusitala, has been selected to write about and to emit the Italian television series "Italy Cook and love" in which some experts visit Italian re… Read More
The Truth About Brexit
2020-02-01 09:35
David Cameron had a relevant majority and he was ruling Britain comfortably. After gaining the Scotland referendum in 2014 (he only allowed it to end the prospect of an independent Scotland… Read More
Diego Maradona
2020-01-15 08:36
How many more times must we see the goals of Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup??? (one of them with the hand we must remember). The supposed great Maradona, who never won… Read More
2020-01-02 09:45
I know I should have watched a Christmas movie for Christmas but the truth is I watched The Mule by Clint Eastwood. I watched it with my parents and I encouraged them to follow the example o… Read More
The Bizarre Christmas Tree Of Tarazona
2019-12-27 08:14
This is the Christmas tree of my village Tarazona, Zaragoza, Aragon, Northern Spain, Southern Europe. What do you think? At first, I thought it was a gigantic hat. It contains lights once ni… Read More
Oscar Wilde The Happy Prince.
2019-12-18 09:00
The end of Oscar Wilde is one of the saddest and even unfair in the history of Literature. After reaching a relevant position he saw himself prosecuted by an important man who destroyed his… Read More
Painting Of Emiliano Zapata
2019-12-15 08:20
There is a huge controversy in Mexico over the painting depicted in this post. The painting represents Mexican hero Emiliano Zapata as if he were gay or a woman. Besides, the horse you see h… Read More
2019-12-01 10:00
Chapter four of the television series Vida Perfecta (Perfect life) has stolen my heart. This chapter has been shot in Tarazona, my village, the place where I live. If you are born in London… Read More
Dog And A Hero At The Same Time
2019-11-25 10:04
The dog this picture depicts is a hero. He/she helped United States forces to capture a dangerous terrorist in Syria the other day. The terrorist died and the dog was injured. Donald Trump h… Read More
The Irishman By Martin Scorsese
2019-11-20 15:34
The new movie I really want to watch is The Irishman by Martin Scorsese. It is the 26th film overall that Martin Scorsese directs. Likewise, it is the ninth collaboration… Read More
Election Day In Spain (again)
2019-11-12 08:50
Spain is to live its fourth election in four years, the second of this 2019 year this Sunday. There is a plethora of political parties, consequently, forming a lasting government is a gruell… Read More
Black Ice Tribute To AC/DC
2019-09-23 15:11
Black Ice pays homage to AC/DC Read this in Spanish Black Ice AC/DCBlack Ice tribute to ac/dcThe following videos were taken from a Black Ice concert in Zaragoza, Spain.BLACK ICE T… Read More
Best 30 Supermodels In The World
2019-09-22 08:14
Halcombe does not follow the rules. He does not believe the hype. Halcombe trusts his taste thereby he loves to scrutinize everything from a particular and rigorous point of view. Read his l… Read More
2019-09-16 08:38
(Original article Versace)  Versace is one of the most important fashion brands in the world. Similarly, the death of its founder, Gianni Versace is still an unsolved crime. This i… Read More
KTL: Historic Punk Concert
2019-06-17 06:43
It was the year 2002 and Halcombe recorded the following punk concert that can be deemed as one of the finest moments in punk history. The punk band KTL played in Cunchillos, Tarazona, Zarag… Read More
2019-04-13 07:38
Joaquin Phoenix stars the new version of the famous character Joker. The trailer is exciting as you can see on this post. (Read this in Spanish Joker) The movie Joker premieres this October… Read More
Jimmy Fallon Conor McGregor
2019-04-01 06:34
Irish fighter Conor McGregor celebrated St. Patrick´s Day alongside Jimmy Fallon in an Irish pub of New York City. They talked about a lot of things as the interesting following v… Read More
2019-03-23 07:41
Once upon a time in Hollywood is the the title of the ninth movie by Quentin Tarantino. It has  Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie as main protagonists. The trailer of Once… Read More

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