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List Of Dabur Health Supplements
2021-04-19 07:38
Usage : Dabur Chyawanprash has a tangy sweet-sour taste and the consistency of jam. It can be taken directly or with milk and as bread spread. In winters, have a glass of warm milk after hav… Read More
2021-03-30 10:15
Ready to laser engrave just about anything? Meet the DJ6. It's a laser engraver for virtually any surface. The DJ6 has an open frame design, so objects of nearly any size can be engraved.&nb&hell…Read More
Qbi - Magnetic Blocks And Cars
2020-12-13 13:45
When you are looking for a fun and enriching activity for you child, Qbi delivers. Its exciting and lots of fun.The cars and magnetic track blocks make for a great family game. Unleash your… Read More
Shell - A Backpack For A Lifetime
2020-11-22 14:27
Shell is an ultimate backpack designed by Tropicfeel to meet modern day travelers. Shell will always have your back from your day to day commute to your weekend getaway and your travel adven… Read More
Best 4K TVs Of 2019
2019-12-19 05:45
Televisions at the end of 2019 are all about the 4K sets, ultra HD resolution panels, with increased detail and pixel count creating sharper images. The trend of 4K TVs looks set to continue… Read More
Top 10 Routers And Laptops
2019-11-16 03:08
Top 10 Routers : A wireless routers is crucial for a good online experience as nothing can be more frustrating than an intermittent connection.Netgear Orbi ProNetgear Orbi AC2200 RBK23T… Read More
Best Scenes Of Bahubali 1 And 2
2019-10-11 16:22
Baahubali is a Indian epic action film directed by S. S. Rajamouli and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. The movie was two-part epic action films Baahubali: The Beginnin… Read More
Amazon Forest Burns Unabated
2019-08-27 05:32
A picture released by Greenpeace shows smoke billowing from forest fires in the municipality of  Candeias do Jamari, close to Porto Velho in Rondonia state, in the Amazon basin in north… Read More
Tips To Naturally Get Ride Of An Oily Scalp
2019-08-27 05:27
Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe vera gel controls oil secretion, nourishes and moisturises your hair roots. Mix one tsp of freshly extracted aloe vera gel along with a few drops of lemon juice and appl… Read More
Seven Sisters Of G7
2019-08-27 05:16
(From L) Japan PM's wife Akie Abe, European Council President's wife Malgorzata Tusk, Australia PM's wife Jenny Morrison, wife of French President Brigitte Macron, Chiles First Lady Cecilia… Read More
What Mukesh Ambani Told Shareholders
2019-08-13 03:04
Transactions with Saudi Aramco and BP will create win-win relationships, generating significant strategic value for partners.Expect to complete these transactions within this financial year… Read More
How To Identify Symptoms Of West Nile Virus
2019-07-26 17:25
When a mosquito bites, it injects you with a tiny amount of saliva. If that mosquito recently fed on bird infected with the west Nile Virus, you might have just received more than a bug bit… Read More
RedBus Promo Codes - Only On PhonePe
2019-06-29 09:08
Up to 15% Off* maximum ₹100 on redBus booking only on Apps on PhonePe. Use Promo Code: CRICKETOR Up to 15% redbus Cashback maximum ₹150 on redBus booking only on Apps on Pho… Read More
OnePlus 7 Pro Review
2019-06-14 11:37
The new OnePlus 7 Pro has gorgeous, notchless screen, cool hardware, and smart software features. From the front, the phone almost looks like a Samsung, until you realize there's no notch, j… Read More
How To Cut Down On Phone Use
2019-03-30 05:01
Are you nomophobic? It means you Fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it. However, if you're looking at ways to cut down on your phone use, here's a… Read More
Top 7 Best Productivity Apps
2019-03-28 12:33
In our daily lives, work consume a significant portion of our day. So, to look for solutions that help us save time is always a bonus. Here are a few of the best productivity app currently a… Read More
2019-03-11 05:30
Francium - If you want to buy a gram of francium, you need to pay at least a billion dollars. Although, even if you had that kind of cash laying around, you probably wouldn't be able to get… Read More
Ironpeak - Stylish Sports Sunglasses
2019-02-03 15:49
Just wear it and create a new routine with the most effective and high quality wearable sunglasses Ironpeak. When your smartphone is connected Ironpeak you can check sounds around you a… Read More
SolarCru - Ultra Slim Solar Panel
2019-01-30 15:24
Meet SolarCru the smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger. Charge your device with solar energy efficiently. The highly sensitive panels can charge even in the shade. Charge your… Read More
A Climbing Robot
2019-01-28 04:26
Scientists designed a soft robot that can curl and climb, just like plant tendrils. The soft robot is made of a flexible PET tube, containing a liquid with electrically charged particles (io… Read More
Honour 10 Lite - 24MP AI Selfie In Style
2019-01-17 05:59
Honour 10 Lite features Gradient design, EMUI 9.0. This phone will be fashion icon which you can hold in the palm of your hand. The HONOR 10 Lite features an industry-leading dewdrop no… Read More
40 Things To Know About Taylor Swift
2019-01-15 16:02
1. Her first hobby was English Horse Riding and she competed in horse shows.2. Taylor is the first country singer to win an MTV video music award. Her video "You belong with me" won the best… Read More
Underwater Sculpture Garden In Gili Meno
2019-01-02 09:22
Snorkel through this underwater sculpture garden in Gili Meno, Indonesia. It's called Nest by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. It features 48 life size humans submerged in water. Here's how to… Read More
2018-12-18 10:31
Climate change will drive our water supplies to shrink due to drying soils and generate intense rain. A study warned drought-like conditions will be normal soon. Data from 43,000 rainfall st… Read More
Top 5 Mobile Games
2018-12-17 16:04
2018 was the years when mobile gaming finally took off in India. With cheap data and capable entry-level smartphone readily available, a new community has emerged from the shadows transformi… Read More
Google Removes 22 Apps From Play Store
2018-12-10 05:22
Google, in a bid to keep its play store clean, recently removed 22 apps which showed malicious behaviour. According to Ars Technica, these apps were downloaded over two million times.The 22… Read More
How To Delete Your Amazon History
2018-12-10 05:06
Amazon allows you to delete your browsing history on the site, including what you've watched on Prime Video. 80% of online shoppers will be using Amazon to search for gifts this holiday seas… Read More
E-Fusion - A Game Changer In Chargers
2018-11-09 15:32
With so many people needing more and more power on the go. Bricks, cables and dongles just aren't cutting it. So E-Fusion has decided to gather them all in one place. E-fusion is a wall char… Read More
Best Ultraportable 2-in-1 Laptop - Falcon
2018-10-29 17:27
Introducing the Falcon, the world's first 8 inch 2-in-1 computer. It can easily turn into a full keyboard laptop or a powerful tablet within seconds. It's incredibly compact mobile and power… Read More
5 Things That Make Mosquitoes Bite You More
2018-10-09 14:22
1. Heavy Breathing - Larger people and pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide which female mosquitoes can sense.2. Working Out - Mosquitoes like the lactic acid in your sweat.3. Drink Bee… Read More
Boat Plane Hybrid - Airfish 8
2018-10-09 02:01
This marine craft could change the way people travel. The Airfish 8 flies like an airplane, docks like a boat, and is powered by a V8 car engine. The craft is designed to take off and land o… Read More
Top 10 Airlines For A Long Haul Holidays
2018-10-07 10:45
1. Emirates Airlines - Score: 73.53, Fleet Size: 275, Destinations: 1832. British Airways - Score: 75.30, Fleet Size: 275, Destinations: 1833. Singapore Airlines: Score: 73.55… Read More
Story Of Vietnam Economic Miracle
2018-10-07 04:20
30 years ago, Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in the world. Now its economic growth rivals China, so how did Vietnam do it?1. Vietnam invested hugely in its people and infrastructur… Read More
NITW To Set Up Centre Of Excellence
2018-10-07 03:44
The National Institute of Technology, Warangal will soon establish the Siemens Centre of Excellence' (Siemens CoE) soon at a cost of 210 crore. Director of NIT N.V. Ramana Rao said that 90 p… Read More
Trash For Cash In Taiwan
2018-10-06 10:25
You can now pay for the metro with trash. this machine in Taiwan takes bottles and kitchen waste as payment and reimburses people with money on their metro passes.One of the Taiwanese said… Read More
High Hanging Hammocks
2018-10-06 05:36
Ticket To The Moon designed an 80 meter line rig in Tijesno Canyon, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to fill this huge space with hammocks, a special five meter hammock was made to hold part… Read More
Top 10 World's Highest Paid Actors 2018
2018-10-04 14:04
1. George Clooney ( $239 million )  - Clooney brought in the highest ever earnings of his career. last June, British liquor conglomerate Diageo announced it would purchase Clooney's teq… Read More
Saudi Arabia Opened High Speed Train
2018-10-01 13:54
Saudi Arabia has opened a high speed train linking the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The $16bn project is part of efforts to boost tourism revenues as the country seeks to shed dependence… Read More
7 Amazing Facts To Know About Modern China
2018-09-24 15:48
1. China leads the world in electric vehicles. In 2017, China made and bought more than half the world's new electric cars, by offering strong incentives to build, buy and drive electric veh… Read More
12 Products For People Who Love Beer
2018-09-21 11:40
1. Bottoms Up Beer System - This beer dispenser pours a perfect pint from the bottom of your glass. When a cup is placed on the dispenser, a magnet lifts to let the beer flow. The system wor… Read More
2018-09-17 11:13
Functions of Our Skeleton - Our body is made up of bones, joints and muscles. We have 206 bones in our body. All the bones together from our skeleton. The skeleton gives shape to our bo… Read More
India's Biggest Thali
2018-09-15 15:15
This place in Delhi Serves India's biggest vegetarian Thali. Kutumb restaurant at Rohini is serving gigantic thalis and it's not for the weak hearted. The Sampurna Thali has more than 45 dis… Read More
Karimnagar Helplines
2018-09-15 14:44
Karimnagar is a Municipal Corporation and district headquarters of Karimnagar district of Telangana state. It is situated on the banks of Manair River, which is a tributary of the Godavari R… Read More
5 Tips For Selling Your Old IPhone
2018-09-13 14:48
If you're ready to upgrade your iPhone and sell your old device, here are 5 tips to get the most money!1. Sellers get about 30% more cash using by back sites like Gazelle or Nextworth versus… Read More
7 Products For Quick Fixes Around The House
2018-09-10 05:44
1. Drain Weasel - This tool cleans hair clogged drains. The Drain Weasel has hundreds of micro hooks that picks up any hair.Just attach the wand, spin and pull to remove the clog. Best of al… Read More
9 Products That Are Perfect For Wine Lovers
2018-09-04 04:45
1. Coravin - It's a device that lets you drink wine without busting the cork. It keeps your wine fresh!2. VinniBag - The air cushion protects and insulates wine bottles. It secures wine bott… Read More
Mental Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise
2018-08-30 11:26
From reducing the risks of neurodegenerative disease to strengthening your memory, exercise is great for your mental health in a number of ways. Regular physical activity helps keep your key… Read More
3D Printing Will Change The World
2018-08-27 13:42
3D Printed Cars - LSEV is set to become the first commercially available 3D printed electric car by 2019. Besides the glass windows, seats, and chassis, the car is essentially completel… Read More
10 Awesome Gifts For New Parents
2018-08-18 05:39
1. Lalabu Shirts - It's an everyday t-shirt with a carrying pouch, so parents can hold their babies close. Lalabu offers parents the unique opportunity to spend quality time with their… Read More
DUO - Second Monitor For Your Laptop
2018-08-16 04:57
This attachment creates a second monitor for your laptop. DUO from Mobile Pixels allows you to take your office anywhere! Mobile Pixels provides a secondary laptop monitor that gives laptop… Read More
The Shoe That Grows - GroFive Expandals
2018-07-30 11:17
These shoes can grow up to five sizes. They are called The Shoe That Grows and they have three adjusting parts. The front can grow, the sides allow the shoe to expand and the back adjusts fo… Read More
2018-06-16 09:38
Dubai gets world's first urban maze! Find your way out of this maze at Jumble at AI Barsha, Sheikh Road. Spread across two massive floors, this mind boggling maze is a real test of your skil… Read More
Andamans Mud Volcano
2018-06-10 02:29
Located just 100 kilometres from the city of Port Blair. Lies the only live mud volcano in the whole of India called 'Jalki' by the locals. The mud volcano is one of the main tourist attract… Read More
Freak Storm Hits India
2018-05-05 03:52
A violent dust storm tore through northern India killing at least 100 people. 800 mph winds and rain uprooted trees, cut power and killed livestock. The storm struck at night and killed many… Read More
Asia's Largest And Prettiest Tulip Garden
2018-04-30 02:31
This is India's Answer to Amsterdam Keukenhof Tulip Garden. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden in Kashmir is now in full bloom. There are about 12.25 lakh Tulip bulbs of 40 varieties an… Read More
2018-04-19 03:24
This suspension footbridge in Randa, Switzerland, is the longest one in the world. The bridge spans 1620 feet in length and its highest point is 279 feet above the ground. It opened to the p… Read More
2018-04-19 02:26
Scientists have designed carbon fibre based artificial muscles that can lit up to 12,600 times their own weight.Composition - Coils comprised of commercial carbon fibres and reinforced silox… Read More
Run In Flip Flops - IGUANEYE Jungle
2018-04-13 16:21
These shoes are an upgrade on flip flops which are perfect for the beach and they won't fall off! Creators say it feels like you're walking barefoot and they are called iGUANEYE Jungle. Port… Read More
Helio Portable Solar Power
2018-04-11 14:32
This portable bank powers your adventures with solar. Helio is a rugged device that collects energy from the sun wherever you go. It has a built in light if you need a flashlight or it can c… Read More
Importance Of Earth's Magnetosphere
2018-04-11 04:43
Here's why we're not all on fire right now. Earth's Magnetosphere is big bubble of magnetism that surrounds our planet and protects us from the fiery sun. The magnetosphere deflects most of… Read More
UNESCO : Villa Romana Del Casale
2018-04-09 12:46
This luxurious estate in the Sicilian countryside dates back to the late Roman empire. Built between the 3rd and 4th century, it remains on of the most valuable historical and artistic sites… Read More
Heated Magic Windshield Wipers
2018-04-09 12:02
Mercedes Magic Vision wipers improve visibility and cut waste. You may never have thought about improving windshield wipers. But this update makes them safer and more economical. It works by… Read More
Wearable Measures Muscle Oxygen - Humon Hex
2018-03-30 14:49
This wearable helps endurance athletes understand their bodies. Humon Hex is worn around any muscle. Sensors are able to detect oxygen levels in the muscles in real time. This is the most ac… Read More
Real Life Trash Eating Video Game
2018-03-29 05:03
This real life floating trash collector is also a video game. It all started with the Urban Rivers project in Chicago. The UR team created the largest floating garden in the Windy City and t… Read More
Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower
2018-03-26 05:11
Greenworks is the ultimate battery powered outdoor equipment. The powerful G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery provides two gas performance and is able to power multiple tools for a complete… Read More

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