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Lamhat(moments) Blog
Blog of hindi and english poetry and stories and also translations of famous poets' works of urdu,persian,hindi,english languages.
Woh Eid, Eid Na Hogi
2020-05-24 11:52
वो ईद, ईद न होगी। (Woh Eid, Eid Na Hogi.)Covid Era is a different time and we are experiencing the things differently… Read More
Ghar Wapsi (Reverse Migration)
2020-05-15 09:44
घर वापसी (Ghar Wapsi) - Reverse MigrationOnce village people migrated to big cities in search of food and work because industrialization created opp… Read More
Zameen Pe Jannat
2019-08-31 09:54
Zameen Pe Jannat - #SaveKashmir Some temporary sections of #Artcle370 revoked by central government and our relation with Jammu and Kashmir changed. I am not talking about the geographi… Read More
2019-03-20 10:17
रंगो का त्यौहार - होली !Holi is celebrated as festival of communal harmony in which Musl… Read More
Hindustan Banaya
2019-01-25 13:26
हिंदुस्तान बनाया। Republic Day of India celebrates its togetherness in diversity. The con… Read More
2019-01-01 10:58
जश्न (Jashn) - Celebrationरुख़्सत हुआ पुराना, नए का … Read More
A Christmas Carol
2018-12-25 07:14
A Christmas CarolSince two months or more I haven't posted anything here because I am suffering from an ailment. It is not that I was always not able to write but I didn't feel to write but… Read More
Two Minute Medley # 8
2018-09-04 07:21
Two Minute Medley # 8 Dr S. Radhakrishnan's birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. Happy Teachers Day and also festivals who went away giving happiness in our life. Happy Raks… Read More
Eid-ul-Zuha - Share And Care
2018-08-19 11:34
Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and CareThis festival's actual motive is to recreate Abraham's act of readiness to sacrifice his own son for Allah's command. This not shows Allah promote killing but sho… Read More
We All Are One
2018-08-14 07:56
We All Are OneWe all are one. This thought needs to be glorified now than any other time in the history of India. Never ever in any circumstances 'Muslims' were told to Go To Pakistan. Never… Read More
Main Kyun Likhta Hun?
2018-07-01 12:40
मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ ? (Mein Kyun Likhta Hun?)I often asked this question to myself that w… Read More
Eid In Palestine
2018-06-06 07:13
Eid in PalestineThe world has endless problems some out of mistakes and some out of power yet people decode the every possible way to be happy and satisfied. Palestine is one such place and… Read More
Shayari #24 : Mother's Day
2018-05-13 07:14
शायरी # 24 (Shayari # 24) Couplet # 24 : Mother's DayHappy Mother's Day to all on this occasion sharing Munawwar Rana's shayari on 'Maa' (Mother) for which he i… Read More
Haiku : Labour Day
2018-05-01 07:14
Haiku : Labour Day Toil, tools and techniquemake us unique, respect-love,we want to achieve. ####### Read More
2018-04-27 13:34
सूनापन! (Sunapan) - Lonliness - Mahadevi Verma27th April is Birth Anniversary of Mahadevi Verma. She perfectly portrays the emotions of love, longing,betr… Read More
Hum Chup Rahenge!
2018-04-20 10:40
हम चुप रहेंगे ! (Hum Chup Rahenge!) We Will Remain Silent!This is the high time we must speak. If not walk on roads, or in c… Read More
Shayari # 23 : Sukoon
2018-03-31 13:34
शायरी # 23 : सुकून (Shayari # 23) Couplet : तल्ख़ हयात की क… Read More
Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam
2018-03-25 12:48
रुके-रुके से कदम। (Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam) - Halted Steps by GulzarRuke-Ruke Se Kadam written by Gulzar … Read More
Salute To Women
2018-03-08 14:02
Salute to WomenWomen play many roles in her life and we men are always indebted to her for her contributions in our life. Not only in homes she is achiever in every field possible. This Inte… Read More
Festival Of Colors - Holi
2018-03-01 08:02
Festival of Colors - HoliHoli is the Indian festival of colors. Colors denotes respect,joy and compassion towards each other that's why people forget all their differences during this festiv… Read More
Shayari #22 : Ishq
2018-02-14 06:59
शायरी # 22 : इश्क़ (Couplet #22 : Love)When love is in the air there is nothing better than to describe it in a sher ( couplet). This she… Read More
Our Constitution
2018-01-25 07:52
Our ConstitutionCelebrating one more Republic Day on my blog is a great feeling. The constitution is an oath which make us one as a nation without it we have no national identity. It guarant… Read More
Chupke Chupke Raat Din
2018-01-11 10:06
चुपके-चुपके रात दिन (Chupke Chupke Raat Din) Hasrat Mohani who gave us the famous slogan… Read More
Messiah Arrive
2017-12-24 11:33
Messiah Arrive 25th December marks the birthday of Jesus Christ the man who sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity. He spread message of love, care, humanity & forgivene… Read More
Shayari # 21
2017-12-23 12:25
शायरी # 21 (Shayari # 21) Coupletसाथ तेरे ही रुख़सत हो ज… Read More
Two Minute Medley #7
2017-11-30 10:21
Two Minute Medley #7Here is another episode of Two Minute Medley where I share short, crisp and instant poem on any topic. Some current events are covered in this episode too.Zaheer Khan-Sag… Read More
Shayari # 20
2017-11-17 07:17
शायरी # 20 (Couplet)कैसे बताएं तुम्हें कित… Read More
Just Friends
2017-10-26 10:26
Just FriendsSince childhood I love herI don't know whyshe also play, study ,roam with me,with me she laugh & cry.College separated but not togetherness,she still for me care,our parents… Read More
Remove The Darkness Within
2017-10-18 12:39
Remove The Darkness WithinDiwali is not only the festival of artificial light but the light of enlightenment we ignite in ourselves. Togetherness, sharing, giving and the things like that as… Read More
Madhushala (Few Verses)
2017-10-10 10:17
मधुशाला (कुछ छंद ) (Madhushala) - The Tavern - Harivansh Rai Bachchan 'Madhushala' (The Tavern) is the most… Read More
Two Minute Medley #6
2017-09-30 11:04
Two Minute Medley #6In this edition of two minute medley I like to wish Happy Dussehra to all of you. Including tragic Elphinstone Road Railway Station stampede incident and Muharram Mournin… Read More
Shayari #19 - Eid-ul-Zuha
2017-09-01 13:08
शायरी #19 - ईद-उल-जुहा Eid-ul-Zuha, Eid-ul-Adha or just Bakra Eid means feast of sacrifice. Here sacrificin… Read More
Sabse Achcha Dost
2017-08-06 18:30
सबसे अच्छा दोस्त। (Sabse Achcha Dost)The bond between a sister and brother is the most beautiful and… Read More
Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
2017-08-05 12:56
Friend In Need Is A Friend IndeedThis poem portrays how a true friend should be and includes the premier post (in this case Prime Minister Narendra Modi) as the most trusted friend. All frie… Read More
Two Minute Medley #5
2017-08-04 07:42
Two Minute Medley #5Two Minute Medleys are short poems in Hindi & English for events around us. Anything which comes in mind instantly seeing or hearing things.गुपé&helli…Read More
Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai Revisited
2017-07-26 07:41
आज भी तन्हाई है। (Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai) - Lonely Even TodayThis bilingual poetry was written on 11th September 201… Read More
Shayari #18
2017-07-08 10:19
शायरी #18 (Couplet)The current killings in the country in name of religion inspired this Sher (couplet). सदियों म… Read More
Aaj Eid Hai!
2017-06-25 13:46
Aaj Eid Hai!Eid-ul-Fitr is feast of Ramzaan. The day which is dedicated to celebrations after the month of fasting in which Muslims need to share there happiness with those who are less priv… Read More
2017-06-09 07:15
ख़याल (Thought)How lover forget himself in love is expressed in this bilingual Ghazal first written on 9th Feb 2012. In need to refresh my earlier Ghazals… Read More
2017-06-05 05:20
Haiku - Counter TerrorTerror in the world togetherness is the keyhold hands against it######Avoid the blame gamedivision is their mission life in unity Read More
Tu Hayaat Ka Savera Hai
2017-05-14 07:15
तू हयात का सवेरा है। (Tu Hayaat Ka Savera Hai)Mothers are that light of the god which fulfills… Read More
Subah Ho Jaaye Revisited
2017-05-04 10:01
Subah Ho Jaaye Revisited (सुबह हो जाए)This the second post I shared on this blog in 31st August 2012. Like earlier sharing of old poem i… Read More
2017-04-28 08:21
First They Came For - Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)Today I am sharing 'First They Came For' - the statement of a German pastor Martin Neimoller which is often regarded as a poem. T… Read More
2017-04-21 13:42
शायरी #17 (Shayari #17) Couplet मज़हब के साथ जब दिल भी ê&hellip…Read More
Meri Keemat Revisited
2017-04-16 12:07
Meri Keemat Revisited ( My Value)This is the first poem I shared on this blog on 30th August 2012. I don't know why by I felt sharing it today. Maybe because I have more readers now than I h… Read More
Shayari # 16
2017-03-26 06:57
शायरी # 16 (Shayari # 16) Couplet - Akhtar Nazmi वो ज़हर देते तो सबक……Read More
Literature In Motion #1 DDLJ
2017-03-16 09:27
Literature in Motion #1 DDLJMovies considered as Literature in Motion and keeping that concept in mind I am trying here to present that literature in a poem. Its an experiment and what bette… Read More
International Women's Day
2017-03-08 06:23
International Women's DayA man is nothing without a woman in his life still women struggles to get her desired position in life because men consider himself a better sex. Let's create a worl… Read More
2017-03-03 07:18
एहसास (Ehsaas)हर पल मेरे ही साथ तू होता ह……Read More
Pyaar Ki Raah Chune
2017-02-12 12:50
प्यार की राह चुने। (Pyaar Ki Raah Chune)Season of love starts with valentine week i.e the various da… Read More
You Cry Alone
2017-02-05 06:56
You Cry AloneOur pain only become point of laughter for the others. It is better to gather your will power and stand at your own in any situation of your life. This poem is just expression o… Read More
Shayari # 15
2017-01-31 12:24
शायरी # 15 (Couplet) खोए हुए हैं हम ज़माने से … Read More
Haiku : Republic Day
2017-01-25 11:10
Haiku : Republic DayRepublic Day is the celebration of our unity and integrity. This is the day a scattered nation came to be known as India giving each one of us a identity greater than our… Read More
Maraz-e-Ishq - Ibrahim Zauq
2017-01-07 11:57
मरज़-ए-इश्क़ ! Maraz-e-Ishq (Ailment of Love) - Ibrahim ZauqFirst post of this year starts with the translation of Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq's 'Mara… Read More
Ek Saal Aur Beet Gaya
2016-12-31 07:00
एक और साल बीत गया। Ek Aur Saal Beet Gaya.2016 is almost over and we are ready to welcome new year 2017. Th… Read More
Merry Christmas
2016-12-24 13:11
Merry Christmas - A Ten LinerWhen world celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ we must also remember his message of love and compassion. World today is deprived of peace and humanity becaus… Read More
Haiku  - Winter
2016-12-10 13:54
Haiku - WinterShort days long nights,the sun is not that much brightwinter has arrived Read More
Two Minute Medley # 4
2016-12-02 10:30
Two Minute Medley # 4Two minute medley is my way of seeing happening around in poetic way. They are short and crisp poems two or four liners in Hindi and English. They may be in both the lan… Read More
Haiku - Demonetization
2016-11-22 09:08
Haiku - Demonetization These set of Haiku will give you a glimpse of the situation around. Although it is a good move but neither the banks nor the government were prepared for its smoo… Read More
Shayari #14
2016-11-13 13:38
शायरी #14 (Shayari #14) - Coupletमदहोशी का ये आलम यूँ ह… Read More
2016-11-05 10:57
This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 58; the fifty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Saravana… Read More
Ek Diya Jalate Hain
2016-10-28 07:40
एक दिया जलाते हैं। Ek Diya Jalate Hain (Lets Light A Candle)Diwali is a festival of light which not… Read More
Hum Dekhenge
2016-10-18 13:46
हम देखेंगे ! (Hum Dekhenge!) - We Will See! - Faiz Ahmad FaizHum Dekhenge or we will see is a revolutionary song of Faiz Ahmad Faiz whic… Read More
Mann Ka Ravan
2016-10-11 10:30
मन का रावण (Mann Ka Ravan)A Hindi Kavita song with a message of Dussehra that we all must conquer our the evils residing in us to have a bette… Read More
Haiku - War
2016-10-05 06:56
Haiku - WarBrutal destruction,graves,ruin,terror,bloodbath,peace murderer war Read More
Kuch Badlega ?
2016-09-24 12:15
कुछ बदलेगा ?(Kuch Badlega ?)Will anything ever change? That haunts me whenever I started thinking deeper about crime against women in In… Read More
Blank Notebook
2016-09-18 11:36
Blank NotebookShe opened a blank notebook,notebook to write the truth she knew,she knew it is tough to write,write the destiny of her unborn child,child for whom his husband returned,returne… Read More
Shayari #13
2016-09-15 12:28
शायरी # 13 Shayari #13 (Couplet)मुस्कुराकर कोई सज़ा दे……Read More
A Story Yet Unwritten
2016-08-28 10:12
A Story Yet UnwrittenAs a human being each one of us is capable of telling a story but many of us didn't know the correct way to express it so some tales becomes private for our own hearts o… Read More

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