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Tyler, Ink. Blog
My name is Tyler. I am an artist, author, poet, creator, observer.
Coming To Terms
2017-02-15 04:29
I've begun to realize something this Valentine's Day.I used to think God kept dealing me shitty hands all my life, with never making any female progress. I didn't realize that a girl wasn't… Read More
My Decades As Valentine's Reject
2017-02-13 01:23
"I want to help you, but I don't know how. I want to soothe you but I can't speak out.I have many fears about rejection, I have many memories of pain.I have always been a little shy, so I'll… Read More
2016-12-21 00:01
Well. Things were going great. I was planning on writing a sort of retrospective of all of 2016's things I loved. Had a catchy title. Talk a little bit about Christmas maybe. Well maybe I'll… Read More
26 And Counting: A Shapshot Into The Life
2016-10-30 22:12
Another year down. Another year without a first kiss, another year withou---yeah. I think by now you get the picture.But with it being another year down, and another year without all that, e… Read More
Had The Moon. But Wanted You.
2016-06-02 01:26
When I was younger I used to dream about what it would be like to have sex with a girl. These days I dream about what it would be like to go on a date, see a movie with one.___I'm a creep. I… Read More
2015-11-25 01:40
"Do you want to be friends...maybe?"That's all I had to say. That's all I had to fucking say. That's all I had to fucking say.From the third day of class I have with this pretty, nice girl… Read More
2015-10-21 23:59
Again, I used to be quite close with my cousins, and whenever we got together we would play basketball. I can still remember it like it was yesterday: we were playing PIG, and it was my shot… Read More
2015-10-17 02:16
I mow my parents' lawn every week on a riding lawn mower. It takes about two hours to mow the whole lawn, so it's a perfect chance for some one on one time with my music. I download A LOT of… Read More
2015-10-02 01:21
Suffocation. No breathing. Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding. Not exactly my tune lately, but close. I didn't want to write a post that was just negative negative negative, but now… Read More
2015-09-14 19:25
A few years ago I put myself on eHarmony for a very brief period of time. When I was on it, I wrote on my front page that I have both Asperger's and OCD. Now, this profile statement must hav… Read More
2015-06-21 00:20
I think that I could write a novel, maybe a great screenplay. I could... But I won't. These things will not happen. I can live with this. Coming to terms with the fact I will be alone for th… Read More
2015-03-25 22:15
Hello, I know it's been a while. I'm trying to get back into the groove of things here though, so bear with me.I've got a few bits of new-to-me music that I don't think are very common knowl… Read More
2015-02-05 20:29
Truth time: video games are my life. I own every current-gen system, every last-gen system, and hundreds of games. I buy and play all kinds of games, from shooters to sports games, from stra… Read More
2015-02-05 01:52
It has taken me quite some time to finish penning this post, a half a year. This is one of the hardest things I have to talk about. I suppose that's why it has taken me this long to write ab… Read More
2014-12-04 18:54
"I love you baby, and if it's quite alright I need you baby." That's what they said in the most recent movie I saw. I think about these words... I think about these words and I think to myse… Read More
2014-11-13 16:05
Quick one for you today, folks -I had quite the revelation today: everybody matters, everybody has potential. This semester in school I've been taking a once-a-week weight condition&nbs&hell…Read More
2014-10-28 15:09
I was never good at math. Things wern't panning out as a writer. I'm too shy to be a teacher. In Ninth grade I hit my niche, it was called Graphic Design class. I was a natural at Photoshop… Read More
2014-10-21 19:28
Hello, today I would like to tell you about a duo of two brilliant artists I just recently discovered, and who sing a few songs that have absolutely DOMINATED my mind throughout the last wee… Read More
2014-10-21 18:22
"Nice sweater" I remarked to the beautiful young lunchroom attendant as she took my money in exchange for the day's meal, as I was in an unusually good mood and she was wearing a unique swea… Read More
2014-10-08 02:13
Isn't it funny how things work out in life? For instance, these two movies came into my life at a time when I really needed them. Not too soon and not too late, but at exactly the right time… Read More
2014-08-05 19:42
Oh God, oh my Lord tell me whenWhen did I start putting material wealth over everything else?Family, school, work, God, every damn thingLet's be honest, it was a long time ago, this outcry i… Read More
2014-07-01 02:21
"How ironic," I thought, how ironic that I share the same temperament and the same affection for the same best friend as you, how ironic that I would be the source of so much pain for you. H… Read More
2014-05-01 15:18
Here is the reboot of my favorite chapter of my memoir. Again, minor changes.Click HERE for Chapter I REDUXClick HERE for Chapter II REDUXClick HERE for Chapter III REDUXClick HERE for Origi… Read More
2014-04-16 01:04
I made a new invention everyone, it's called "the nothing vLog" and it's a four minute long video of me doing and talking about absolutely nothing. I don't know, I tried to do an update I ju… Read More
2014-04-03 17:32
Hello friend. Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of thinking. And, well, I've come to the conclusion that I'm gay. Yes, it took me 23 years living without even a chance at holdin… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
"Liberty," "In God We Trust," "2005." That's all it said. That's what it said on the money I picked up today at the book store. Yes, I picked up money, despite the fact money is quite possib… Read More

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