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2018-09-05 20:17
Mini indoor architectural planters are terrific accessories. Rarely are indoor architectural planters as unique and memorable as these cement containers. They look like parts of modernist ou… Read More
2018-08-23 20:11
Classic pizza, without cheese, is perfect for summer. What makes a summer pizza? Nothing new!  It’s simply pizza without cheese though it goes by the Niçoise name —… Read More
2018-08-13 19:30
The idea of a gold tile kitchen backsplash may sound a bit Dubai — but no!  Combined with glossy black cabinets and white counters this gold tile kitchen backsplash becomes a key… Read More
2018-08-01 20:17
Open plan showers are designed to occupy areas without enclosures. A main feature of open plan showers is maximum exposure of surfaces such as walls and floors. That’s why there is a… Read More
2018-07-20 21:02
I never thought of chickens as pets. Heck, I never thought of chickens, period. And then a whole flock of them fell into my lap. I have my friend and neighbor, Elektra, to thank for that. E… Read More
2018-07-10 22:45
Using a dining room china cabinet for storing clothes in my bedroom is practical and economical. I always hated bedroom furniture. But when I sold my house and moved into a new apartment the… Read More
2018-06-18 21:31
A dear friend of mine, Donna Gelb, has co-authored a wonderful book called Saladish (Artisan, $24.95) and I couldn’t resist this close up of a cucumber salad that I recently made from… Read More
2018-05-30 21:40
Three years ago I started reading about linen bed sheets. Ironically, this was the time when I began selling off high-quality Sferra king-size cotton sheet sets on eBay with the aim of reduc… Read More
2018-05-07 22:07
Standard curtain panels can look more luxurious than they are. Earlier this year I moved into a new apartment that’s comfortable enough to stay as long as I like. The windows are relat… Read More
2018-04-10 13:14
Warm and crumbly cornbread falls into the realm of comfort food. While I’m not a Southerner, I’ve always appreciated the quick simplicity of cornbread. Over the years, I’v… Read More
2017-12-31 00:09
Wishing all of my friends and readers a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year! — Jane… Continue ReadingThe post Happy New Year appeared first on Atticmag Read More
2017-12-23 15:54
I’ve been away but wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and offer my hope that you will all have and enjoy the blessings and joys of the Christmas s… Read More
2017-05-29 21:45
Will dark green kitchens slowly replace black for those who favor intense inky hues? Green is coming into its own in the kitchen and dark green kitchens — call them inky green or Briti… Read More
2017-05-14 18:34
The shade of blue on a front door can range from sky to navy or even lean towards teal. The color of the front door counts. Why? Because color sends a message about mood and taste of the peo… Read More
2017-04-24 13:27
Peony pink ranges from blush to intense with its own subtle spectrum in each blossom. Bubblegum — not peony pink — was the mid-20th century pink hue I remember in bathrooms and k… Read More
2017-04-10 13:40
What’s kitchen character? It’s the idea of using one unique element to make a kitchen memorable. Too often these days I see kitchens that are sadly cookie cutter. They often look… Read More
2017-04-02 15:17
Black accents add contrast and drama to interiors with nuanced pale neutral hues. Black accents in neutral rooms can be as subtle as picture frames or small pieces of furniture. Or, black ac… Read More
2017-03-26 13:03
My TV room ottoman has a new life and a bright look thanks to a repurposed vintage tablecloth. I repurposed a vintage tablecloth — natural linen with royal blue cross stitch embroidery… Read More
2017-02-20 22:42
Grand picture walls offer maximum impact and color in any space from a hallway to a gabled room. Grand picture walls present themselves in a variety of ways. A wall can be considered grand d… Read More
2017-02-13 06:08
Five striped décor ideas create colorful originality and eccentric chic in a Long Island country house. Striped decor can be a no-brainer or a tough sell. That’s because stripes… Read More
2017-02-06 15:15
Crazy old-fashioned, this architectural dovecote is an outbuilding with unique style and purpose. Incredibly charming and beautifully constructed by hand, this dovecote was built in Somerset… Read More
2017-01-30 10:06
Freestanding showers are constructed against glass partitions, making the enclosures nearly invisible. With freestanding showers, finished shower piping becomes a skeleton that performs. The… Read More
2017-01-23 10:09
What luxury to have the benefit of a large space at the top of the house dedicated to quiet pursuits. The concept of an attic reading room is novel today — no pun intended. It als… Read More
2017-01-16 12:14
Pale green kitchens are looking neutral as colors become subtle and complex. It’s easy to think of pale green kitchens as falling into the Nordic/coastal category but, for me, they hav… Read More
2017-01-09 18:02
Homemade black Angus meatballs have a secret finishing trick to deliver maximum flavor. Meatball and spaghetti season has arrived. And Atticmag’s favorite recipe chef Lisa Deyo —… Read More
2017-01-03 06:03
Statement sofas send an anti-neutral message — original décor lives in this house. Statement sofas are character actors. A sofa with a unique personality can be dominant enough… Read More
2016-12-31 06:06
My fondest wishes to all for a happy and healthy New Year filled with peace and prosperity.… Continue ReadingThe post Happy New Year 2017 appeared first on Atticmag Read More
Blue And White Backsplash Styles
2016-07-05 05:05
Blue and white kitchen backsplash tile style varies from flowers and folk figures to geometrics. These days, blue and white backsplash chic is geometric. That makes it versatile since g… Read More
Heirloom Barbecue Sauce
2016-06-30 01:05
Barbecue sauce season gets kicked up a notch this Independence Day weekend. I already can smell the chicken and ribs on the grill. And those aren’t memorable without a great barbecue s… Read More
Color Picture Walls
2016-06-26 16:05
Compose a color picture wall using frames, mats or a vibrant background with neutral or colorful images. I’ve fallen in like with the idea of a color picture wall. In my dining room, I… Read More
Mirror On Mirror
2016-06-16 21:03
In a mid-century dining room, mirror on mirror blurs the lines between reflection and transparency. Applying a window style to a full wall of mirrored squares divided by white ribs helps to… Read More
8 Modern Staircases
2016-06-12 16:02
Color, pattern and transparency are just a few ways modern staircases depart from the norm. Let’s face it. Modern staircases are changing the way we get from one floor to another at ho… Read More
2016-05-29 16:05
In a huge red barn kitchen, crimson acts as a siren call to cook and gather around the big island. A red barn kitchen, in a huge extension to an English country home, looks like a… Read More
2016-05-25 23:05
Designers style up four poster beds with a quirky two-tone treatment. Giving four poster beds a two-tone treatment adds color as well as visual interest to an otherwise predictably conservat… Read More
2016-05-22 16:30
High gloss painted ceilings are viewed as glamorous, light catching, enlarging and energizing in any room. Paint is the least expensive and most powerful way to transform a room. But who wan… Read More
2016-05-19 13:51
A rustic outdoor shower feels elemental — like a natural bathing adventure. While there is no rustic outdoor shower in my plans this summer — I’m busy working on a powder r… Read More
2016-05-15 05:05
A gray deVol kitchen, with Shaker cabinets, blends English tradition and on-trend minimalism. Elegant and modern, this deVol kitchen was done in a dramatic dark color called Flint. It also c… Read More
2016-05-12 18:07
Dolce & Gabbana refrigerators are a riot of Sicilian-inspired color and pattern — even on top. Dolce & Gabbana refrigerators are a limited edition of 100, created in collaborat… Read More
2016-05-12 18:07
Dolce & Gabbana refrigerators are a riot of Sicilian-inspired color and pattern — even on top. Dolce & Gabbana refrigerators are a limited edition of 100, created in collaborat… Read More
2016-05-08 16:05
Andy Warhol’s former beach house, on the east tip of Long Island, has dramatic privacy and ocean views. The beach house owned for more than 30 years by the late Pop artist Andy Warhol… Read More
2016-05-01 16:35
Square vessel sinks are popular these days because their open box shape is classic and neutral. Whether the sides are minimalist-approved zero-radius, or slightly rounded, square vessel sink… Read More
2016-04-28 17:09
Nothing throws shade on this ombré illusion bed as a chic bedroom design concept. Ombré — color shading — is a sophisticated effect that’s not so easy to pull… Read More
2016-04-24 16:30
Serene and inviting, pale neutral kitchens take steps beyond white in a few subtle ways. Pale neutral kitchens are done in light muted colors that often defy description. In discussing the m… Read More
2016-04-21 14:06
Hey hot chile lovers. Have you ever tasted the fearsome kick of fresh horseradish? Drop the sriracha and go for the burn of fresh horseradish, a raw puree made from this gnarly perennial roo… Read More
2016-04-17 16:05
Planning a powder room expansion can be complex —  the art is in the details. My powder room expansion project has been mentioned in several posts over the last few months as it&r&hell…Read More
2016-04-14 15:04
A simple, country style fireplace screen offers a unique solution for many a problem hearth. The guest bedroom in an Argentine country home contains a type of fireplace screen I’ve nev… Read More
2016-04-10 16:03
One single-bowl 30-inch laundry room sink has defined the style for high end homes. A special laundry room sink — and first cousin to the kitchen farm sink — has become a favored… Read More
2016-04-03 18:32
In the home of an extreme foodie, reno bliss is two kitchens — fully loaded. Create two kitchens, with completely different looks, side by side in the same house by opening up a wall a… Read More
2016-03-30 21:36
A renowned designer created a unique stone bridge dining room in a 17th C service passageway. An unforgettably unique and beautiful dining room occupies the lower level of a weathered stone… Read More
2016-03-27 19:06
 Traditional Toile de jouy prints preserve the French look of 18th century single pattern bedrooms. Firmly traditional in its origin and motif, toile is the first printed cotton manufac… Read More
2016-03-23 22:13
With white shiplap walls and an unusual layout, this weekend home kitchen is full of surprises. Shiplap is the theme of this stunning white kitchen in an Alabama lake house. Designed by Trac… Read More
2016-03-20 16:05
Tour the 467-year old villa Michelangelo in Chianti, bought by the Renaissance master in 1549. Fifteen years before his death — and 37 years after he finished the frescos in the Vatica… Read More
2016-03-17 14:43
Citrus salsa is one of the great fresh and spicy gifts from the Mexican kitchen. Sweet, hot, salty and tart, citrus salsa is a natural partner for anything grilled or roasted, especially fat… Read More
2016-03-13 16:05
Hey Mom, here are six kids room rug styles which can work for any age. Choosing a kids room rug can be a first step in decorating the room easily and sensibly. It also may help simplify the… Read More
2016-03-09 22:03
Custard color kitchens always remind me of crème brûlée, a luscious dessert topped caramelized sugar! When is a kitchen like a custard color dessert? When it’s soft… Read More
2016-03-06 17:05
I’m obsessed with sinks — especially modern powder room sinks and how they create a mood. I’m starting a powder room expansion project and, as I look for ideas, I keep find… Read More
2016-03-03 21:03
Julia Child gave up her French house in 1992. The recent sale listing shows Julia’s kitchen now. Last Fall, the modest pink stucco house Julia Child and her husband Paul built for them… Read More
2016-02-28 17:04
With smart house technology expanding, hidden tvs can pop up, flip up or drop down almost anywhere. For heavy TV viewers like Mr. AM and myself, hidden tvs aren’t practical. Sets in ou… Read More
2016-02-25 15:25
Each soapstone sink is one of a kind, a custom piece that can be the ideal large kitchen clean up station. Any kitchen with a soapstone sink has a unique appearance. Prominent veining gives… Read More
2016-02-21 17:05
White marble bathrooms are a popular high end look. And no two are exactly alike. White marble bathrooms, like white kitchens, are becoming standard. Lavish and elegant they impress both in… Read More
2016-02-17 17:04
As a family meal, arroz con pollo is as American as meatballs and spaghetti. Or tacos. It’s easy to forget about something as basic as arroz con pollo. But when friends came to dinner… Read More
2016-02-14 18:00
Fans of old-world French provincial style go for blue La Cornue. It’s obvious. A Provence blue La Cornue CornuFé 110 range is something of an event in a kitchen. The five burner… Read More
2016-02-11 15:40
At a meter long, the one-piece Marvel keyhole sink offers prep sink features with Euro sizing. Ideal for specialty uses, the Marvel keyhole sink has an odd look and configuration coupled wit… Read More
2016-02-07 17:05
Kitchen Rugs came into decorative focus after our cocinas exploded into the rest of the house. With open kitchens in the sight lines, kitchen rugs went from purely functional (read ofte… Read More
2016-02-03 08:45
Unfitted kitchens swap built-in cabinetry for informal cottage charm. It is no secret I love unfitted English kitchens. Using actual furniture or furniture style pieces in the room makes it… Read More
2016-01-31 17:05
 I could go for one of these exotic bathroom sinks — there’s no other way to describe them. Exotic bathroom sinks can qualify as design-around features. They can kick off a… Read More
2016-01-28 00:25
Chartreuse windows and bordeaux red door frames show how far crayola colored woodwork can go. Top New York designer Jeffrey Bilhuber must have been inspired by his 8-year old son judging fro… Read More
2016-01-24 17:03
Anyone seeking the “new” in neutral need look no further than dark gray kitchens. Of all the neutral colors in kitchens, dark gray looks freshest to me. That’s because blac… Read More
2016-01-20 22:29
In Italy, rosemary focaccia was an early-morning bakery snack, warm and ready to eat. Rosemary focaccia hardly needs an introduction. It’s well known. A flat bread baked in olive oil… Read More
2016-01-17 17:05
Like many a modern mansion in L.A., this one has celeb history but no architectural pedigree. Mainstream designers bemoaning the enthusiasm for modern and mid-century design need look no fur… Read More
2016-01-13 21:15
Bright sunflower yellow bathroom walls create amazing drama in a small space — an updated look. A sunflower yellow bathroom, with wall color as strong as this one, isn’t for ever… Read More
2016-01-10 17:03
When I see designers forecast home décor trends for the coming year, I’m always curious. Did I miss something all the gurus know? Will my house feel outdated? No worries! T… Read More
2015-12-20 17:01
No snow for Christmas this year, just a mild winter garden glistening with hoar frost on cold mornings. Hoar frost is a staple of mild winter gardens and I’ve always wondered abou… Read More
2015-12-18 06:05
Two soups in one bowl makes a most festive first course for a holiday or special occasion meal. I’ve served this pureed vegetable soup duo on many occasions and these two soups in one… Read More
2015-12-16 12:05
An updated look at Allison’s personal collection of new and cherished Christmas décor. Since building our lakeside cottage I’ve made a conscious effort to bring a touch of… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…” The lyrics from a song we used to sing in my high school choir came into my mind as I sat down to write this h… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Stocking stuffer:  A new Apartment Therapy book shows how real people turn houses into homes. Thousands of books have been written about home decorating — from Edith Wharton to hg… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
A room-by-room checklist for removing dirt and germs from often-overlooked surfaces. I confess I’m a bit of a crazy-clean when it comes to my house. But I’m also practical becaus… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Consider the mudroom as a prime location for a built-in doggy bath. I’m not a pet person but, if I were, I’d want a mudroom that had a convenient place to wash the dogs or do som… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Splurging on a fire or water feature for the yard makes outdoor living more enjoyable and romantic. The long, snowy Northeastern winter is finally drawing to a close and cabin fever makes me… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
A dozen different ways specialty pull-outs upgrade and customize kitchens. When you’re redoing a kitchen there can never be too many options. That’s why we continue to hunt for c… Read More

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