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I post Days of Our Lives previews here a day before the show airs. I find Daze pretty humorous on occasion, so if anything I say here offends you, well, sometimes I just can't help myself. Days Of Our Lives -- Embrace the Lunacy™
2017-02-17 19:07
Ken Corday wants to make us laugh and cry again. I'd settle for not hurling again. #DAYS   Belle is throwing Nicole's past in her face?  It's a good t… Read More
2017-02-16 18:22
Drew drinks the fictional cola "Flazzle." Geez... they couldn't even score a cheesy product placement ad for the episode. #Pathetic #DAYS   Doug: "Who was it? I need to buy the… Read More
2017-02-14 18:22
Anne says her lips are sealed. So was Tutankhamen's tomb and all those secrets came out anyway. #DAYS   Chad wants Gabi to "suck it up." Shouldn't be a problem. AFAOAC the whole… Read More
2017-02-13 19:03
Roman says if Stefano is alive Hope will go free. I must've missed the ruling that attempted murder is no longer a crime. #DAYS   Jennifer claims she's been working crazy hours… Read More
Standing Ovation
2017-02-09 21:14
Austin says Hope gets a 'get out of jail free' card. Yeah, it's a driver's license with the name Hope Brady on it. #DAYSBrady tells Anne the baby isn't Chloe's. I think his middle name mig… Read More

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