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Brwc Filmix Blog Posts

Battleroyalewithchee… · 21:37 21 Apr 2017
“The house I live in is an island. My dad says we’re trapped…He says a man who can read, write and kill has got it all”. So begins the story of a teenage-boy (Barry… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 21:22 24 Apr 2017
To celebrate the release of MADAME BOVARY – on DVD 24th April – we are giving away a copy courtesy of Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. A lavish, sensuous and iconic adaptation of… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 07:18 03 May 2017
I can definitely relate to the concept of this film. Jokes On You is the story of a couple living in a London apartment block. This couple really is made for each other. In that they both lo… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 12:55 03 May 2017
A good film will entertain you. It will captivate you with its plot; transport you to new places; and make you feel empathy with its characters. Watching the film will, for a very short time… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 15:37 06 May 2017
Former youth champion boxer Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris – Also credited as the Writer) has hit rock bottom. Fueled by alcohol, the death of his mother and the impending loss of his hou… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 12:03 06 May 2017
Every actor in Hollywood has a time where they’re in search of their ‘big break’. Some take longer than others, but it only takes one key role to thrust actors into stardom… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 21:43 07 May 2017
Six Rounds is the follow-up to writer/director Marcus Flemmings’ 2016 quirky comedy The Conversations, trading in laughs and stand-up for pathos and tragedy. It follows the introspecti… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 06:22 08 May 2017
Cinema has the ability to cast a spell over its audience, to keep our eyes firmly gripped to the screen and not want to even blink for fear of missing something special. What is even strange… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 12:34 09 May 2017
This review has been reposted for the DVD release. A clashing orchestra of heartache, triumph and the absolute will to live and die on stage. We are X is a fascinating documentary – en… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 21:45 09 May 2017
Set in Cold War America, after a retaliatory action, President Keates and the First Lady are secured deep below ground. Truths will be revealed, but whose truths are they? Set within a singl… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 16:10 13 May 2017
Some romances are simple stories of love at first sight and of a life together happily ever after. Other romances are far from fairy-tales, with lovers having to battle through trials and tr… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 20:54 24 May 2017
A24 announced today that it will release highly acclaimed Sundance favorite A Ghost Story in the UK on August 11th. The studio will partner with frequent collaborator Picturehouse Entertainm… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 11:47 25 May 2017
Shot in a loose, improvisational style that makes use of current consumer-grade digital equipment, Fabienne Berthaud’s Sky (2016) is a cheap and cheerful wanderlust and love letter to… Read More