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Roman Villa Nennig
Ancient History Ency… · 16:00 28 Mar 2017
Located in the village of Nennig in the delightful Upper Moselle Valley, the Roman Villa Nennig (German: Rmische Villa Nennig) houses a richly illustrated gladiatorial mosaic, one of the mos… Read More
| Blog Seguran&atild… · 21:46 27 Mar 2017
Veja como consultar CAT (Comunicação de Acidente de Trabalho) pela internet ou diretamente em uma agência da Previdência Social. Confira! Como consultar CAT pela In… Read More
Homo Heidelbergensis
Ancient History Ency… · 16:59 26 Mar 2017
Homo heidelbergensis is an extinct species of human that is identified in both Africa and western Eurasia from roughly 700,000 years ago onwards until around 200,000 years ago – fittin… Read More
Bio Explorer · 20:52 25 Mar 2017
Exotic plants, when introduced to a foreign place, have the tendency to overgrow and dominate. Listed are the 25 most known exotic flowering plant species. The post 25 Most Known Exotic Flow… Read More
Semana Dos Parceiros 2017
: Mti Blog · 20:40 25 Mar 2017
Em comemoração do sétimo aniversário do Roteiro das Minas e Pontos de Interesse Mineiro e Geológico de Portugal, na semana de 3 a 9 de Abril realizam-se… Read More
Ancient History Ency… · 16:54 24 Mar 2017
Ehecatl was a Mesoamerican god of air and winds, especially those which brought rains. Regarded as a manifestation of the great feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, he was sometimes known as… Read More
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Ancient History Ency… · 09:54 24 Mar 2017
Marcus Cassianus Latinius Postumus (r. 260-269 CE) was a trusted military commander of Emperor Gallienus (253-268 CE) and governor or Germania Superior and Inferior (Upper and Lower Ger… Read More
Ancient History Ency… · 05:58 24 Mar 2017
Ares was the Greek god of war and perhaps the most unpopular of all the Olympian gods because of his quick temper, aggressiveness, and unquenchable thirst for conflict. He famously seduced A… Read More
Ancient History Ency… · 05:57 24 Mar 2017
In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, a burden given to him as punishment by Zeus. Father… Read More