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Livingspark Blog
The purpose of the Blog is to provide on a weekly basis thought provoking inputs which would aid in deeper seeking of truth within individuals.
Second Symbol Of Rebirth
2017-06-21 08:06
“The sun is our second symbol of rebirth ... When you realize that eternity is right here now, that it is within your possibility to experience the eternity of your own truth and being… Read More
Autonomous Approach Of The Self
2017-06-18 06:11
"Christ is the western formulation of what the East calls the Self, Atman, the Purusha or Buddha. If one may interpret him as a symbol, he symbolizes the Self. The dogma claims that Christ w… Read More
Born Of The Night And Twilight
2017-05-22 07:39
“Manu . . . comes from the root "man", to think, hence a thinker". It is from this Sanskrit word very likely that sprang the Latin "mens", mind, the Egyptian "Menes", the "Master-Mind"… Read More
Essence Of Sankhya Yoga
2017-05-11 07:17
"The equipoise of mind that arises from profound absorption in the performance of action after renouncing attachment and being even-minded in respect of success and failure is, O Dhananjay (… Read More
Called Out Of Bondage
2017-04-29 11:49
“One must remember the central truth... about Easter and Passover. We are all called out of the house of bondage, even  as the Jews were called out of their bondage in Egypt. We a… Read More
2017-04-22 09:40
Recently I read an article by Leigh Melander, Phd., a Joseph Campbell scholar on the symbolism of the frog in various cultures and mythologies signifying fertility, fortune, resurrection, an… Read More
Resurrected Christ As An Image
2017-04-16 06:42
“Let us beware of creating a darkness at noonday for ourselves by gazing, so to say, direct at the sun …………………… as though we cou… Read More
The Mystery Of Christ
2017-04-12 07:05
‘God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering,’ Abraham tells Isaac, and although there on the mountain at first we see only two figures – Abraham and Isaac… Read More
Defining The Holy Grail
2017-03-28 07:58
"The individual psyche is the Holy Grail, made holy by what it contains, produced by the experience of the opposites suffered, not blindly, but in living awareness. Every human experience, t… Read More
Longing Creates The World
2017-03-19 11:28
“To be or not to be – that is the question” is the very famous line from the play Hamlet. Hamlet is contemplating suicide, and this phrase, according to philosopher Schopen… Read More

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