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Livingspark Blog
The purpose of the Blog is to provide on a weekly basis thought provoking inputs which would aid in deeper seeking of truth within individuals.
Longing Creates The World
2017-03-19 11:28
“To be or not to be – that is the question” is the very famous line from the play Hamlet. Hamlet is contemplating suicide, and this phrase, according to philosopher Schopen… Read More
2017-03-12 05:30
"The secret of alchemy was in fact the transcendent function, the transformation of personality through the blending and fusion of the noble with the base components, of the differentiated w… Read More
Process Of Spiritual Awakening
2017-03-04 07:11
"Christ is the western formulation of what the East calls the Self, Atman, the Purusha or Buddha. If one may interpret him as a symbol, he symbolizes the Self. The dogma claims that Christ w… Read More
True Flight From The World
2017-02-20 07:49
“There is only one true flight from the world; it is not an escape from conflict, anguish, and suffering, but the flight from disunity and separation, to unity and peace in the love of… Read More
Self Is Beyond Reason
2017-02-11 06:53
“The true knowledge of the self is not a knowledge. It is not something that you find by searching, by looking everywhere. It is not to be found in space and time. Knowledge is but a m… Read More
Buddhiyoga –Anchoring In The Divine
2017-02-02 14:57
“I am the source of all. From Me everything emanates. Thinking thus, the wise worship Me, absorbed in ecstatic contemplation.   With their consciousness centred upon Me, with… Read More
Apocalypse Versus Apokatastasis
2017-01-26 07:26
"You may remember that passage in St. Paul about the apokatastasis (Apokatastasis is reconstitution, restitution, or restoration to the original or primordial condition), which is the same i… Read More
Suspended Between The Opposites
2017-01-14 13:59
A suspension between the opposites, (i.e., an ego in the banal world who does not know he is also an eternal being), followed by a breaking of the blockage, the stasis, through a transformin… Read More
Need For Parables And Puranas
2017-01-08 13:29
“The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?” He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has bee… Read More
Heart Centred Prayer
2017-01-01 06:46
“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received… Read More

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