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Advice From A Single… · 15:00 27 Jun 2017
This weekend was an exception (needed direct fan-blown air on my skin, plus all the blinds were closed) but I generally don't go completely naked when it's hot.Now, that being said I do slee… Read More
Sognare Gatti
Pozioni D'amore · 13:56 27 Jun 2017
Sognare Gatti Cosa significa sognare gatti? Partiamo dal presupposto che il gatto, nelle varie culture, ha spesso assunto un significato ambivalente: se presso gli Egizi Bastet, la dea-gat… Read More
Dspacecloud · 06:20 27 Jun 2017
The signs industry has altered significantly in the last couple of years. Technologies have completely revolutionized the way you make signs and exactly how we want to see signs. Signs, like… Read More
Secret Confessions · 09:19 26 Jun 2017
I am dealing with a recent dwi. This ia very hard for me. This will be the 4th one in 21 yrs. I am very scared and upset. I did not think I was a failure until this happened. I got dwi in 19… Read More
A Reflection I Remember
Jameson & Vinyl · 16:42 23 Jun 2017
Every morning I stood in front of the mirror, brushing my teeth. Scrubbing away the night. Focusing on what was in store for that day. Looking at myself. Not recognizing the person looking b… Read More
Liebeskummer Im Alter · 08:53 23 Jun 2017
Eine unerwiderte Liebe und verweinte Nächte gibt es nicht nur bei Teenagern. Denn auch im Alter kann Einsamkeit sehr schmerzen. Nur wird weniger darüber gesprochen. Dabei haben Sen… Read More
Sparklerchics · 06:42 21 Jun 2017
Small solitary stars, like our Sun, perish peacefully because they toss their beautiful surface layers of multicolored, shimmering gases out in to the space between stars to produce a magnif… Read More
107Investigation · 06:41 21 Jun 2017
The Pleiades, or Seven Siblings, is definitely an open stellar cluster which contains a glittering population of searing-hot B-Type stars. The Pleiades, less colorfully termed …The po… Read More
Etaaps · 06:41 21 Jun 2017
“Curioser and curioser,” stated Alice as she explored the weirdness of the Wonderland world, and like her we search the Wonderland of the starlit sky above our world in order to… Read More
4 Year Old Adult | L… · 03:48 21 Jun 2017
We often try to run away from our original types, sprinting our way to security. That is when the universe hits us like a pro-boxer, hitting us back to the wonderful turf of life. More often… Read More