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2015-04-03 03:16
0. EMC/EMI simulator IDE, 2005 Integrator and sole contributor for miniCAD moduleTechnology c… Read More
2014-11-13 07:22
Well, you can delete the searched pattern this way::%s///gcAnd you can delete the whole line with the searched pattern this way::g//d Read More
2014-03-25 08:57
I shared in another earlier post a dirty tick to change directory to where the batch file is located; this is useful when you want to run your batch file from any directory prompt;C:\xxxx\yy… Read More
2013-11-29 13:55
a wall socket with two receptacles, however, no enough spaces in between.a "Function" key which will always be mistaken as CTRL.a "smart" design which winds 2 pieces together to save space… Read More
2012-11-07 08:30
# to search for a key word in files with certain extensionfind . -iname "*.cc" -exec grep -Hin "thekeyword" {} \;# -i to ignore case# -H will print out the file name which matches to the fil… Read More
2012-09-07 03:08
Frequently svn commandssvn upsvn add/deletesvn update -r 1234  (this is to revert local copy to certain revision instead of head revision)svn revert --recursive .  (this is revert… Read More
2010-01-21 07:53
Random variable xL that is continuously distributed in interval is said to have lognormal distribution described by probability density function fL(xL) if variable xN, that is defined as xN=… Read More
2010-01-21 06:54
This continues from my last post. I will write down some notes on Black-Scholes theory.1. time value of money.Basically this is about interest and it represents the 'opportunity cost'. If yo… Read More
2009-07-01 03:35
case 1: two mutex are used: the 1st mutex is applied, and second mutex fails, and because of the poor design, the 1st mutex is not unlocked, and this causes all other threads (including the… Read More
2009-07-01 03:13
This is to demonstrate the dirty implementation of the strtok(). Try to replace strtok_r() with strtok() and observe the effect.==============================================================… Read More
2009-06-29 03:13
UML for Database Design( database modeling focuses mostly on depicting the database, databasedesign encompasses the entire pr… Read More
2009-03-13 07:39
Design patterns summarize proven solutions for typical object oriented programming problems and help to minimize the design effort and eliminate the common mistakes. To understand the necess… Read More
2009-02-03 14:21
Many people view GUI(HMI) design as the cosmetic aspect of the underlying engineering products or problems; other people view this a serious engineering topic as part of the products/problem… Read More
2008-09-23 09:03
The following content is from site: ( Here is a cool Visual Studio feature that almost nobody knows about. If y… Read More
2008-07-28 13:35
some notes on makefile:The basic basic rule: 'target' depends on 'prerequisites' and the relationship is defined by 'command'.target ... : prerequisites ...commandversion 1objects = main.o k… Read More
2008-02-14 08:23
My previous experience with unix has limited to cc/gcc, vim, shell scripts, .cshrc and knowledge of some configuration files.Recently, due to my job needs, I have tried to learn some make/nm… Read More
2007-11-19 08:16
Why the latest data transmission bus favors serial comm over parallel comm? Why a single data line could outperform a group of lines carrying signals in parallel? this is a really fundamenta… Read More