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Mutant Cat · 17:22 29 May 2017
so, I'd write but, as usual, there's nothing to say.I feel a lot, but none of that is very interesting, or it might be to some limited demographic who like that sort of thing or at least, fi… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 14:00 29 May 2017
I've advanced only a foot or so northwards, that's leftwards on this photo. The weed situation around my baby hedge has become scandalous, so I've had to put time into that; (though I'm not… Read More
I Grevens Tid · 07:54 29 May 2017
Jag har sagt det förut och jag säger det igen.Den politik man skapat, och vill utveckla, runt klimatfrågan kostar oss och kommer att kosta oss offantliga pengar. Pengar som h… Read More
Sunday Gigs And Bottle Trees
Life 101 · 03:53 29 May 2017
Jilda and I played a listening room venue tonight in Birmingham.  We opened for a young songwriter that played Celtic harp and also a guitar.She'd been to Ireland with her family a few… Read More
Day 2712
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:51 29 May 2017
I've lost all sense of time. Dot was restless last night and I ended up walking her around and around in the back yard around 1 AM. I think she wanted a walk, but I'm not walking down the st… Read More
Whoever Or Whomever?
Wordmall · 21:49 28 May 2017
Fran from Suttons Bay was watching reruns of Criminal Minds when she heard the following dialogue:  “The killer wants to inflict fear not only in the victim, but in whomever finds… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:33 28 May 2017
Lange Zeit habe ich überlegt, was ich meiner Mutter zum Geburtstag schenken kann. Erstmal musste mir überhaupt einfallen, dass ich mich um ein Geschenk kümmern sollte. Was sch… Read More
No Rest
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 13:16 28 May 2017
You’re kidding me, right? Me: Hi, dad. How’re you feeling?Him: (tearing up) I’m so, so sorry. Alison’s mother finally went home the other day. She came here with suc… Read More
Under The Flag
The Far Queue · 08:27 28 May 2017
Akiya KageichiIndira Gilgamesh looked on in wonder as they drape their grief in the blood-stained flag that had been so instrumental in the genocide of their children. She wonders if it is i… Read More
Storytelleren Sporen… · 08:17 28 May 2017
Engang var orkideer, noget man sjældent fik. Og modtog man en sjælden gang en eksotisk blomst som denne, var det som regel i anledning af en rund fødselsdag eller en anden… Read More
Comedor Social
Antonio F. Marín · 07:30 28 May 2017
He estado algunos días acudiendo al comedor social que Caritas abre de lunes a viernes en un local cedido por las monjitas del convento. y me he dado cuenta de la inmensa labor socia… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 28 May 2017
RT @dog_rates: Meet Harold. He's h*ckin cooperative. 13/10 good work Harold -> RT @dog_rates: This is Barney. He's an elder doggo. Hitches a ride when he gets tir… Read More
This Broccoli Must D… · 05:12 28 May 2017
It's been more than a little while but I've decided to do some more writing. Here's a short piece I wrote based on the prompt: The girl walked up the steps, then paused and turned, taki… Read More
Diaries. Keep? Chuck?
Expat Mum · 20:08 27 May 2017
I have kept diaries for years. As a child, whenever we went on holiday, my mother would give me (and I assume my siblings) a small notebook to record events and memories. I still have them g… Read More
✠Íris✠ - A Sacerdoti… · 18:19 27 May 2017
Não imploro... exijo!Não me ajoelho esperando que minhas preces sejam atendidas... levanto-me e tomo a espada!Não quero a salvação... assumo a minha sombra… Read More
Caro Ness Author | T… · 13:33 27 May 2017
You left me without any warning, So the seed we’d planned to plant together, I scattered randomly throughout the morning, And it’s survived every kind of wind and weather, Today… Read More
Pre-Carnaval Craziness
Mujer Evolving · 13:17 27 May 2017
Several years ago, I wrote about the blessing of a busy schedule (La leyenda de SuperMama) and how it positively affected my mental health. Fast forward to the present and many of these… Read More
Eddsaid--Musings On … · 22:56 26 May 2017
When Tom challenged me to a game of pool I told him it had been years----. "No problem," he said. "You break.""You sure?""Yep. Go for it.""OK-----."In high school I did well in geometry. But… Read More
The Writing Life · 17:17 26 May 2017
I am a lover of words, a lover of conversation, someone who is incredibly interested in learning new things. And I often do my learning via story, as many of us do. I am also a story teller… Read More
Baguette About It
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 26 May 2017
Thomas's good friend from France was visiting a couple of weeks ago and while it was a really nice visit, now that he's gone I can wear my new semi-embarrassing French slogan tees and sweate… Read More
Loose Feathers #597
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 26 May 2017
Lark Sparrow / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsThe color of a bird's bare parts (like its bill and legs) are an important signal of an individual's condition or dominance, pa… Read More
Creativity @ Work · 11:00 26 May 2017
I had meant to share regularly the books I have been reading, but in my race to get through the reading, I forgot to write about it!The past month or so I have been catching up with reading… Read More
Negotiating 101
Destinations, Dreams… · 12:34 25 May 2017
Know what you want. That’s it in a nutshell. If you’re aiming to close the deal on a new job, house, mate, or bargaining for a bauble from Middle Eastern markets, you must have y… Read More
Story Scenario · 22:02 24 May 2017
My memories of my past have become my guide for the future.  To know me and have an idea of what I have experienced, you have to connect to me through my memories and understand why the… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:40 24 May 2017
— CAPTURING A FRONTIER KILLER — Texas Ranger John B. Armstrong entered the passenger coach of the train at Pensacola Junction and spotted the escaped killer he had been hunt… Read More
How The Light Gets In
Catching Happiness · 11:28 24 May 2017
“Perfectionism is our denial of two very basic truths of existence: we are not perfect; and we are not, ultimately, in control. When we absorb the law of perfection, we are infected wi… Read More
Romper Room
I Am Cam Jr! · 04:45 24 May 2017
Social media is ablaze with discussions about a group of designers who want to manufacture and market rompers for men (RompHim).  Yes, this idea has met with much derision from men and… Read More
In Memory Of Jorge Herboso · 21:22 23 May 2017
Jorge Herboso My uncle died a few weeks ago. He had not been doing well. A bug bite from several months previous had given him significant problems, but he had avoided going to the doctor fo… Read More