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A Face That I Could Love
Roosh V · 14:00 24 Jul 2017
When I’m hunting, I view a girl who crosses my path from the bottom up. Her legs, after seeing so many thousand pairs, reveal to me her body’s size and shape, even if she’s… Read More
Los Puntos Sobre Las… · 12:49 24 Jul 2017
Hoy más modernos le llamaríamos mentalidad corporativa, poco importa la etiqueta que le pongamos es el Clan, la Tribu, nuestra gente, los buenos a los que encubrir y proteger c… Read More
Transitional Garden
Walden Effect: Homes… · 11:27 24 Jul 2017
With the move on the horizon, I've taken a very laissez-faire approach to the garden. Despite the turn toward the dry, I haven't watered, and I haven't worried over insect or critter dama… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 08:27 24 Jul 2017
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. Mahatma GandhiUma publicação partilhada por Lamartine Dias (@… Read More
20 Best Duvet Covers For You.
Crookedbrains · 05:51 24 Jul 2017
Why have a boring duvet cover when you can have a cool, clever, and stylish duvet cover that is sure to turn into a focal point of your bedroom. If you thought duvet covers aren't important… Read More
Day 2768
Some Assembly Requir… · 03:20 24 Jul 2017
It's been three years since Dot suddenly became ill and I thought we were going to lose her. I learned a few days later that she had cancer and I'm still learning how her incredible determin… Read More
Bear With Me
Mark My Words… – Pea… · 03:12 24 Jul 2017
Hey, remember that longtime fear I’ve had about getting eaten by a bear? I knew I was right to worry. (If you don’t click on the link, I listed a bunch of random facts… Read More
Sad Sunday
Life 101 · 01:23 24 Jul 2017
We drove into Birmingham yesterday to visit our old friend Louis. He was one of Jilda's chair-buddies for the three years she underwent infusion treatments for her immune system condition. O… Read More
Idol Speculation
I, Ciceronianus; Cau… · 19:07 23 Jul 2017
It's said that successful demagogues grasp more than others the fact that people when part of a group are manipulated not by reason or argument but by an appeal to emotion and the mere repet… Read More
Misinformation & Disinformation
Wordmall · 16:04 23 Jul 2017
Ben from Traverse City asked about the difference between disinformation and misinformation. Let’s start with the base word information. Information is knowledge communicated about som… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:50 23 Jul 2017
  Author George C. Sims used a couple of different pen names to write hard-boiled detective mysteries, but the greatest mystery may have been the author himself, who often found inspira… Read More
Selling As For Sale … · 11:20 23 Jul 2017
If you’re someone who has traveled long distances holding the urge to pee and hence, doubtful of drinking another gulp of water, you’ll probably understand what I’m going t… Read More
Rosernes By 
Storytelleren Sporen… · 10:46 23 Jul 2017
En smuttur til Mariager og besøg i Rosenhaven bød på blandede indtryk. Imponerende hvor mange, og måske endda alt for mange roser, man havde fået samlet p&ari… Read More
Antonio F. Marín · 07:52 23 Jul 2017
El tópicazo español de echarse la siesta no sólo resulta beneficioso para la salud, sino para algunos otros que hacen negocios con ella. Lo curioso del caso es que no h… Read More
Binghuman · 07:45 23 Jul 2017
Hi Friends!I'm in search of....What are some major pieces of advice that you would give to a 20-year-old? What life lessons would you pass on? What books would you tell them to read? Where w… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 23 Jul 2017
RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win an #SDCC exclusive Tony Stark Pop! -> RT @DrAndrewThaler: Boys can have female role models… Read More
Total Solar Eclipse
Subplots By Grace · 03:44 23 Jul 2017
Unless you've been living under a rock, you're well aware of the solar eclipse happening on August 21, less than a month from now. Here where I live in western Oregon, we're directly ov… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 01:40 23 Jul 2017
DALIA GUTMANN5 DE AGOSTOCINE TEATRO ESPAÑOL NEUQUÉNENTRADAS EN VENTA: Eventpass, shopping Alto Comahue y la Caja MágicaPRECIOS: 350, 330, 280Y 250 PESOS Read More
Elle Fanning In Brockey?
Transpontine · 20:58 22 Jul 2017
Walking past Brockley Social Club yesterday I noticed that there was a film shoot in progress. Quick bit of investigation - OK I looked at the sign on one of the vehilces - and it transpires… Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 14:42 22 Jul 2017
I know, it's been a while. My excuse: my sister Jenny's been here. During the day we go out and have adventures, and at night (when I typically do my blogging) she sleeps in the room where m… Read More
Expat Mum · 10:06 22 Jul 2017
Anyone who knows me would not peg me as someone overly bothered about house and home. Yes, I like things clean and relatively organized but it’s not something I obsess about. Until now… Read More
Creativity @ Work · 10:03 22 Jul 2017
Smashwords is still having its annual Summer / Winter sale. Which means you can get lots of ebooks  free or heavily discounted. My books are between 75 - 100% off as well - https:/… Read More
Daddy Flew!
Love In The Suburbs · 00:58 22 Jul 2017
For Father’s Day this year I was flippin’ brilliant! The boys and I bought Ian an iFly experience at the indoor skydiving place in Roseville. We kept it a secret and on Father… Read More
The Ship Has Sailed
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 21 Jul 2017
It always feels like the holiday is truly over when you post the last of your vacation snaps! I don't feel quite ready to finish talking about and looking at Greece pictures; it's almost as… Read More
Loose Feathers #605
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 21 Jul 2017
Osprey / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsA new section of border wall is set to be built in Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. The site was selected because the fed… Read More
What, What, What???
The Blog · 12:00 21 Jul 2017
Seriously, how weird is this: The Parrot, The Psychic And The Accused Murderer: Through Twists And Turns, West Michigan Case Grows More Bizarre Raise your right wing...Don't you feel normal… Read More
My Cyber Station · 15:25 20 Jul 2017
APA ITU UBER?UBER adalah sebuah aplikasi di mana anda boleh menjana wang dengan mudah, hanya dengan menerima dan menyelesaikan permintaan perjalanan daripada penumpang di bandar anda. Anda b… Read More
The Bingham Diaries · 14:07 20 Jul 2017
Job hunting is dumb. While Troy and the big kids are finishing up things in New Mexico, I've been hustling in Utah with the younguns. I've had two interviews thus far, with more to come… Read More
7 Habits For Tidy Home
Blanc Affair · 08:00 20 Jul 2017
My home is my temple. Home for me is a place of comfort and tranquility. And it goes without saying that I like it neat. Creating tidy home habits is important yet not that easy. Over the… Read More