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Ordinary Words · 16:13 25 May 2017
Hey there everyone!!I know I’m awesome. I possess many talents, have developed many skills, and have done a tremendous amount of personal growth through various therapies and programs… Read More
Bigjohn · 15:33 25 May 2017
Every right minded person throughout the world must feel for the families of those killed and for those who were injured in the Manchester bomb outrage this week: and people have the ri… Read More
Vacation Vibes
Babblings Of A Mommy · 15:27 25 May 2017
My family and I are exactly 4 weeks away from jet-setting to our tropical beach vacay!!! Ah… I can feel the ocean breeze already! As you can imagine, it’s hard to go around busi… Read More
Navy Wife Life · 15:22 25 May 2017
I always find my way back to this blog that I keep neglecting. I don't mean to neglect it, I just get distracted and busy! The last time I posted, I was the mother of 6. I am now a mother of… Read More
Cats, Jax, And The P… · 14:20 25 May 2017
Sharky's mom and stepdad traveled to CA last weekend to visit the stepdad's son's family. After they arrived, mom got very sick and couldn't breathe. They rushed her to hospital where she wa… Read More
Too Late For Photos
Northview Diary · 12:22 25 May 2017
Sunny Destin, Florida, a place we really, really likedBought some grapefruit in sunny Florida when Alan took us down the last week in December. We ate a bunch of much tastier than… Read More
Leiden365 | Will, Fa… · 11:33 25 May 2017
Iedere week vijf euro betalen. Zomaar opeens, gemakkelijk via de telefoon rekening. Zonder dat je er iets voor hoeft te doen. Zelfs niet eens toestemming geven. Zo ging het met onze telefoon… Read More
Scribble Your Heart Away!
Feelings · 10:29 25 May 2017
The Creative Women's JournalI gaze at his picture and wish he would just leap out of it into my arms - my son, Chikoo. The laptop sits in front of me, on the table; the keys waiting to be ta… Read More
Mi Boina · 09:19 25 May 2017
Por motivo de salud imprevisto de un familiar cercano he estado ausente de mis habituales publicaciones en mi bloc  A partir de mañana, viernes 26, con… Read More
Un Largo Camino
Un Alma Navegante · 04:41 25 May 2017
Un largo camino ha sido mi Vida.Excepcional en algunos aspectos y terrible en otros. Una de cal y una de arena.Antes me quejaba ( a veces lo hago) pero ahora sigo mi ruta, mi destino como se… Read More
101 Things Update!!!
The Honest Badger · 04:30 25 May 2017
As I said, I was going to update my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days this week, and I'm SUPER HAPPY with my progress! I've conquered EIGHT MORE THINGS ... and had to put four in the "not going… Read More
The Five Fish - Orga… · 23:21 24 May 2017
This month one of my dearest friends had her very first child. I could not be more elated for her and her fiance. I could not be more ecstatic that she has been reaching out to me for advice… Read More
What The Junk?! · 22:31 24 May 2017
I am still sick.  I am not sure if I'm getting better, but I'm not getting worse!  I did my workouts on time today, so that was good.  They weren't too bad today.  I gues… Read More
Cat Vs Mole
S. Weasel · 21:03 24 May 2017
This ended in a way I did not expect. The video came across my FaceBook feed this evening and FB means it’s nigh impossible to share outside of FB itself. Meaning I had to go digging… Read More
New Universe | It's … · 20:00 24 May 2017
I have an idea. I’ve spent my whole life feeling that I am not getting enough sleep.  Every morning, getting out of bed has been extremely difficult.  I get around 7 hours of… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:49 24 May 2017
Perfidious Euro-wogs are attempting to undermine the special relationship between Global Britain and its bestest global ally by contradicting the Trumpster's declared opinion that climate ch… Read More
Fickleknitter · 18:11 24 May 2017
One of the most difficult things for me having grown up in a chaotic atmosphere was learning to listen to myself. I mean, I have always been able to sense and utilize my intuition which is a… Read More
Jupiler 0,0%
@ Coos' · 17:01 24 May 2017
Ik ben met moeder Jupiler 0,0% aan het drinken en allebei hebben we het gevoel dat er precies toch alcohol in zit.  Wel lekker trouwens, smaakt naar bier zoals een gewone pils Read More
How To Make Butterfly Yarn Bobbins!
Moogly · 14:51 24 May 2017
A few years ago I did a Make and Take at a fiber event taught by Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions – and she taught us how to make butterfly bobbins! That wasn’t the point of… Read More
Craig's Finger Looking Better
Wayne's World · 14:23 24 May 2017
Good morning.Just a quick update on Craig's finger. Most of the dead skin has flaked off and he's been massaging it with vitamin E oil. It has really helped. Especially since it originally l… Read More
Unwritten Tales
Reluctant Memsahib |… · 10:44 24 May 2017
I am distracted as I pull books from shelves, wipe fine dust from their jackets with the back of my sleeve; every book tells a story, a tale quite separate from the one writ within its… Read More
Chop Suey #13
Saltshaker · 13:10 23 May 2017
Chop Suey continues! And probably a last restaurant round-up prior to heading out on a mini-vacation to NYC and Boston this coming weekend. Boken, Julian Alvarez 1391, Palermo –… Read More