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Hugo Com H · 09:52 21 Jul 2017
Él queria una mujer virgen, cuando él la perdió a los 13 años.Él queria una mujer que no huela a cigarrillo cuando él se acababa dos cajetilla… Read More
Kaylania's Blog · 04:00 21 Jul 2017
Hello everyone!  I have not added much to my blog in a while as my priorities have been on other things and responsibilities.  So much has happened over the past year that it&rsquo… Read More
Hari Raya Holiday 2017
The Rosse's Blog · 03:56 21 Jul 2017
The Juice Is Loose. (Again)
Field Negro · 00:38 21 Jul 2017
"I'm not black, I'm O.J.I hear ya Juice, and now that you are loose again, it might be a good time to remind you that while you do not consider yourself black, white America certainly does… Read More
Dead Boring
S. Weasel · 22:22 20 Jul 2017
Uncle Al asked why we didn’t just broadcast WeaselTV as being infinitely more entertaining than anything on the box. I don’t because it’s not. It’s hours and hours o… Read More
My Life A Bit South … · 22:12 20 Jul 2017
After a six month hiatus for which I can neither explain myself nor justify the time spent, I am back to my blog. Y'all having heard enough about my insane life, I thought I would share the… Read More
Demirviews · 21:36 20 Jul 2017
Summertime Essential Oil Blends! Living by the beach most of my life in South Florida is something I will definitely miss, now that I am living in Reno, Nevada. I love the fact that with ess… Read More
Codziennik · 20:49 20 Jul 2017
To budujące, że w ciągu kilku godzin udało się zebrać tę grupę wołominiaków pod Sądem Rejonowym. Szczerze mówiąc –… Read More
Daily Horoscope · 19:33 20 Jul 2017
Daily Aries horoscope summary Thing are slowly beginning to change on Friday and this changes should be for the better.On the rise, your financial status seems to be the one that will give r… Read More
Embracing My Journey… · 15:00 20 Jul 2017
What if we all swapped out the words, “I can’t” with “I choose not to” in our daily conversations? What would that sound like? 💎Instead of [&hellip… Read More
Moogly · 15:00 20 Jul 2017
This month, for blocks 14 and 15, our designers co-ordinated the looks to create blocks that play off each other  – so fun! This week’s block is #15 in the MooglyCAL2017… Read More
Ashes To Ashes
A Scot In North Wale… · 10:00 20 Jul 2017
how could you NOT miss a face like this?So, I lost my dog of almost 15 years a couple of weeks ago and, being the crazy dog lady that I am, it hit me exactly the way I thought it would: har… Read More
El Cuarto Intento · 04:24 20 Jul 2017
Hablarte es querer hacerte el amor con palabras. Hacer que cada letra provoque placeres irreproducibles, tocar los temas más profundos con la pasión enamoradiza de los poetas y… Read More
Pension To 68 In U.K.?
Syl's Bucketlist · 02:40 20 Jul 2017
By keeping the oldies at work, we're creating a lost generation.The UK state pension age increase to 68 will be brought forward to 2039.Of course there are a lot of reasons.People live longe… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:34 20 Jul 2017
Today was a good day.  Why?  Well, I went to Starbucks this evening to write letters.  I had finished those and a friend showed up and we hung out for a while.  As it abo… Read More
The Doglady's Den · 01:36 20 Jul 2017
Originally published July 18, 2013. Revised July 19, 2017 Another heat wave is upon us, and pretty much all of North America, it seems.   Today’s weather in the Toronto Read More… Read More
My Echo, My Shadow A… · 20:50 19 Jul 2017
Hello lonely stranger, Sorry for greeting you in such a manner, well the reason behind that is the immense hope that you may be one like me, lonely and yearning for a partner in life. I was… Read More
Lithiyum – Beat The Heat Up!!
R4Review · 18:13 19 Jul 2017
Partying in Delhi gets a new definition with “Lithiyum” – a high-end luxurious club situated at The Ashoka, Chankyapuri. The property is divided into three sections that co… Read More
Andy Writes Poems | … · 15:59 19 Jul 2017
Yesterday was great so good to see you for a bit, but today’s a little darker and everything is shit You see when everything is average there’s no good or bad around nothing but… Read More
Crossfit Comp Recap
Ice Cream + French F… · 14:57 19 Jul 2017
Hello, hello!If you follow me on instagram [@tiara_wasner] then you might have noticed on Saturday there was some serious fitness going on. Yup, I competed in a Crossfit competition. Not onl… Read More
Schizophrenia? Reall… · 13:30 19 Jul 2017
He is a former colleague who also claims to be a friend. I met him during my first tenure of employment in the city I live and work in at present, which was about 10 months ago. He appeared… Read More
Making Your Own Garments
Dirty Pink City · 13:16 19 Jul 2017
Have you ever walked through your favourite fashion retail shop, or browsed an online retailer, and wondered how you are ever going to afford the entire summer or winter range (because ever… Read More
2017 Menu #25
Saltshaker · 16:32 15 Jul 2017
July 7-8 – 2017 – 7-8 de Julio Warm Salad of Roasted Palm Hearts & Tomatoes – red quinua cooked with togaroshi; broiled palm hearts brushed with chili oil; herb roast… Read More