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E-Nagar | India News… · 08:43 23 Jun 2017
Sometimes I wonder that we Indians have a strange way of evaluation, we judge not by his/her performance, but how his grand daughter in law or great grandson perform. More over, A person who… Read More
Lincoln Memorial
The Kumachan » Leave… · 16:11 22 Jun 2017
Walked to the Lincoln Memorial and gasp at the massive size. After thinking about it, I realized that it is quite fitting for how much impact Abraham Lincoln made on shaping the United Sta… Read More
The Infallible Bro · 14:42 22 Jun 2017
John McEnroe at Wimbledon in 1981. My favorite line from a tennis match. Too bad there isn’t any d-bags in the game anymore. Welp, the All-England Club should be rocking soon enough.F… Read More
New Car
Comedy Plus · 13:28 22 Jun 2017
We took our 2002 Mercedes in for annual service on Tuesday. When we went to pick her up on Wednesday we ended up coming home with his beauty. I had the usual fight with want and need. I di… Read More
Ms. S · 08:50 22 Jun 2017
I go to the washroom after cleaning the bedroom.  Me: do not make any mess here. Ok. *sternly* Ms.S. ok mom.  *after answering  nature’s call*  *steps in the hall*… Read More
Chimerastory - Keep … · 07:27 22 Jun 2017
The word Empowerment stands for authority or power giving to someone to do something, to become confident and hopeful. But when the word empowerment gets attached with woman, it becomes the… Read More
Tex Mex 5k 2017
Erase Boredom For 1 … · 02:36 22 Jun 2017
What did you think about the race?It was good. The 2nd mile sucked. – Dave Gildea I’m going to start this post writing that I know I plan on posting this to the Facebook page of… Read More
Z – Empezando Por El… · 21:43 21 Jun 2017
Hoy me siento como una lámpara de esas que se clavan en el suelo del jardín, absorben la luz del sol durante el día y brillan de noche. Me siento así pero al rev… Read More
Beauty Bae · 17:19 21 Jun 2017
Hello! Guess what today is?! Wednesday the 21st of June, the first day of Summer, and the longest one of the year. It’s also the hottest June day that England has experienced in 40-som… Read More
Contribuição - O Me… · 13:10 21 Jun 2017
Piadas de Sogras O sujeito bate à porta de uma casa e, assim que um homem abre, ele diz: -O senhor poderia contribuir com o Lar dos Idosos? -Claro! Espere um pouco, que vou buscar mi… Read More
We Need A Professional
No, Seriously... · 02:15 21 Jun 2017
One of the first people who learned I was no longer working a nine to five was the woman who cleans our house. This wasn’t because it was a luxury service that we immediately disconti… Read More
Thewritingdeputy | A… · 23:58 20 Jun 2017
When I was in high school I had a plan to be a multimillionaire before I retired. Over the years I have worked hard, saved, refined and altered the plan until I am on the verge of fulf… Read More
Free Clown Skits · 00:43 20 Jun 2017
Plate spinning skit – a skit for 3 or more clowns [Editor’s note: I first saw this plate spinning skit on WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown show, but the routine is much older than t… Read More
Read N' Butter · 12:55 19 Jun 2017
Farewell riddles Apparently I lost interest in the whole riddle thing quicker than I thought I would. For those of you interested in the answers here they are. ***spoiler warning*** Riddle 1… Read More
The Frictionary · 17:11 18 Jun 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6426. Despair is anger with no place to go. (Mignon McLaughlin)6427. It is often too early to know if it is not too late. (Pierre Dac)6428. I… Read More
Father Thoughts 2
A Few Clowns Short · 03:37 18 Jun 2017
I first posted this in 2013. I'm being a bit lazy and will reuse it this year. My thoughts are still the same and my blog is a fine place to store a few memories. Father's Day really do… Read More
The Gap - Parts 1 To 10
Oliver Davies · 18:24 17 Jun 2017
The Gap is a story is currently being published on a episodic basis via my instagram and this post collects the first ten parts for those wishing to catch up...Part 1These are the places whe… Read More
Funny Jokes Factory … · 13:05 16 Jun 2017
Jason, a young man in his early twenties who just graduated from college, got accepted to an amazing job at an amazing company. As he announced the good news to his parents, he noticed both… Read More