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Freedom Eden · 00:00 30 Mar 2017
Is a Fake Republican planning GOP US Senate run? Maybe.— Vicki McKenna (@VickiMcKenna) March 29, 2017 Read More
Bigrunner · 17:09 29 Mar 2017
Chris Saxton to Bill JohnsonBill Johnson already happened....the 'judgment' happens the exact moment YOU....judge - rightly,wrongly,fairly,unfairly.... what you PROJECT out - comes stra… Read More
Dakota Voice · 12:04 29 Mar 2017
How many of you believe that Congress makes the laws of our land? How many of you believe presidential executive orders are also the law of our land? How many of you believe the Supreme cour… Read More
In Moscow And Oh Boy!
Windows To Russia · 06:43 29 Mar 2017
Selfie? It takes a lot out of this Country Boy Bear, to deal with Moscow. I love the city. It is safe and cozy, but it is so busy… I mean there are more people standing on the stairwa… Read More
Political Irony · 06:25 29 Mar 2017
First Trump can’t make a deal with even Republican congressmen over repealing Obamacare. Now, Trump has now asked Congress for a billion dollars to build his wall. I guess he couldn&rs… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 21:41 28 Mar 2017
A distinctive advantage of the SA-6 + from earlier models is the ability to merge different bands in two independent groups. Credit: Lakshman Achuthan-2011. In addition, for each group of se… Read More
Stuart Jeffery · 18:22 28 Mar 2017
After 10 years of blogging here I have moved to Wordpress. The interface is far easier to use and I can automatically share posts on social media. Please visit my new site here Read More
Slantblog · 15:55 28 Mar 2017
Some 19 years ago, a spider bit me on the temple next to my right eye. The first symptom was an itchiness that got steadily worse. Initially, I thought it was poison ivy.It was my then-g… Read More
Swerve Left · 08:21 28 Mar 2017
I don't see how the Republicans can win on healthcare as long as they're in the majority. Any solution they cook up will need to further enrich drug companies and ensurers while reducing cov… Read More
Causa Oregon -- New… · 00:08 28 Mar 2017
Detained DACA recipient quickly reunited with family following public outcryMarch 27, 2017FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Andrea Williams, [email protected], 503-999-5940PORTLAND, Ore. … Read More
La Chercha Verde.
Manuel Miranda. · 20:02 27 Mar 2017
Chercha: Conversación bulliciosa, mezclada con chanzas y burlas.- Diccionario Real Academia de la Lengua.Ecologismo. ... El ecologismo (en ocasiones llamado movimiento verde o ambient… Read More
Mage Soapbox · 16:34 27 Mar 2017
"Gorsuch in confirmation hearing promises independence from politics" PBS NewsHour 3/20/2017ExcerptSUMMARY:  On day one of Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing, senators outlined p… Read More
Dr. Robert Owens Chr… · 14:55 27 Mar 2017
After the election the stock market took off like a rocket.  Job creation zoomed toward the stratosphere.  Today as the chameleon Progressive RINOs crawl out from under the sheep&r… Read More
Fake News From Ted Koppel
Blogger · 13:29 27 Mar 2017
It's always sad to see people let themselves down and I was saddened to see Ted Koppel pushing his new book "Lights Out" based on the premise of a terrorist attack on US infrastructure." The… Read More
Disappeared News · 02:01 27 Mar 2017
by Larry Geller Former Mayor Mufi Hannemann tried a commuter ferry called TheBoat as a way to ease traffic congestion coming into cental Honolulu. It never worked, and cost taxpayers an esti… Read More
Wise Conservatism | … · 12:47 26 Mar 2017
This past week, the Republicans found that talk was cheap compared to the actions that they needed to take to repeal and replace the monstrosity known as ObamaCare.  The solution that t… Read More
The Poll Bludger · 10:27 26 Mar 2017
The Fairfax papers have an Ipsos poll that belies last week’s improvement for the Coalition in Newspoll. The report identifies Labor’s two-party lead as 55-45, but it features a… Read More