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Martial Arts Against Bullying blog. Fitness coach with experience in 6 styles of martial arts, who helps motivate and support struggling martial artists and victims of bullying.
2017-02-22 10:00
Focus on Your Mindset and You Will Grow   The more in which you feel You have obstacles to overcome, Focus on your mindset and you will grow.  The obstacles in which you face every… Read More
2017-02-20 10:00
Have No Fear, Have Courage, Take Action   Have no fear, have courage, take action.  There are two types of fear, two steps to take action towards that fear, and only one way to hav… Read More
2017-02-19 10:00
Let Your Spirit and Soul Shine On With that moment when you feel the best in you is about to get better; That moment when you know each day is getting brighter; That moment when you see your… Read More
2017-02-17 10:00
The Man Behind My Reason For Being     The Man Behind My Reason For Being. I remember back when I was in undergraduate school, while I was sitting in my dorm room and during my lun… Read More
2017-02-16 10:00
Tips To Become Successful   Tips To Become Successful. There should be a daily routine to follow if you have the true desire to become successful with whatever you do and the concepts t… Read More
2017-02-15 10:00
Let Your Spirit Drive You   Let your spirit drive you.  Without spirit, there is no sense of value within yourself. There is no purpose. You need spirit to drive you, to get you th… Read More
2017-02-14 10:00
The Power and Benefits of Chi Kung   The power and benefits of chi kung (quee gong) is an eastern concept in which is a biophysical energy, a life force, an internal power that a p… Read More
2017-02-12 11:00
Who Do You Want To Become? “You must have vision to be able to succeed in life.” – Ray Higdon “Pain pushes you; vision propels you forward.” – Dr. Michael… Read More
2017-02-11 10:00
Focus On Your Progress   Focus on your progress,  Take baby steps. Keep the momentum going,  And keep the ideas flowing. Inspire yourself today And make those baby steps Until… Read More
2017-02-10 10:00
Jet Li   Jet Li. Okay. I could write a novel on Jet Li, but I won’t. Here are some interesting facts I learned from reading books on him. 1). Jet changed his last name to “L… Read More

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Home - Colleen's Martial Art Corner


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