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A Wet And Rainy Picnic Blog
Rains , rains and rains and a picnic to Chikmagalur, India in the rains....
Ajanta, All Things Buddha
2016-11-13 12:52
What lovely upholstery I thought as I sank on the sofa. I leaned back.It had lovely blue flowers on a  white background. It looked very elegant on the black furniture. I  gently ra… Read More
Ajanta, All Things Buddha - Gallery
2016-11-13 12:52
Ajanta details Lapis Lazuli design blue and brightCarpet like design on the roof Cave 2 infoBuddha in prayer Cave 9 infoCave 9 facade Cave 10 infoCave 10 facade Thousand Buddhas?Seven morta… Read More
Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad
2016-11-06 00:34
Lunch done we got into the car and headed towards Bibi Ka Maqbara. We stepped out umbrella in hand but the rains had stopped. A couple of us joined the queue for the tickets while a few of u… Read More
Meeting The Marathas
2016-11-05 17:14
Picking this year's destination was a no brainer. Ever since we saw the huge pillar of Kailash temple at Ellora in the picture sent by Sil we had been wowed. So Ajanta, Ellora it had to be… Read More
Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad - Gallery
2016-11-05 17:13
Main entrance First glimpse of the Maqbara Main entrance from the MaqbaraBalconies inside the Maqbara Maqbara Ceiling Library Maqbara Minaret Side view of the Maqbara What are these near t… Read More
Honeymoon With US Ends
2016-10-16 03:07
I sat amidst purses, shoes, cardigans, chocolates, souvenirs etc etc all around me. They had come out for the nth time from four suitcases including a cabin luggage. They wouldn't go in… Read More
Honeymoon With US Ends -gallery
2016-10-13 19:50
Atlanta AirportAnother flight in airAscent at AtlantaA view of the Flyovers Silhouette of the wing...Sunrise at 30k! Train to the gate at FrankfurtFrankfurt Airport Ascent at FrankfurtCloud… Read More
Dallas World Aquarium
2016-10-13 19:11
Good morning" the driver said as we entered the bus. "Good morning" I replied as I settled on a seat. With clockwork precision she drove us to the Old town Station in nineteen minu… Read More
The Land Of Milk And Honey - Gallery
2016-10-13 19:08
Victoria's secretsSwing?Buy back schemeMade of Porcelain?Multiplex?Where are the children?Framed :)The cap shopRoses Magnolia tree Magnolia Which Wich?Art work by childrenNext: The… Read More
The Land Of Milk And Honey
2016-10-13 19:05
"It was a tell all” shop I thought as a I wandered around Victoria's Secret. Secrets were revealed in leaps and bounds. They were overflowing on the counters, leapt at you from posters… Read More

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A wet and rainy picnic


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