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Book Calendar · 17:34 25 Jul 2017
Daily Thoughts 07/25/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I spent some more time reading Work Clean.  I am reading about how chefs organize their workspaces.I che… Read More
Caitlin Cacciatore · 16:07 25 Jul 2017
When I stepped out today, I was not expecting the ocean to look so gray, Nor the cries of the gulls To match so perfectly with the outline of distant oceanliner’s hulls. There are b… Read More
Beneath The Rainbow · 10:06 25 Jul 2017
It was because she had broken with Billy that Loretta had come visiting to Santa Clara. Billy could not understand. His sister had reported that…Continue readingA Wicked Woman Read More
El Pórtico Del Vuelo
Paginas Escindidas B… · 04:33 25 Jul 2017
Devana mi presente enquistes de recuerdos contra el escalpelo triste que es mi fantasma. Fulge la incisiva imagen otrora orfandad y horrores hoy proclama de esperanza. Invadida en este p&oac… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 22:00 24 Jul 2017
see i have to take you wayround stead roundway be like clayplay say untwist the old ropes peer press that bouncing ball you hollow follow feelnon caulking for a brain to wonder about lectri… Read More
Música Para Lobos
Olocaos 281 · 12:39 24 Jul 2017
A chuva redesenha e modela a areia segundo sua vontade, o dia cinza presenteia a cidade de sol e não entrega sinais de partir.Os sentidos agora podem matar e as escadas para o para&ia… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 11:22 24 Jul 2017
Hijitos, es la última hora, y así como oyeron que el anticristo viene, también ahora han surgido muchos anticristos. Por eso sabemos que es la última hora. E… Read More
Review: The Dry By Jane Harper
Carpe Librum · 06:56 24 Jul 2017
I know I'm late to the party but I just finished reading The Dry by Jane Harper and can honestly say it is worth the hype. Despite having a copy for 11 months (thanks to my GoodReads Me… Read More
Reported Missing
Aurora Batty's Books · 01:50 24 Jul 2017
This book is hard for me to peg down completely. It is a good story but it definitely had its weaknesses. I had trouble staying engaged in this book so it took me 12 day to complete. The s… Read More
Conto-Gotas · 00:39 24 Jul 2017
Quando temos muitas coisas para dizer e nem sabemos por onde começar, é melhor optar pelo silêncio. Se eu fosse seguir este mandamento, então nem prosseguiria com… Read More
Visionary Fiction Wr… · 00:18 24 Jul 2017
I used to sleepwalk as a child, as did my sister in our formative years. Following a terrible fall, despite my father’s heroic actions, she fractured her skull. Our psychic link was se… Read More
Tocwoc – A Civil War… · 19:24 23 Jul 2017
Excellent short video on the steps to load and fire the Enfield muzzle loading rifle with the issue British cartridge. Not only that, the video presenter is in full period kit. I was going t… Read More
Not Your Average Guy
Steps: A Daily Journ… · 19:10 23 Jul 2017
This is a true story. (If you choose it to be.) There are lots of men out there, but Bill is not your average guy. Bill has decided to live intentionally. That involves a focus on both faith… Read More
Noah E Hadassa · 18:34 23 Jul 2017
▶Te ver tão longe e tão bem me doeu no começo, confesso. Além do mais, eu tivera sentido um assombro pelos amores passados e por ter decidido dizer-lhes ade… Read More
Poetry About Poetry
Dixie Poetry · 17:02 23 Jul 2017
My metaphors have kept me warmWhen I ran out of pages to burn,For when it all felt like a curse,I found blessing in a verse. I listened close to my soul’s cries,I searched the seas, I… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 13:20 23 Jul 2017
How many little boys have passed tickets shouting their delight through this old steel gate? © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Gate I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Filed under: F… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 18:27 20 Jul 2017
The first time I time traveledto the fall of 2018 in my mindwas when your father whispered,“Look around. Any one of thesecould be future family.”I saw you, with your grandfather… Read More
Let’s Talk Fear
Thoughts Of Cromwell · 15:00 19 Jul 2017
Good day and welcome to my blog. Its time to face one of the most common and unnoticed epidemic that has plagued mankind for ages, Fear. Well, no fear, Dr Cromwell’s here. In this post… Read More