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Our Little Island - HTML5
Tiny Worlds · 16:44 30 Apr 2017
I uploaded a HTML5 version of my game! Try this one if the game didn't work for you before: Play "Our Little Island".​Also, an artist I admire, Foyaland, also participated in the… Read More
I Made A Little Game
Tiny Worlds · 23:11 24 Apr 2017
I made a little game on the weekend about two little monsters, two brothers, try to build a new home, a new garden on a little island. But they can only succeed if they work together… Read More
Drain The Swamp
Roger Gosden Musing … · 02:18 24 Apr 2017
Drain the Swamp! It’s the refrain of a U.S. President who prefers time on the barren grass of golf courses to life’s abundance in natural wetland. Calling somewhere a swamp is ne… Read More
Happy Earth Day!
Explorethebirdworld · 21:30 22 Apr 2017
On this Earth Day, let’s not forget our feathered friends who add such beauty to our planet! If you think the above birds are adorable, check out the entire gang at Th… Read More
A Lively Chaos
Tiny Worlds · 08:00 21 Apr 2017
I visited the mossgarden at my grandmas place again. In the hideouts I made, I found quite some woodlouse families, earthworms and also this little fella. Life is bubbling again! Fores… Read More
Invasive Birds
Explorethebirdworld · 23:46 19 Apr 2017
Not all birds you see in your area are native to the United States. A bird native to the US means that it lived/evolved here for essentially all its life as a species, and is therefore inter… Read More
Forest Treasure
Tiny Worlds · 21:33 14 Apr 2017
I'm thinking about starting a little series about the things I collected in the forest as child.Pinecones are certainly such a "treasure". Interesting to look at and fun to play with. A… Read More
Sacred Earth | Helpi… · 10:18 07 Apr 2017
Dolphin habitat and distribution  Dolphins surround the ocean. Anywhere far and deep is where you will find such majestic animals. They are gentle, docile and such beautiful animals. Ma… Read More
Sacred Earth | Helpi… · 09:38 07 Apr 2017
This very famous forest can be either known as the Boreal forest or Taiga. This is the largest biome stretched along North America and Eurasia. This very biome is exposed to long periods of… Read More
Explorethebirdworld · 21:25 03 Apr 2017
On Sunday April 2, at 5pm, right in front of St. Nicholas Church in Palisades Park NJ, I witnessed a murder! Yes, a murder! There were 3 crows. That’s what a group of crows is called… Read More
Joyfully Green · 04:02 31 Mar 2017
At breakfast today, while turning the page of an incredibly good book (to be revealed here in the coming weeks), I looked up and saw it. A basket in the corner, catching the morning light… Read More
Explorethebirdworld · 16:00 17 Mar 2017
On Tuesday March 14, the tri-state area was hit with the biggest snowstorm of the year. But even though the winds were cold and the snow was falling, there was plenty of bird activity going… Read More
Roger Gosden Musing … · 22:20 09 Mar 2017
Sounds like a rock group, but hellbenders are mute, cryptic, and uglier than any band! I imagine some American pioneer naming them after turning over a rock in a mountain stream and recoilin… Read More
Global Warming - Let… · 02:33 09 Mar 2017
I was wondering the other day whose CO2 is it? I did some google search and of course wikipedia knew it. I am just amazed how much data is out there.… Read More