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Some people are very strict about their religion while there are others that do not believe in it. We have a segment catering exclusively to religion where we talk about both the aspects, shed light on different religion, the customs, traditions, belief and more. We try to have a light hearted conversation on these topics with the hope that people can stop bickering in the name of religion and thereby make the place worth living and loving. This is the place where you can learn more about your religion or even others and develop a mutual admiration and foster the right spirit too.
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Lições que vou aprendendo à medida que caminho.
Recent: Sendo promovido a “menor de tu

to be a mother

official website for the pro life/pro adoption book to be a mother written by deanna jones.

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roy's faith line

a glog that is desigen to introduce people to jesus christ.
Recent: Digging In

Magisches Theater

Heute abend magisches Theater. Eintritt nicht für jedermann...
Recent: Methode der Disidentifikation

Dedicated Christian

A Christian site for the dedicated Christian. Be a dedicated Christian and keep your faith going.
Recent: Truth (2)

Sahabat Gembala

BLOG AKHIR ZAMAN - Pastoral & Counseling,Konsultasi Teologis,Kebenaran Sejati,Kehidupan Yang Kekal
Recent: Mengapa kita tidak boleh berdoa


this is a site to uncover answers to unknown on topics relating to religion,paranormal,prophecy,mantra,yoga,kalki avatar,nostradamus meditiation and more unknown topics.
Recent: Tantric Experiments using Gunja

Best Star Team

My story and God Bless America
Recent: About Michael Jackson and One of

skywriter-donna cunningham's blog

a blog by donna cunningham, msw on astrology, spirituality, metaphysics, self-help, healing tools, and writing tips. includes a section on freedom from fear.
Recent: Saturn’s Cycles – The Seven-

Astrology - Follow the source of the true zodiac

World astrology blog by Patrice Bouriche
Recent: Changement d'adresse !

Faith and religion
Recent: New Themes: Dynamic News, Ubud,

Masaraba en La Cocina

este es un blogg donde escribo mis sueã±os,pesadillas, creencias, historias, leyendas, recetas e historias que hacen diferente mi mundo. Dejen quie les cuente mis hitorias...!
Recent: SUEÑO #222 "LA RATA"

the structure of entropy

my blog attempts to share its understandings of religious insights from islam,to explore the interface between science & religion, and to express wonderment and love of human nature and culture.
Recent: QUR’AN ANTHOLOGIES: Illuminati

Marketing Christian Books

A personal look at the unique Christian book marketplace. Tips and ideas for authors and publishers in marketing Christian books.
Recent: Books with Bodies

Your Recipes for Life

Recipes for spiritual, physical, and emotional good health.

Ho Kai Paulos

weekly reflections and bible study from a roman catholic catechist.
Recent: Argument from Contingency

Mystical Musings and Politics

Musings and opinions on almost any topic, but focused mainly on politics, activism, conspiracies, and some poetry.
Recent: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Morando en las Alturas

Devocionales, Artculos, Opinin, Msica Cristiana, Libros Cristianos, Noticias Cristianas y algo ms.
Recent: Como descubrir a los falsos prof

Sharing stories of faith, hope, and inspiration.
Recent: by the Numbers: Th

History of Indian Muslim

The history of Indian Muslim culture
Recent: Islam is propagated by sword