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Some people are very strict about their religion while there are others that do not believe in it. We have a segment catering exclusively to religion where we talk about both the aspects, shed light on different religion, the customs, traditions, belief and more. We try to have a light hearted conversation on these topics with the hope that people can stop bickering in the name of religion and thereby make the place worth living and loving. This is the place where you can learn more about your religion or even others and develop a mutual admiration and foster the right spirit too.
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Romans 15:4 Project

By Mick Dobra, a private advocate for Family and Christian values! Mission: Call the Church in America to unify in glorifying God through Biblical and historical perspectives.
Recent: The Power of our Tongues and the

More Than Stone

Musings from a fellow sojourner

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Homekeeping Heart

Daily musings of a 20-something stay-at-home military wife and homeschool mom seeking to follow the Lord in every way.

An Heir of Grace

I live with one husband, one teenager, two dogs, a ferret, the military, and a ton of books; I love studying the Reformation and Reformed Christianity; I am simple-minded and not very funny.
Recent: BYU tight ends


The Ebionites faithfully preserved the teachings of Jesus. The Gentiles were too pagan, and the Church became corrupt and spiritually disenfranchised.
Recent: Why Are There School Shootings?

The Corner of River and Rhett

A conversation with persons connected with the history of the Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville, South Carolina. A founding congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.
Recent: SPC Charter Members: Martin Fami

On Top and Rising

On Top and Rising will write on current trends within the Evangelical Chrisitian Communities. Music, Church Planting, Theology, News
Recent: Emerging Ministries within a New

Godd Morning Crackheads

A blog to attack crack cocaine.
Recent: The Insanity of Crack Cocaine

Inspiration Corner

Christian Inspirational blog that is updated daily with content such as Devotionals, Bible Studies, Inpirational writings and more.

Flowers on the Wayside

along the roads of Good Will. The blog of the site
Recent: The Move: Passing over a Thresho

Hindu blog

Hindu blog with commentary and analysis of Hindus and Hinduism


Learn about psychic abilities

Tom Pounder

A site full of devotionals for youth!
Recent: Great Changes Ahead

Green Baggins

This is a blog devoted to Reformed theology
Recent: One last thing

Christian Purity Rings

Articles about christian purity and true love waits programs.
Recent: Abstinence Accessorizing: Purity

a site dedicated to the promotion and defense of the glory of God.
Recent: New Address: please update your

Winging It

A blog of encouragement for the 21st century
Recent: Reminder

the word podcast

Bringing you the Word in concise messages.

Wondering Thoughts

Thoughts on following Jesus today; what it means to be missional and emerging church
Recent: I've Moved

Russian Orthodox Icons

This blog is devoted to Russian Orthodox icons which are located in a real gallery.
Recent: No more posts on this blog