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Mind Shadows

Mainly about the mental, to include spirituality. How is it that billions of neurons in the brain, nothing but "matter," give rise to consciousness?
Recent: The Man Who Found Einstein's Bra

De todos los dias

Vivencias y espiritualidad para todos los dias. Con cristo y Maria.
Recent: Testimonios incuestionables

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Christian Science Fiction

Christian science fiction novels, short stories, and everything fantastic!
Recent: Yes, I'm still alive


Wayward thoughts on the Buddhist way
Recent: Introducing Happiness on Sale

Full of hope and joy

A blog of everyday life with its ups and downs, of a girl whos dearest wish is to become a vicar in the Church of England.
Recent: Olympic torch relay

blog espírita celeiro de luz

temos o objetivo maior de divulgar e estudar a doutrina espírita. sexo,amor,sonhos,vida,morte, saúde são alguns temas que escrevemos, sempre sob a ótica espírita.

true joy with god

all about god.. everyday bible verses that will help us.. finding the true joy with god..inspirational messages.. inspirational bible verses.. praise & worship songs..daily devotional scriptures..
Recent: June 21, 2012

The way of life

Comprehending the way of life and understanding hinduism
Recent: Suka Rahasya Upanishad

Walrus Talk

The personal miracle testimony and other writings of Paul D. Cardin.
Recent: The One-Hoss Shay

Shirdi Sai Baba And His Grace

Sai|Spirituality|Buddhism|Hinduism|Great Mind and Great Inspiring thoughts|Quotes|Philosphy|Peotry|Sufism|Aarti|Mantra|Experiences

Islamic Movies & Documentries Online

A wide-ranging collection of Islamic movies and documentries [in English] to watch online for free.
Recent: An Islamic History of Europe

dharma::vision by Amadeus

*in a world of suffering and pain, the best refuge can be found in the dharma"


Tira acerca de las Cronicas de una Iglesia Virtual
Recent: Suben uno de mis Primero Pininos

Hermetic Catholicism

Drawing on traditional Catholicism AND Christian Hermeticism, a look at the soul of the contemporary world ...
Recent: A Very LONG and Personal Au Rev

Berlin Wall Between Church and State

Christian religious news, current events and commentary.
Recent: News

Renato’s PG Weblog

Blog sobre dicas no ministério de louvor
Recent: A importância da santidade

The Horoscopic Astrology Blog

A daily astrology blog with news and information about what is going on in the world from an astrological perspective.
Recent: New Podcast on Astrology

Grace Digest

Bible teaching, social and political commentary from the heart and hand of Royce Ogle
Recent: Nuggets of Fudge – Reading the

I am a Money magnet

Learn to attract Money with the help of law of attraction and also learn to achieve goals
Recent: Mindset to Attract Money

Merry Meet

This spirituality blog is moderated and open to members of all faiths. Written from a pagan perspective.
Recent: UPS 'Brown' Gives Pink Slip to 2