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With the right details of the top programs, you can make a lot of applications. There are various programming languages and there are too many tips that you can choose to follow. In this segment, we will offer you some of the main programming tips that will turn out to be handy for you. We talk about the main programming languages and also offer you solution for complex programs. This is one of the best sections for all those who love coding and they can share their opinion and thereby make the most out of their love for programming.
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Webmasters Bolivia

Webmasters community where you can find resources for your site.
Recent: Tarjeta de Crédito para Webmast

Custom Software, Website Development and IT Consul

Mantra Information Services is full-service software development and IT consulting company headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, USA.

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Web Development Blog

Web Development, Web Design, Web Applications, Web 2.0, AJAX, WordPress Themes, Search Engine Optimisation, Latest Technologies and more..
Recent: Australian Real Estate WordPress

kad1r weblog

Weblogs of a software developer, programming,, csharp, javascript, ajax, sql, security, operating systems

Simplest Codings

This site provides basic implementations of various programming problems in C/C++
Recent: Builder Design Pattern Implement

Marketing Soft

abc-xyz-analysis in marketing. managing logistic processes with abc-xyz-analysis software.

C# code Solution

All types of c# code solution, javascript, Ajax tutorial , stored procedure
Recent: New Themes: Dynamic News, Ubud,

Templates Web Design

Templates Web Design - Modelos de Templates diversos como Template Monster, Joomla, Oscommerce, Wordpress...
Recent: Assistir UFC 169 José Aldo x Ri

Smash Scripts

Quality Scripts are available here Like PHP,Java ,ASP.Net,Asp etc
Recent: Ebook - Web 2.0 and Social Netw

Life of a Software Program Manager

A first person accounting of running a commercial software product
Recent: What is a Defect?

User Driven Modelling

Peter Hale Home Page PhD Blog University of the West of England. Research on End User Programming and semantic web, examples and explanations.
Recent: Stephen Wolfram Wants To Make Co

The Trials of Multimedia Boy

A Project Management Blog for a Multimedia Web Dev Course. Lots of coding for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Recent: Project Management Week 13

IBM Mainframe

IBM zSeries Mainframe Upgrade information, advice, news, articles. Latest independent thinking on resurgence of mainframe
Recent: The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 20 - Webmaster Tutorials & Blog

Providing a daily dose of webmaster tutorials and tools.
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.NET Development and Architectire Blog

NET exploration, architecutre, development, articles, cool links, surf logs, book reviews, .net, c#, smart clients, software factories, patterns & practices, web casts and much more
Recent: Awaitable task progress reportin


Blog about web depevelopment, programming, software, applications, web 2.0
Recent: Introducción a Mono y Primera A


c/c++ programming blog

The Agileer

The mostly confused world of Microsoft and Agile practices

Windows Mobile development blog

Blog de Mickel

Blog de Programacion y Desarrollo Web