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Contemporary is one of the top genres in books. If you are looking to find some of the best books in the contemporary category, you have stumbled on the right place. We have some of the top posts as we find the best books that will make a reader feel alive. Enjoy the books and go through the posts to rev up your knowledge in this field and make the most out of your book reading experiences.

Best Romance Novels For You…

Do You Enjoy Books Like Twilight Or Iced That Skip The "adult" Parts Of Love And Focus On The Romance? We Share Books With Romantic Elements For Young Adults.

As Insanidades De Eleonore

O Blog Trata De Contos Sobre Crises Esquizofrenicas De Eleonore Delfus, Uma Mulher Transtornada E Doente, Que Se Exilou Na Própria Loucura Para Evitar As Cons…

CopyWriter Milano

Copywriting Portfolio Di Luca Bartoli, Copy Writer Dentro E Fuori Dal Web: Pubblicità, Stampa E Affissione; Spot Tv E Viral; Ambient, Eventi E Guerrilla; Radi…

Katheryn Lane

Book Reviews, Author Interviews And The General Musings Of A Romance Writer (and Occasional Cook!)

David Cooper Books

All About My Debut Novel Hatred Ridicule And Contempt, A Legal Thriller Published By Kindle Direct In November 2011. For A Preview, Click On The Prologue Tab On…

Sometimes I Write

Poetry, Philosophy, Photography, Science And A Bit Of Everything I Would Like To Share With Everyone.

Chester Writer's

A Weblog Featuring Books And Articles Written By Chester Writer, Phillip E Jones, Focusing Mainly On British History And Politics

Atlantis And Greek Mytholog…

Did Plato Get It Wrong As His Story Does Not Accord Well With Greek Mythology? Diodorus However Tells Us That The Atlantians Lived At The Base Of Mount Atlas In…

The Chronicles Of Hope

Why Religion Might Be More Of A Threat To Humanity Than Global

Young Adult (YA) Zombies Bo…

Can't Get Enough Zombie Novels? Check Our Recommendations For The Best Zombie Reads! We Feature Our Favorite Reads, Excerpts, Giveaways, And More.

Café Com Lucão

Falando Coisas Aleatórios Sobre O Cotidiano.