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Contemporary is one of the top genres in books. If you are looking to find some of the best books in the contemporary category, you have stumbled on the right place. We have some of the top posts as we find the best books that will make a reader feel alive. Enjoy the books and go through the posts to rev up your knowledge in this field and make the most out of your book reading experiences.
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I Be Readin!

Book Review site. Contemporary literature, newly published books, and some classics
Recent: Wrath Of The Caid, Book Two –

Advanced Survival Shelter Manual

College level training and construction manual for advanced survival shelters. Wind proof, rain proof and security designs detailed. Will be out in print at Amazon in January 2014 for $49.95

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Stories I Told

Stories I Told is a blog with that focuses on modern poetry and fiction. Updated daily, it always has something new that you'll love.
Recent: In The Dead Of Night

The Official Blog of PJ Cadavori

A blog dedicated to books, British history and legends by the outstanding Horror author, PJ Cadavori.
Recent: Be careful where you build ... T

Reveries Realities & Memories

It's about reveries and memories. About the tidbits we gather knowingly or unknowingly while treading on the path of life. You might find the pieces of you somewhere here :)
Recent: A life with you....

Not So Solitary a Pleasure: A Blog about Books

Regular reviews and comments about books and publishing by Mary Soderstrom, who has been writing, reading, reviewing and leading book discussion groups for decades.
Recent: Books to Solve the Climate Chang

A Grande Viagem de Anna e Niglos

"A Grande Viagem de Niglos" é um romance em processo de autoria de Anna Dulce ( Conta a história de uma cigano vindo de Saravejo em seu nomadismo pela América e Europa
Recent: Quarta Lírica Latina do Cigano:

BookGeeks - A different approach to book reviews

The methodology we follow is simple and unheard of. We divide our review ratings into 5 categories: 1. The Plot 2. The Characters 3. The Writing Style 4. The Climax 5. The Entertainment Quotient

Soleil Bleu - Roman

Blog dédié au livre "Soleil Bleu" de Lutine Aurel Bonnemaison, récemment publié aux éditions Edilivre. Nouvelles et prose - Surréalisme et onirisme
Recent: Interview autour de Soleil Bleu

Café com Lucão

Falando coisas aleatórios sobre o cotidiano.
Recent: Amares, uma saga de todos os mar

Stephen del Mar

Blog for writer Stephen del Mar. Writes gay fiction.
Recent: Guest Blog Post for RainbowCon 2

Riley Amos Westbrook Author Site

Just the simple meanderings of a man with too much time on his hands. Feel free to contact me at any time!

Dez Minutos De Café Sem Rascunho

Terceiras intenções são bobagem.

Pocket Sized Fiction

Original fictional short stories and creative blog posts by Marshal Hunter

the connective world

Siamo i Custodi della Percezione, i Guardiani degli Angeli Caduti in Fiamme dal Cielo, Lupi Siderali. Un gruppo di liberi pensatori indipendenti. Viviamo nel cyberspazio, siamo dappertutto. Non conosciamo frontiere.


Marco Milani site - write, e-writer, connettivista

LIfe's Endurance

A place with full of articles and poems related to the experiences of day to day life as well as concentrating more about the relationship which we share with the loving ones.

Agent Hunter

A blog about literary agents: how to find one, what they want, who they are. The blog's primary author is Harry Bingham, an internationally acclaimed crime writer who also runs the Writers' Workshop, the UK's largest editorial consultancy.

O Ranço

Página de crônicas e contos de Jonas Garcia e Pedro Cabelo.

Mindful Clarity

Observations and writing about self improvement practices and beliefs. Some excerpts are from the eBook 'Mindful Clarity For Solutions.'