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Contemporary is one of the top genres in books. If you are looking to find some of the best books in the contemporary category, you have stumbled on the right place. We have some of the top posts as we find the best books that will make a reader feel alive. Enjoy the books and go through the posts to rev up your knowledge in this field and make the most out of your book reading experiences.
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Golden West Publishing

free ebooks on a variety of topics

zombie girls

a serial novel about two young girls left all alone in a world of zombies.
Recent: ContactMe

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horror stories by douglas w. cracraft

supernatural and psychological horror stories written by st. augustine, florida author douglas w. cracraft.
Recent: The Marina

Fehrman Books

Fehrman Books is an independent publisher focusing on social issues which revolve around animal welfare, environmental design and fiction with a social cause or educational element.

Hungry and the Hunted

Hungry and the Hunted is a tale of the War of Heaven, from an unbiased point of view. It is filled with action, conspiracy, and an interesting twist to finish it off.

Common Threads book by Michelle Candland

Michelle Candlandâs book, Common Threads, is an inspirational collection of 10 courageous womenâs true stories of triumphing past adversity with dignity.

Pondok Mandarin

Vocaburaly of Chinese Language
Recent: 创 世 記 第 二 章

high heels and ice cream

the blog of lolita flowers: counting down to book launch, naughty and unexpected and always on point

Gu, the novel by Mike Reeves-McMillan

Susan Halwaz, the famous maker of digital-experience documentaries, is tracing the human story of the development of the morphing substance Gu.

wise owl book review

we review fiction, crime/mystery, audio books, and have two giveaways a month.

Blog da Fenix

Aprenda a escrever seu livro. Dicas para escritores iniciantes.
Recent: Procrastinação

Create Your Life Now

Discover the creative power of your Presence through our Life Coaching, Intuitive Counseling, and Life Design services.
Recent: Raw Chocolate For Your Soul ~ Th

The Mad Writer

Author Benjamin Dancer: His Relentless Pursuit


Enredada en pensamientos, sensaciones...escribo...
Recent: off

Alimentando Gilberto

Desventuras alcoolizada de uma garota, muitas amantes e seu peixe

The Speed of Write

Online book review blog, focusing on sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers.
Recent: Review of Cowboys and Angels by

Fantasy Casting

When books become movies- who will play your favorite characters? I blog about which celebrities (actors or actresses) will be cast in the movie versions of popular novels, biographies and plays.
Recent: Officially


A shocking artifact is found. a search reveals the object might be related to a controversial archeological in syria. the object reveals a passage to the past, entered near gettysburg, pennsylvania.
Recent: A Sense of Time, History and Fic

O Segredo do Agente

Conto policial do agente secreto brasileiro.

Notes from Nadir

Notes from Nadir is a darkly humorous look at a year in the life of a writer who returns to her "flyover country" home to live with her elderly mother.
Recent: Paid Blog Tours are a Waste of T