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Can You Believe I Did It?!?!
2012-01-04 06:04
I ATE the FROG!!! It was BIG!It was slimy!It was bumpy!It took a long time!I got sidetracked!It happened little by little!I got it DOWN! It feels good!Like, really good!Today, I go… Read More
Reindeer Mix
2011-12-27 23:03
This quick snack is OH SO YUMMY and perfect for this holiday season.... ok, who am I kidding? It's going to be yummy ALL YEAR LONG!It's so simple:4 cups of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs cereal… Read More
EXTRA Thankful.
2011-05-15 22:24
See how I commit? I let 1 1/2 days of Blogger being down and then I almost forgot about my commitment to share what I am thankful for.#4 - BOOKS! I love to read!!! My new favorite... well, i… Read More
2011-05-13 20:36
Ok... again, in no particular order, but...II LOVE Missoula!We moved here just over 3 years from our very familiar home in SD.At first, I was sooo super nervous about being so far away from… Read More
2011-05-10 19:37
HATS!!! I love my hats!Those of you who know me, know that I love to sleep in.When you sleep in, you don't have time to fix your hair when you wait to roll out of bed until 9:42 when yo… Read More
2011-05-10 01:43
Today I finished a 6 session training on Finding My Vision/Purpose in Life. Find more info HERE. It's SUPER AWESOME!It made me dig deep (like DEEP!) and through all of that I now have challe… Read More
Guess Who's Back?!??!? (back, Back...)
2011-05-04 04:11
Back again... (again, 'gain...) - Oh I feel like singing!Today has been an amazing day!We are still trying to get into the swing of things with our homeschooling... (yes, we've been working… Read More
Exciting Expansion! :)
2011-04-17 22:41
We are excited to announce that  the Scentsy Business Opportunity is available in Europe, specifically the United Kingdom  (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland… Read More
Dreams Are Made For Reality.
2011-04-15 04:57
I truly believe that when you make your dreams/goals a visual in your everyday life, you are wayyyy more likely to reach them and keep pushing through the everyday walls that get put up in f… Read More

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